So most of you know, as a referred to in a previous post, that it has become time for us to purchase a bigger vehicle.

It seems completely backwards to me but hubby and I have been “fighting” about what type of vehicle to get. Namely, I want a SUV  (a Honda Pilot more specifically – I owned one before and loved it). He wants a minivan.

Since when does the man want the minivan?

Admittedly, both of our arguments started out kinda silly. I don’t want a minivan because “I don’t like minivans” and Bryan advocating for one because in most models now the doors slide open with a remote. Actually, I’m pretty sure my argument against the minivan is still that “I don’t like minivans”. Or, on a similar note, because “do I look like the type of person that drives a minivan?”. Who that type of person is exactly, I am not sure. But clearly I am not it.

We’ve gone back and forth on this for weeks. Bryan’s argument for the minivan getting more logical (its more convenient, its closer to the ground so its easier to get car seats in and access the third row, you won’t have to worry about hitting other cars with your doors) while I kept insisting that I didn’t want a minivan because I didn’t like them. One of my many mature moments.

A few weeks ago when Bryan was in the thick of his job search, he was offered a great opportunity… Virginia. I do NOT want to move to Virginia, especially at this point in the pregnancy which would mean he would be traveling constantly until a few months after the babies were born. We went back and forth about this for awhile (great opportunity vs the stress of moving at this point in time) and decided to decline the offer, but part of the deal was I  had to agree on the minivan.


In the end though I said I’d test drive the van, but that I wanted to try other vehicles too, and that we would come to a decision together – since I’d be the one driving the babies around the majority of the time anyway.

So yesterday we went test driving.

Out of my stubbornness I insisted on test driving a Honda Pilot in addition to the van, so we test drove a 2010 Honda Odyssey and a 2011 Honda Pilot. The minivan was first, the Pilot second.

Test drivin' the minivan, yo
Test drivin’ the minivan, yo

The minivan drove better and easier than than Pilot. Granted, this was a different body style from the Pilot I owned previously (a 2007) but it was bulkier and, well, just didn’t drive as easily. The van had more pickup.


We also briefly looked at a Nissan Pathfinder, but its abysmal gas mileage and inconvenient access to the third row crossed that off the list fairly quickly.

Coincidentally Bryan found an ad on craigslist for an older Odyssey (and one that didn’t smell like smoke like the dealers did) but was fully loaded with a DVD player, backup camera, leather seats, heated seats, sun roof – the works. All in all, it was pretty sweet.

It looked like the van was the clear winner.

BUT, not to be outdone, upon further search found a GMC Acadia – an SUV, but with captains chairs in the 2nd row, theoretically allowing easier access to the third row JUST LIKE THE VAN. And BONUS, its an SUV.

We are going to look at it today.

To be continued……