Holy cow time is flying

The Good

  • Movement is definitely more frequent now – many times a day, and about half the time you can feel it from the outside. I always joke with Bryan that “someone thumped me” because that’s kinda what it feels like. I notice it most when laying down or after I eat.
  • 2 weeks to viability!
  • Not peeing quite as much. I’m lucking out at once a night right now, strangely always at about 2 am.
  • It looks like my gain 24 pounds by 24 weeks goal is totally gonna happen
  • Scheduling maternity pictures!
  • Registries are started – not complete but started.
  • Beginning to plan the nursery
  • It looks like I may be able to return to work part instead of full time after maternity leave. Its not set in stone yet but this makes me very excited.

The Bad

  • The cough is back again-the cough that won’t go away. I got a flu shot last week and promptly caught a head cold. The head cold caused (naturally) congestion, which caused a cough that I now again can’t get rid of. I’m gonna try a breathing treatment this time and hope it helps so I don’t have to take steroids again. It does beat the flu, though.

The Weird and Amusing

  • Dude, my underwear doesn’t fit right. I was prepared for the pants and shirts, but underwear? Bah. It makes sense I just totally didn’t think about it.
  • So, because I’m a little on the paranoid side there have been a few days where I swore my ankles were swelling. I realize that some swelling is normal. But after closer inspection I finally realized that my ankles aren’t swelling – the 23 pds of extra weight is simply making them slightly fatter. A strangely relieving but also disturbing realization.
  • In a similar respect – so are my fingers.
  • My husband tells me that I look the same except for the belly. He’s totally lying but I appreciate the gesture anyway.
  • Its going to be time to start car shopping soon. I want an SUV. Hubby wants a minivan (totally backwards right?). As a compromise for not taking a job out of state I gave in to the minivan. However, I am in no way, shape or form excited about said minivan shopping.

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