Continued from The Great Big Vehicle Debacle….

We drove to see the Acadia as mentioned that day. It was a 2007 – leather seats, backup sensor. When we got to the house of the people who were selling it I was pretty excited. I mean, this could be the resolution to my super solid ” I just don’t like minivans” argument I kept throwing out.

It was fabulous. Captains chairs in the 2nd row. Easy access to the third, good amount of cargo space in the back and drove really well. We made arrangements to have to taken to our mechanic to give it a once over and I left smiling from ear to ear.

Until we got home that night and received a text saying the car they were going to trade up for was no longer available for them, therefore they would not be selling the car.


As it turns out, upon some further research we found a good many complaints about the transmissions for that year and the 2008s. I kept looking for newer models, determined to find another. In the meantime, we had the fully loaded minivan sent to our mechanic to look it over. He couldn’t find a darn thing wrong with it.


Not quite willing to give up yet, though, I said I wanted to search for one more day. So we got up early the following Saturday morning and made our way down to the dealerships. We drove around 3 or 4 or them. I looked longingly at Acadia’s but they either didn’t have the 3rd row or were a 2008 (I do have to say I know people who have Acadias who did not have any issues and loved them). We peeked in a Toyota Highlander with a third row but were put off by an odd smell and moved on. One lady from a Hyundai dealership offered to do a search for us for SUV’s with captains chairs and a 3rd row seat, and came up with nothing.

It seemed the van had won.

BUT I asked Bryan to take a trip back to the Toyota dealership one more time. We peeked in a NEW Highlander this time and it appeared to have everything we needed, (it had a middle seat in the second row but was removable) except that it had abysmal cargo space with the third row up. I decided I wanted to test drive it (the used one) anyway.  And I loved it. But would our double stroller fit into the back with the third row up? They let us drive it home to test it out. I wish I had a video of the two of us attempting to maneuver this giant stroller into this tiny space – taking pieces off, moving wheels, opening the back window – it was pretty amusing. We eventually got it in, but only if we placed it in the “trunk” with the third row down, closed the back and then pushed the 3rd row up again, and even then it didn’t completely click into place. (but we got it IN!)

We drove back and I was feeling a bit defeated but decided ultimately that we’d need both the 3rd row AND the stroller only on rare occasions since our families lived out of town and decided to go for it anyway. We signed a bill of sale and left it there so they could fix some things.

Then when I got home that evening I found a double stroller FRAME that still fits two car seats and folds up much smaller than the whole big stroller. According to the dimensions, it’ll fit.


And now, ladies and gentlemen, we are the proud owners of our new parent thug mobile:

I'm being all thug and sh*t
I’m being all thug and sh*t

Best part of all? I love it. Bryan loves it. And, its not a minivan.*

*this said all tongue in cheek of course, in the grand scheme of things I would have happily driven these babies in a minivan