I wake up most mornings, thoughts running through my head. Though the morning routine rarely changes and my schedule is almost always memorized, I mentally run through all of it anyway – often more than once. Sometimes as I stand at the counter cutting strawberries as Miles chimes “more more” behind me or take a few sips of coffee I find myself thinking about the long day that lies ahead.

I really should know better, because generally before I know it it is time to head back home from work. On the car ride I play through the evening routine: dinner, bath (usually), play, sometimes a small snack, Pocoyo and bedtime. More often than not, by the time the the twins’ bedtime rolls around, I am ready. Toddlers are constantly moving. Even more so with two.There is a good chance I’ve been running around all day and there is probably still more to be done once they are sleeping. I don’t really look forward to the “fight” of toothbrushing and sometimes find myself sighing at the bookshelf of books wondering which one I’d like to read for the millionth time to an audience who still seems to really care less. (On the other hand, perhaps I will wish for this when they reach the age when we’ve finished book number 4 and they are begging for “one more!”)

Before the twins were born my parents gave us a set to go on the bedside table that went with the theme of the room. It had two book holders, a picture frame and a musical snow globe. The snow globe sat untouched for over a year until Miles took some interest in it and responded to its song by bringing it back over to us to play it again. After that, I started winding it up before I left the room for the night. It was cute, but not a song I recognized and so held no particular sentiment to me. This went on for a few weeks until one night I remembered an old music box from my childhood that had been sitting on their dresser, also generally untouched, save for the few times it was picked up to dust under.

I wound it up.


The first night or two I simply let it play, but soon I found myself singing the lyrics to myself while I tucked them in.

Sing a song

Then I began singing it to them while I walked back and forth, fixing blankets, retrieving stuffed animals, offering head rubs and a couple belly tickles.

Sing out loud

After a few nights I began to really look forward to these last few moments before the end of the day. I picked Abby up out of her crib and danced with her while I sang. She laid her head on my shoulder. I picked Miles up out of his crib and did the same, or “kissed” his cheeks with a stuffed animal while he laid down giggled.

Sing out strong

It wasn’t long before this became my favorite part of the day. No matter how stressed I feel, how tired I am, how ready I am to sit for a few minutes. No matter how distracted I feel or how many things left on the to do list, those few moments are my time – our time. Sometimes Miles dances with me, sometimes he stays comfy in his crib. Regardless, he utters the sweetest sounds of contentment as I hold him or run my fingers through his hair. Abby has come to expect it now and will start to stand as I put Miles back down and walk over to her crib, arms outstretched. Sometimes she lays her head on my shoulder, sometimes she says “hi”, sometimes she tries to sing along with me. I’ve started cherishing these few verses each night, these snuggles before bedtime. No matter how bad the day, I feel at peace, and I think they do too. I think about how I hope that they will grow up happy, find something to be passionate about. I hope they will be themselves whoever that might be, without worrying what others think. I think about how how much they’ve changed me, and how I hope I’ll be a good role model. How I hope I’ll be able to find the right balance between love, discipline, expectation and freedom. Mostly though, I enjoy them, and hope that one day they’ll remember I sang to them.

Don’t worry if its not good enough

For anyone else to hear


Sing a song

No More Marathon – What Next?

This happens after each marathon I’ve run- some version of the post marathon blues. Sounds silly, right? It’s a real thing.

I’ve actually enjoyed a more lax workout schedule and no real pressure to have to run when I do exercise. I’ve enjoyed practicing some more yoga lately and even hopped on the elliptical a couple days ago for the first time in months. What bugs me is no set plan for what comes next. Aside from the Sprint Triathlon series this summer and hopefully an Olympic Triathlon in the fall, I have nothing on the calendar. While this probably makes Bryan happy, its driving me a little nuts. Races give me schedules to follow, goals to set and things to blog about at least once a week, even if they are boring.

I can’t decide if I really want to keep recording “training” when I’m not really training for anything. I like the idea but it seems kind of silly. Since the jury is still out I guess I’ll just keep going.

Sunday – rest day. Sore.

Monday – rest day. Still sore.

Tuesday – rest day. Almost not sore.

Wednesday – Vinyasa flow yoga. Though I was no longer sore, I could definitely still feel some fatigue in my quads during the lunge poses. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Thursday – interval yoga

Friday – rest day

Saturday – 20 mile ride. It’s my longest ride yet on the new bike so I think that counts for something. But the headwind on the way back SUUUUUUUUUCKED.

My motivation to run, perhaps not surprisingly, was lacking the week after the race (to say the least). I did fend off a little of the “blues” by researching a couple 5ks over the next couple months. I promised myself (and my chiropractor) that I’d focus more on swimming and biking once this marathon was over, but lets be honest: I’m still going to be a runner.

Maybe a 5k PR can be next…….

Life With Twins – 21 months

The 21st month marks the month of the viral plague. No, we weren’t sick the whole month, but someone was sick for almost 2.5 weeks of it. The sickness this winter can kiss my behind. I’ve thought about, cleaned up, listened to or talked about more disgusting bodily fluids than I care to EVER.

Gross/Fine Motor

I’m not going to lie to you – I have no idea what milestones they are supposed to hit at this age with regards to gross and fine motor skills. I can tell you that they’ve finally shown more of an interest in scribbling vs. eating the crayons/pens/whatever. Both, Miles especially, like to screw the top of the bubble container on and off, jump on the little trampoline pretty frequently and Abby started walking backwards the other day which was cute. Miles is able to walk down the stairs if I am holding his hand. Abby, not surprisingly, would rather be held. She will walk to and from the car/daycare more often, but she’s my wanderer so I tend to carry her more often than not. Otherwise I’m scurrying to get Miles out of his seat and she’s off playing in the grass 10 feet away. Not a big deal if its the grass, a big deal if she goes into the street instead. They both LOVE to go outside and down the slide. Actually, they are really just happy to go outside and walk around.


Its becoming increasingly harder to track what they know. If I had just one kid maybe but with both I never remember. I know for sure they both know 2-3 body parts, possibly more. They know a few animals – mostly cat and dog and I think Miles knows lion. Abby knows monkey. They both know most common objects – I don’t know that they’d point to one if I asked but if I say go get your shoes/book/bubbles they know what I’m talking about. I know they understand jump, clap, up and down, possibly on and off (in other words, I say them a lot).

Word lists (again for my records, ignore if you don’t care – though I usually end up forgetting a few anyway)


  • mom (ma, mama)
  • dad (da, dada)
  • cat
  • “here” (doo, da – at least we think that’s what he’s saying)
  • tickle
  • more (muh)
  • hi
  • hot
  • dog
  • again
  • want it (we think)
  • paci (sigh – he says “ma”)
  • ok
  • go
  • that (da)
  • uh oh
  • cookie
  • here you go
  • this
  • ball
  • up
  • help (admittedly up and help sound about the same)
  • stop it
  • no
  • bubble
  • pop
  • up
  • down
  • cup
  • two
  • open
  • apple


  • mom (ma, mama)
  • dad (da, daddy)
  • hi
  • up
  • yay
  • high five
  • done
  • go
  • hot
  • dog
  • ok
  • tickle
  • “here” (a combination of syllables that I can’t remember now but always stays consistent)
  • more
  • cookie
  • e-i-e-i-o
  • ball
  • cup
  • weee
  • woah
  • wow
  • cat
  • what
  • butt (yes, butt)
  • uno (per daycare)
  • dos (per daycare)
  • monkey
  • sock (I think)
  • pop

Favorite word/phrase:

Miles: dog/no, stop it

Abby: tickle

Picture overload time!

  • We visit the aquarium

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • I create a new yoga flow – “toddler yoga”

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do

  • Abby FINALLY has enough hair for a “pony tail”
My "little pony"

My “little pony”

  • Who needs a chair?
This is how I roll

This is how I roll

  • Time to scribble


  • They enjoy some aunt/uncle snuggles


  • They refuse to pose with me
Grumpy gus, sister and mom

Grumpy gus, sister and mom

  • Miles would make a pretty cute cupid, wouldn’t he?
Where is my bow and arrow?

Where is my bow and arrow?

  • Abby enjoys a lollipop
Mmmmm sucker

Mmmmm sucker

  • She traps the boys in a cage
Boys in a cage, where they belong

Boys in a cage, where they belong




Abby says YAY with Pocoyo


Miles imitates a song

Miles runs to get Abby exclaiming “bubbles!”

Myrtle Beach Marathon Recap

I made it to the finish line.

I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve been really gun shy after I hurt my back, and then after 2 weeks of the viral plague running rampant in my house, I was freaking out a little like crazy.

Friday rolled around and we were all miraculously healthy! Hooray! After work Bryan and I packed up the car, we picked up the twins and headed out. Packet pickup was at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, and other than a minor re-route because of the Family 5k going on, we had no problem finding it. I basically had to run in, pick up my number and shirt and run out because we wanted to get the twins to bed ASAP (it was already a half hour past bedtime at that point). From what I could tell in my quick trip in, packet pickup was well organized. All you needed to pick up your bib was your bib number. If you had downloaded the Its Your Race app on the website prior to the race you could look yourself up and find it, otherwise there was someone there to tell you. In fact, if you wanted to pick up a friends bib all you needed was the number – no name, no ID, nothing. Most races won’t let you pick up a friends bib without an ID, a permission slip, a mothers maiden name and a lock of hair (if they do at all) so it was nice to know there are some races that don’t make it that difficult.

We got to the hotel and as I’m putting together my gear for the next morning I find myself thinking something to the effect of “holy cow I’m running a marathon tomorrow”. Even though I’ve done a couple before, I think it will always be a big deal.

what was I thinking?

what was I thinking?

I don’t typically sleep all that well the night before a race and this one was no exception. I have this fear that I’m going to oversleep my alarm or forget to turn it on despite the fact that I’ve checked it 20 times before I lay down and another 15 afterwards (I mean, you never know). At 500 am my alarm went off and I showered (I like to shower the morning of races, it helps wake me up), ate a banana and some peanut butter and bagel and drank a measly 8oz of water, which will become significant later. It was a quick drive to the start so we left around 545. Bryan was nice enough to hang out in the parking lot for a bit so I could sit in the warm car. I ended up getting out of the car around 615 anyway though because even though I went to the bathroom before we left, I had to go.

Race start was 630 so it was still dark when I made my way out of the car. I didn’t honestly take much note of what was around me, but there were a good number of porta-potties, the importance of which any runner would understand. There was a line of course, but I only had to wait a couple of minutes. The start was split with the half marathon runners on the left and full on the right, with the pace goal clearly marked.

pre start selfie

pre start selfie – yes that is the shadow of my own phone in my face

When I started training for this race my main goal was simple: finish injury free. At one point my chiropractor told me he wasn’t sure my joint could handle the training required for this and I think it was always in the back of my mind (and always a reason to keep going so I could prove it wrong). It was the reason I stuck with the Novice training plan and only ran 3 days a week. It was the reason I kept my milage low. The last thing I wanted was to be out of commission again. After I finished my 20 mile run feeling stronger than I expected, though, I changed my tune a bit.

I really wanted a 4 hour finish. I am notorious for starting races too quickly and dying at the end. I knew that my best bet in reaching that goal was to start slow.

The gun went off at 6:30 sharp and we made our way up to the start line. My slow mindset worked a little TOO well though, because I ran Mile 1 in 10:15, Mile 2 in 9:45 and Mile 3 in 9:39. Well, at least I couldn’t say I didn’t start slow.

The course was pretty straight forward – a few turns, a couple out and backs and one sharp turn that I can remember but nothing so obnoxious that it was worth complaining about. A good deal of the run was along the road near the beach but honestly its hard for me to enjoy scenery during races because I’m usually focused on what I’m doing. There was a water/Gatorade stop every 2 miles, a time clock every 2 miles and an aid station every few miles at the start and every 2 miles near the end. Food was available at mile 16 and 22 – Gu, bananas and oranges. If you downloaded the app I mentioned earlier, you could actually track a runner live. This came in handy for Bryan so he could figure out when to leave and meet me at the finish line with the twins.


The one downside to this race was that because I didn’t want to run in Charleston for a third time, I didn’t have any friends running so I ended up doing the entire thing alone. I broke the race up into thirds: the first 10 miles I’d run without anything, the 2nd 10 miles I’d listen to my audiobook and the last 6 I’d turn on my interval music in hopes I’d be ready to kick it up a notch. I’d fuel with the food I bought (puree baby food in a squeeze pouch, not kidding) at mile 8 and 12/13 and then use what the race provided after that. I know many advise against it but I also brought  two ibuprofen if I needed it. I know my body well enough to know that I’m not going to miss a sign of major injury because I took two ibproufen.

After mile 3 I started to find my pace.

So remember that 8oz of water I drank before the race? Well even though I peed before we left the hotel, and again at the race start, by 1 mile in I had to pee. Seriously? I skipped the first water stop hoping I could “sweat it out”, but took some water at each stop after that. Each water stop had a bathroom or two but they all had lines and I didn’t want to waste 5 minutes waiting in a line. Honestly I should have gone somewhere in a wooded area. (I was really jealous of males at that point) By mile 8 I saw one with only one person waiting and stopped, but I still lost probably 60-90 seconds there.

At the first split (10k) I was at 1:02:22 – oddly a little SLOWER than I’d hoped.

Mentally I knew I’d have to pick it up quite a bit to hit 4 hours, but somehow I was able to keep myself in check and realize that if I started too soon I’d be suffering at the end, so I tried to keep it steady. By Mile 11 I started to feel sore. At Mile 12 I took the ibuprofen. I was still walking through the water stops and felt like my hip/butt was off. I stopped a few seconds to massage.

At the 2nd split (half) I was at 2:03:55.

By that point, gauging what energy I had left, I pretty much knew a 4 hour finish was out. I was averaging at 9:28 min/mile and needed a 9:09 to finish in 4 hours. Still, I figured I could easily shoot for 4:05 which would still get me a 5 minute PR.

The third split (18.3) I was at 2:51:14

The audiobook did a decent job of keeping my mind busy and pace steady until I hit Mile 20. I did stop to stretch for a few seconds once and was still walking through the water stops. The good news was, I had 6 miles left and had managed to pace myself well enough that I felt like I had enough in me to speed up. (The bad news was there was a headwind for the better part of the last 8 miles.) I tried to keep steady for 2 more miles and ran Mile 20 in 9:15 and 21 in 9:16. At Mile 22 I cranked the volume up and my speed with it.  I finished Mile 22 in 8:41, Mile 23 in 8:36 and Mile 24 in 8:35. I had to stop and walk a couple times during Mile 25 and 26 but still managed an 8:57 and 8:45. I felt like I might throw up the last 2 tenths but I sprinted anyway. I’ll admit teared up a bit towards the end. Infertility, a twin pregnancy and 2 injuries before this and I was minutes from crossing the finish line of my 3rd marathon. For those couple minutes, I felt incredible.

Clock time: 4:03:59

Chip time: 4:02:48

I didn’t finish in 4 hours, but I beat my last finish of 4:10:16 by nearly 7 minutes. I mean, honestly, I couldn’t complain about that.

I'm awesome

I’m awesome

One of the things I love best about running is what it teaches me. Each race I’ve run I’ve learned something about myself that I either didn’t already know or forgot in the hustle and bustle. Usually, they remind me that I am stronger than I give myself credit for. This year, I learned that even with LESS running (3 days a week and cross trained 2) and lower mileage (I think my highest week was 36 miles), with a little planning and a lot of belief in myself, I can finish faster. Finishing even close to 4 hours didn’t even feel possible to me until a running buddy of mine suggested it was possible (thanks Tami!) I distinctly remember the last few miles of my 2011 marathon HURTING and I spent the last 4-5 miles wishing for the finish line. I was so tired at the end my legs almost seized up and I hobbled to the car, This year, I not only finished faster but actually enjoyed the entire race, ESPECIALLY the last few miles.

The best part was the fact that Bryan and the twins were waiting at the finish line. It was something I had always hoped for during our struggle with infertility. At 21 months old (to the day!), they are still too little to understand, but one day they will. And maybe by then they’ll both smile in a picture?


You know what I realized this means though?

With the right plan and motivation, a Boston Qualifying time is totally possible.

The madness never ends.

And because no post would be complete without them, Abby and Miles also wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day. :)

Until my next crazy idea…

Marathon Training Recap – Week 18


Monday 16 mile bike ride. With a short run week I took advantage of the warmer weather and took my bike for a spin. This is my longest ride to date on this bike, and I finally ordered a water bottle cage, tire tubes and a changing kit in case I have a flat so I can start doing longer rides soon!

Tuesday – 4 miles @8:22/mile.

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – 3 treadmill miles at 9:32/mile. Miles was home sick (AGAIN) so we watched Pocoyo while I finished my LAST training run. I did this run at this pace on purpose so I could get a feel to start the race slow – I am notorious for starting races too quickly and hating the end of it. When I managed to run the 20 miler without feeling completely wiped at the end because we started slow I knew that no matter how I finished, this was key. (It ended up working a little too well – more on that in the race recap to come)

Friday- rest and travel day

Saturday – RACE DAY! By some miracle, despite 10 days of sickness in my house I stayed healthy! 26.2 miles @9:15 pace. Details to follow soon in my race recap!

Total Miles: 33 running, 49 with biking

The Stop It Monster

I remember taking one of those random getting to know you quizzes awhile back and one of the questions was something like “what is one phrase you say often?”

Naturally, I drew a blank. With no one else home to ask (or who had the vocabulary to understand much less respond), I remember choosing “whatever”.

I’ve now figured out what it is.

Toddlers are like little monkeys. They follow you. When you stop to turn around, they are there, staring at you, observing you. They are watching you when you don’t think they are watching you. Sometimes, they pick their butts. Others, they pick up your bad habits. (Which is worse here, do you think?)

When I get up in the morning and head downstairs, Charlie immediately starts barking. With everyone in the house still asleep, I hiss STOP IT!!! as loud as I can while still maintaining a whisper, before letting them outside. When Miles pounds on the keys of the computer, I say “stop it buddy”. When Abby throws her cup on the floor for the millionth time I tell her “stop it”. During a few of Miles’ mystery tantrums, I’ve uttered more than once – you guessed it – stop it.

A few days ago, Miles started uttering something I couldn’t quite understand. Something about a bite? a bit? Then we came home from Publix this past Saturday. Abby got tangled up in her balloon and started to cry. Miles said it again and this time, I heard it perfectly.

Stop it.

Later, a dog barks outside.

Stop it.

Monday morning, Charlie barks.

Stop it.

Chance licks Miles’s face.

Stop it.

I type on the computer

Stop it.

I suppose it could be much worse. At least he isn’t hitting or swearing or something.

It isn’t like it’s going to help if I tell him to stop it.

Mommy created a stop it monster. It is me.

Mommy created a stop it monster. It is me.

Marathon Training Recap – Week 17 (and giveaway winner!)

Ugh, lets just call this week the week of the viral plague. On Sunday Bryan texted me to say Miles woke up covered in puke and, well, you know. From then on things only got more interesting, as he was sick from basically Sunday to Thursday and Bryan caught it Wednesday and is STILL sick. I have seen, heard or talked about more bodily fluids in the last 7 days than I ever care to, EVER.

Monday – 5 miles @8:22, and negative splits to boot. Bryan was still well at this point so took over sick duty so I could go out for a bit.

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – Yoga and 2 miles on treadmill @9:13/mile. It’s bad, I know, but I do NOT do well with vomit. After 3 days of that or the other (use your creativity here), I was already frazzled and starting to panic that I’d get sick. I almost did stress and anxiety yoga, but picked a shorter one instead. By the end of the day I was so stressed from the whining and general household unhappiness (because by this time Bryan wasn’t feeling well either) that I killed a couple miles on the treadmill after everyone went to bed.

Thursday: 4 miles speed work on treadmill. I kept Miles home with me for half the day. 1 mile warm up @8:49. 4×400 @7:03 with 4×400 recovery @8:49. 1×800 @6:40 (hey frustration works in my favor sometimes) and 800m cool down @8:49.

Friday: 30 minutes of yoga again after everyone went to bed. Miles was on the mend but still not happy, and so I tried to channel my inner zen again after everyone went to bed. I should add this yoga focused on detoxing poses – not sure if that helps or not.

Saturday 3 mile walk.  Bryan was in bed sick all day, and I was still in a tizzy, so the twins and I went for a long walk.

Sunday 8 miles @7:55 average. The plan was more a tempo and I wanted to make the middle three miles the fastest. I tried for a 10k post baby pr but didn’t quite make it. I slowed down on mile 7 and then realized I could finish with an under 8:00 mile average so I sped up again :)

Total Miles: 22

So with 5 days to race day, I’m praying I stay healthy. I.cannot.get.sick. CANNOT. HAPPEN. I’ve banished myself the to the guest room and washed or sanitized my hands like a fiend.

Anyway, now for the fun part. For those of you who followed and/or participated in my Jord Watch giveaway, we have a winner!

The winner is Bethany Nelson! Keep an eye out for an email Bethany and thanks to everyone who entered!

Hopefully my next recap will come after I’ve crossed the finish line! Please send healthy vibes!

Omega -3 Vitamins

I feel like I see advertisements for vitamins and supplements constantly, yet never purchase any. Maybe they make a supplement that will help increase the patience I need for tantruming toddlers? Pretty sure that would be a money maker.

Omega-3 vitamins are nutritional supplements whose ingredients are derived from fish fat. While the source of omega-3 may be off-putting, the benefits to the human body should far outweigh any distaste over the origins. The two key ingredients in omega-3 that excite those in the health care and natural health industries are EPA and DHA. Both are fatty acids that provide many benefits to the human body, including:

Possible reduction in the risk of prostate cancer.
Known as a silent killer of men, prostate cancer can be deadly at its worst, and uncomfortable at its best. Men can do their best to reduce their chances of having prostate cancer by consuming a diet that is low in fat and rich in omega-3 supplements.

Protection against vision loss.
Researchers have recently found that vision problems can be warded off by a regular healthy diet that includes supplementation with an omega-3 vitamin.

Decreased risk of depression.
Whether it’s seasonal, postpartum, or brought about by causes unknown, depression can have devastating emotional and physical effects on the sufferer, as well as the sufferer’s close family members and friends. It’s been thought that a diet high in DHA — that is, a diet with omega-3 supplements — helps to reduce the risk.

Improved mental clarify.
If you struggle with memory issues or “brain fog”, consider giving your brain a healthy, natural clarity booster with an omega-3 supplement.

Possible decreased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.
Once thought to be an “old person” disease, Alzheimer’s has been found to strike people as young as 50. You can possibly reduce your risk by taking a daily fish oil supplement in the form of an omega-3 or even an omega-6 supplement.

Stronger heart.
It has long been speculated that people who live in or near Japan and China have the least heart problems due to their diets being high in fish. While research is still going strong in this area, most people in the health care industry do believe that an omega-3 supplement is sufficient in helping to protect your heart.

Buy today to enjoy the benefits yourself!

Anyone take any vitamins/supplements? Do you feel like they make a difference?

*this is a sponsored post

Keeping Track of Time (An Awesome Giveaway)

I think I’ve thought or written about how there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything that needs to be done about a thousand times. So, when I was contacted by the Jord watch company about a review and giveaway, I thought “woo hoo – now I can literally watch (pun intended) time go by!”. Kidding. I really was contacted about a review, and although I’m not much of a jewelry or watch wearer unless I’m tracking miles, I do like to try new products so I happily agreed. IMG_0608 What makes these watches stand out from the rest is that they are wood watches. The band and border are made of cherry, maple, natural green or zebra wood with a face of cherry, black, maple, rose gold, mother of pearl, and turquoise just to name a few. I choose to try the Ely – Cherry pictured above. The watch arrived just a few days after I was notified that the order was placed. Immediately following the order I received an email with details on my order and once it was shipped I received an email confirming its shipment with tracking information. The watch arrived in a well sealed box, and, in my opinion, was packaged very nicely. IMG_0607 I did need to have the watch sized, but this was something that was easily (and fairly cheaply, it cost me about $10) resolved after a visit to a local jeweler. I admit that I worried a little that the watch would be too big for my wrist, as the watches I’ve owned are about half the size of this particular watch face, but after wearing it for an hour or so it didn’t feel too large at all. In fact, I have received several compliments on it. After wearing it for a couple of days, I noticed that the hour hand had gotten stuck. I was able to move it backwards but not forwards beyond 3:00. It was disappointing but also gave me the opportunity to test out Jord’s customer service. I contacted the person who reached out to me about the review and he immediately shipped me a brand new watch (and  sized it for me) no questions asked. It arrived in about 3 days and contained a return label – all I had to do was repackage the broken watch, put it back in the box, slap the prepaid return label on and put it back in my mailbox. I was very impressed with the level of service. Overall pro/cons Pros:

  • The watch arrived in a timely manner from the time it was ordered. I appreciated an email confirming the order and an email confirming and tracking shipping.
  • The watch appeared to be well made and while it definitely looked nice on the internet, it was much prettier in person.
  • I was impressed with the customer service when I had an issue with the watch. Returning the broken one was super easy.
  • The watch was packaged nicely.


  • I had to have the watch sized. This turned out to be a minor issue, but still required an extra trip (and $10) to have it done since I don’t own the tools necessary to do it myself.
  • My first watch had an issue, however was quickly replaced and have had no issues with the replacement.

Now for the fun part – Jord has offered a $129 gift certificate which can be used towards the purchase of any of their watches. (This would cover the full cost of the Ely, or Fieldcrest in any color, or all but $10 of the Sully in any color. As previously mentioned, it could also go towards the purchase of any other watch. My personal favorite is the Cora.) With Valentines Day just around the corner, one of these watches would make a great gift. As luck would have it, there are both mens and women’s watches. Click below and enter via rafflecopter. The contest will end Saturday February 7th at 5pm. (The company recommended placing an order for Valentines Day by February 9th, so I realize this is cutting it a bit close but should still give you a couple days to decide which watch you’d like if you are going to use it as a gift.) Good luck and feel free to spread the word!

on my wrist, so you can get an idea of size

on my wrist, so you can get an idea of size

Click the link below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Marathon Training Recap – Week 16

Man, there were weeks where I felt like I was just ready to be done. Now that I almost am, I feel like the time flew. Go figure.

Monday – rest day. Was still hurting a bit from the 20 mile run the day before.

Tuesday 4 treadmill miles @8:50/mile. Uuuuugh the treadmill. I am grateful to have one. Really, I am, but 9 times out of 10 I really do not enjoy running on the thing. I did a slower paced progression run. Mile 1 @9:22, Mile 2@9:00, Mile 3@8:40 Mile 4@8:20. I was happy to get off the thing.

Wednesday – another 4 miles on the treadmill @9:13/mile. My hip started bugging me after Tuesdays run and I didn’t have scheduled chiropractor visit until Monday, so I took it easy. Interestingly, this treadmill run wasn’t as annoying.

Thursday – 6 mile progression run. 8:50, 8:41, 8:34, 8:22, 8:08, 7:42. I couldn’t do that again if I tried.

Friday- 12 mile ride. It was supposed to be a rest day but I was done with work early and it was finally warm enough to ride my bike on a day I didn’t have a run scheduled. It was just SUPER windy.

Saturday  – rest day/2 mile walk with the twins.

Sunday – 12 miles @8:25/mile average. 8 run with a group, 4 run solo. Last 4 miles at 7:51, 7:57, 7:51, 7:33. WOO HOO!

Also, can’t beat this scenery. I really need to run downtown more often.


Total Miles: 26 run, 28 including walking, 40 with biking.

2 weeks till race day and now I’m starting to get excited!

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