Olympic Distance Triathlon Training – Week 13

Just one more heavier week and then things start to relax a bit. Except with this tropical storm there is an 80% chance of rain, and therefore super boring indoor workouts, for the next 4 days. Ugh. This is a really bad time to have hamstring issues.

Sunday: Run 122 minutes (12 miles). I decided to do a long run instead of the usual long ride. It was humid, and my left hamstring started to tighten up around mile 9, causing me to stop and stretch a few times after that. I think I maybe added too many miles onto my current longest run, but thought I’d be ok if I took it slow. Maybe not.

My sweat rag was soaked by mile 3 and I was ringing it out by mile 10

My sweat rag was soaked by mile 3 and I was ringing it out by mile 10

Monday: Trainer ride 40 minutes  and 41 minute swim (1700 meters). I don’t trust drivers and school traffic so I read a book while I rode. For the swim I did 1200 meters at what I’d consider a comfortable pace to see how long it would take me (the race swim is 1126 meters), and finished in 28 minutes and some change. I worked on my bilateral breathing after that.

Tuesday: Hamstring is still tight so got up so swam 23 minutes (900 yards) and then joined the group ride which lasted 85 minutes (25 miles). Skipped the run.

Wednesday: Usually speed work day but skipped it because I didn’t want to risk injuring my hamstring. Swam 33 minutes (1250 yards) in the morning and rode on the trainer for 40 minutes after work, but the twins and I still crashed the after party :)


Thursday: Group ride 70 minutes (23 miles). Joined the group doing the trail this time and tried to stay out front or alone as much as I could to judge how well I could do. You’re not allowed to draft on race day and group rides usually involve quite a bit of drafting.

Friday: REST DAY! Bryan and I spend a night downtown for our anniversary (celebrating a bit early  because the weekend of our actual anniversary is pretty busy) and have dinner at California Dreaming, where he proposed to me 5 years ago :)

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Saturday: Run 42 minutes (4.5 miles). Ugh. Hamstring still doesn’t feel right. I stopped every mile to judge how it was doing and ultimately cut it a bit short (was shooting for 50-55 minutes), iced and KT taped it when I got back. I have been stretching all week and this is just getting frustrating. It isn’t causing a lot of pain, it kind of….aches? But the last thing I need is a torn hamstring causing me to have to drop out of this race, so I’m trying not to overdo it. I did get some nice pictures to share with my IRun4 buddy though.



Swim: 130/(97)

Bike: 226/(235)

Run: 150/(164)

Total: 508/(496)

Twin Talk

Last night we crashed the after speed work party. I say crashed because I didn’t actually go to speed work this week, but we still showed up for the party. I mentioned a little bit about their twin talk in my last post, but I finally caught it on video. This was our entire drive home:

Life With Twins – Two and a Quarter

Yeah, so I couldn’t just quit with the updates altogether. Facebook so nicely provides me with “memories” from the past few years and I’ve found myself clicking and reading some of the old blog posts from when the twins were 2 weeks, 2 months, 15 months old, and it is really nice to have that to look back to when it feels like time is quite literally flying by. Parents are posting pictures of the first day of school and all I can think is if I blink too many times, they’ll be in kindergarten.

SO much has changed in the last few months. Their language has just exploded (which of course makes me as an SLP very happy) and they come up with new things they knew every day that I had no idea they knew. They both recognize all of their letters, numbers 1-10, colors and shapes. They love “school” (daycare). Miles now knows what the pool is, which could potentially cause a bit of trouble :). We’ve attempted some potty training and Abby will comment “pee pee potty”, but when I put her on it, nothing happens. We’ve taken down the baby gates because they’ve more than mastered the stairs, and Miles transitioned to a toddler bed a couple moths ago when he started climbing out of it. Abby still seems happy in her crib for now and when I go in to get them I often find a myriad of toys stuck in through the crib slats by none other than Miles.

They aren’t often separated, and even when they are, Miles is constantly searching or calling for Abby. “Abby, com’ere!” Abby is still a huge fan of herself. I really think I need to get her in some dance classes. I’ve also been told she’s learned to swear (oops) and Miles enjoys telling Charlie to “hush”. They are excited to brush their teeth, though at this point it basically means sucking the toothpaste off the brush and declaring they are done. They also enjoy washing their hands, but again this basically means playing in the sink until I turn the faucet off. It’s a start.

We have our share of tantrums in the house, and try to take them in stride whenever possible. Mostly, it’s been a whole lot of fun watching these two become little people, particularly when they have their own conversations, which I swear is some mixture of gibberish (though it seems to make sense to them) and actual English. Having twins is really cool at this age because they always have a buddy, and aren’t old enough to start the whole “MOM, SHE’S LOOKING AT ME!!!”  phase yet. Food wise, well, they are toddlers. We’ve had dinners that consisted of yogurt and a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter. Though, in their defense, breakfast has always been their biggest meal. They won’t even look at a vegetable here, but eat them at daycare. What is the deal with that?

My parents moved down at the beginning of the summer and having them around has been really great. It didn’t take long for either one to catch on to “geema” and “geepa” (at this point the names are interchangeable), and both twins ask for them regularly. They especially enjoy when gma puts them to bed, probably because she lets them stay up later by providing several rounds of “this little piggie”. :) They also enjoy their snacks, but who wouldn’t because they have a whole cupboard full.

It’s tough to condense 3 months of pictures into one post, but here goes nothing:

  • We take a short family hike
  • And a LONG overdue trip to the beach

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  • Abby decides swim suits are for babies
Bathing suit? What's a bathing suit?

Bathing suit? What’s a bathing suit?

  • Miles takes the dog for a walk
Hi! I walk dogs

Hi! I walk dogs

  • We watch a triathlon…..kinda
  • Abby is definitely my daughter ;)
I want to run faster!

I want to run faster! Actually, no, I want you to push me faster!

  • They enjoy a snack
Who needs a bowl when you have the whole box?

Who needs a bowl when you have the whole box?

  • Miles and I take selfies
The many faces of mommy and Miles

The many faces of mommy and Miles

  • We take a trip to the Children’s Museum

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Can’t wait to see what the next 3 months bring.

Olympic Distance Triathlon Training – Week 12

Yikes only 4 weeks to go. And I figured that if I’m going to do this I should probably actually register for it, so I did that too. Ha.

It was also a cutback week. THANK GOODNESS. For whatever reason, I start to feel burnt out with training around this time and for whatever reason start to question whether I can really do what it is I’m training for. I needed the mental AND physical break this week.

Sunday: Ride 94 minutes (30 miles). Not much to say about this one. Pretty straight forward :)

Monday: Swim 38 minutes (1600 meters). I attempted a speed work type swim and it was pretty much an epic fail. My goal was to beat my fastest 50m (55 seconds) by 2-3 seconds and then swim 100 in 2:05 and 2:10 with short rests in between. Repeat 3x. Well, my first attempt at 50 meters was actually 58 seconds, and my 100’s were 2:10 and 2:15. Fail. I did a 200 meter “warm down” and then attempted it again but it was worse. This time my 50m was over a minute and my 100 was 2:15 and 2:12. I decided to skip the last set, take it easy, and attempt it again another day. On the plus side, my speeds were at least faster than “comfortable” (about 2:30/100m) so I was technically doing speed work.

Tuesday:  REST DAY! We had a pre-birthday birthday dinner.

The tiny human demands cake

The tiny human demands cake

Wednesday: swim 34 minutes (1400 yards) and run 42 minutes (4.75 miles). I attempted a bilateral breathing drill workout. It was harder than it looked.

Don't try this at home....try it at a pool ;)

Don’t try this at home….try it at a pool ;)

I took the day off Wednesday for my birthday and had kind of a self pampering day. Massage, pedicure, lunch with Bryan. He told me to go buy myself something nice, so I bought new running shoes. :) I had planned to take the twins to speed work with me but it looked like rain so my parents picked them up. The solo run was nice, admittedly. This weeks’ workout was 6×800 at 5k pace. I shot for a little faster than 5k and did so on 5/6 of the sets.

The "Virginia-fie"

The “Virginia-fie”

Thursday: Ride 50 minutes (spin class). I needed a break from the usual. It was a nice break.

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday: Run 20 minutes (2.3 miles) and swim 25 minutes (1150 yards). I attempted a swim with a wetsuit in case I decide to go for one in the ocean. It was…interesting. Not too constricting and definitely made me faster, but just felt warm in the already overly warm water.



Swim: 101 minutes/ (101 minutes)

Ride: 136 minutes/ (136 minutes)

Run: 67 minutes/ (67 minutes)

Next Week is going to be a rough one as it’s another 8 hour training week. How do people training for half and full ironman’s do it??

Olympic Distance Triathlon Training – Week 11

Eek 5 weeks to go. This week was the highest number of hours (a little over 8) that I’ve completed so far. I was honestly really relieved when Saturday’s run was over because next week is a recovery week! Actually, what is it called anyway? A taper week? (I called it that and someone asked what race I was tapering for) Recovery week? Step back week? Whatever it is, I’m glad for one.

Sunday – Swim 20 minutes, Ride 50 minutes and run 25 minutes. It was the final sprint triathlon so those times included warm up.

And all my friends say I'm pretty fly with my inhaler

And all my friends say I’m pretty fly with my inhaler

Monday – Run 27 minutes (3ish miles) with Chance early in the morning and a 40 minute swim (1500 meters) around lunchtime. I’m still working on bilateral breathing and was tired from the race so focused on that this time around. I’m still doing a 2:1 ratio (2 breaths on right to 1 on left) and stopping briefly at the end of the pool but progress is being made.

Tuesday – Group ride/run. Ride 80 minutes (24.5 miles) and run 15 min (1.8 miles). I still felt like I was recovering from Sunday so it just felt hard. I think. I can’t really remember this one. (HA)

Wednesday – Swim 30 minutes (1200 yards) in the morning and run 40 minutes (4.8 miles) with the speedwork group in the evening. I brought the twins along with me again this week. Let me tell you – running with a stroller, and attempting to run fast – is not easy. This weeks workout (with warm up and cool down) was 3 sets of 8×200 at 10-15 seconds faster than 5k pace with 30 seconds rest between each 200 and 3 minutes rest between each set. My “stroller” 5k pace is about an  8:05, so I aimed for 7:45-7:50. I’m horrible at pacing myself. My first mile average was 6:57 (uhh), the second was 7:56 and the third was 7:18. I was all over the place, though at least consistent each mile I suppose.

My kids are headless

My kids are headless

Thursday– group ride/run. Ride 75 min (23 miles) and run 26 minutes (3 miles). THIS one felt hard, because my quads were still yelling at me from spadework the night before. Also, I counted walking to the run start in my time and gave myself 30 minutes :)

Friday – REST DAY

Saturday – I had planned a swim/run but decided to do just a run. Run 53 minutes (6 miles) with a couple minute walk cool down. Legs still hated me. Make mental note to stretch more. I ended up a bit short overall but we walked around a lot with the twins so that counts.


Planned/(Actual) – adjusted a bit but overall time still the same

Swim: 120 minutes/ (90 minutes)

Bike: 226 minutes/ (205 minutes)

Run: 160 minutes/ (192 minutes)

Total: 504 (487)

The 4th Tri

Well crap, I think I’m about out of catchy sayings now.

The goal for this race, the final sprint of the season, was to cut off some time. Any time would have been great, but a couple of minutes was what I wanted to see. Was it possible? I wasn’t sure. ‘

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pre race pictures this time because I Iost my phone before I even warmed up. I checked my bag about 80 times, I retraced my steps to my car, I looked IN my car, nada. I checked the registration tent and no one had turned it in. Great. Well thats just great. And not a great start for a race either. In the end, though, I knew worrying about it wasn’t going to change whether I found it or not, so I just tried to switch my focus.

I did a quick bike warm up, and then got in the water. My warm up swim felt….unorganized. Not smooth. Choppy. Ugh. I was just not feeling it today. No phone, and not feeling it, great combination.

The Swim

Last Race: 14:36

Distance: still .3 miles or 600 yards, but I swear even though this is the 4th time overall I’ve done this, the buoys look SO FAR AWAY.

An awesome friend of mine gave me a couple tips to help cut some time off my swim. First, start on the inside. Second, try sighting every 8 or so strokes (I was doing so every 5-6). I attempted this idea in the pool and kept veering WAY off to the right, so I wasn’t really sure what I was going to end up doing, but I did at least start on the inside.

After the whistle went off, something clicked. I found a rhythm and went with it. I wasn’t passed by anyone doing the backstroke and I only SAW (key word here) one person in the group behind me pass me. I actually hit the shore in under 14 minutes, but struggled wading out of the water to the timing mat.

This Race: 14:06 (it turns out that I’m not sure I swam faster so much as straighter – I did 608 yards this time vs 625 the last)

Transition 1:

Last Race: 1:36

I’m not sure what I did here, but it wasn’t faster.

This Race: 1:39

I need some practice with this transition.

my only picture from the day and it was taken at home afterwards

my only picture from the day and it was taken at home afterwards

The Bike

Distance: 12 miles

Last Race: 36:16

Having done the course a couple weeks before, I was more familiar with the turns. The advice to me for this round was this: take the visor off your helmet and remove the bottle cages. Sounds crazy right? But anything extra on the bike can cause you to be less aerodynamic, and therefore slower.  I decided to haul ass and pray my legs weren’t mush when I got to the run. In fact, my goal was to make it farther before my friend caught up with me, and I did, so win. Actually, overall it was a huge win. I was only passed by one person (TAMI!).

This Race: 35:16

Transition 2

Last Race: 1:09

Still had to change shoes, and actually stopped to take a couple sips since I didn’t have a bottle on my bike, but I still cut some time

This race: 48 seconds

The Run

Distance: 3.1 miles (5k)

Last Race: 25:25

The run after the last race felt HARD, and I’m not even sure why because it wasn’t a particularly humid day. This time, it felt much easier. Weird. I didn’t need to stop at the water stations and felt great overall

This Race: 24:34

And all my friends say I'm pretty fly with my inhaler

And all my friends say I’m pretty fly with my inhaler

Final Standings:

Last Race: 1:18:51

This Race: 1:16:12 (PR!!!)

Age Group: 5/15 (just can’t quite make top 3)

Overall Female: 25/94

Swim Overall: 54/94

Bike Overall: 9(!)/94

Run Overall: 27/94

Oh, and I did find my phone! It must have been near the car because someone put it on my windshield!

Onward to Kiawah!

Olympic Distance Triathlon Training – Week 10

Double digits!

Sunday: 2 hour ride (41 miles). This was a rough ride for me. I made the mistake of not taking my daily allergy pill (I’ve been experimenting not taking it and it’s actually been ok more often than not) OR the Singular the night before, and suffered through the first 2/3 of the ride. Luckily, I wasn’t a TOTAL dummy, and brought a Zyrtec with me. I took it when we stopped and was ok for the rest. Lesson learned.

Monday: swim 64 minutes (2300 meters). I was feeling overwhelmed by the idea of swimming for over an hour, I’m not going to lie. As it turns out, I forgot to keep track of my swim vs. rest time and just stopped when I thought I was done. I stopped my watch at 63 minutes and 40 some seconds – couldn’t do that again if I tried. I did some more drills this time around, too, and started focusing on trying to breathe bilaterally (I only breathe on the right currently – my left side is much weaker).

Tuesday: Group ride/run. Ride 75 minutes (24.5 miles) and run 15 minutes (1.75 miles). We took a different route this week and the change of scenery was nice, but man no matter how much I say I’m going to “take it easy”, my competitive nature kicks in and I want to try to keep up with the fast group. The problem is, I’m not quite fast enough. I did, however, manage to get up to 28mph once! I slowed down because I was afraid I was going to fall off!

Wednesday: speedwork day! Run 43 minutes (4.5 miles). It was FINALLY not feeling like the 7th level of hell outside, so I took the twins with me.

Mom and twins take on the track!

Mom and twins take on the track!

The workout was 8×400 at slightly faster than 5k pace, with 200 recovery. My recoveries, admittedly, were mostly walking. I’d blame the cracker requesting but really I was also tired. Still, I managed to stay within my goal (slightly faster than stroller 5k pace) for at least the 400’s. Since we’d had such a good workout, I drug them out for recovery drinks.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 2.10.49 PM

Thursday: easier day. swim 32 minutes (1200 yards). Focused on sighting and bilateral breathing. I’m getting better at it!

Friday: REST DAY!

Saturday: Run 43 minutes (5 miles). Originally I had planned to do a short swim/run brick, but either I’m FINALLY starting to get used to the humidity or the temp has been dropping a bit, because runs have started to feel not as soupy. So, I decided I’d really like to get in a good run. A friend was doing an 18 miler so I joined him for 5 of it, with an average pace of 8:41.

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that my legs are a bit more tired for a run of that distance and pace thanI feel like they should be. I’ve REALLY dropped the running mileage and picked up the swimming over the summer. The problem is I want to follow the “Run Less, Run Faster” plan for the marathon in January (running 3x a week is really optimal for me both mentally and physically) and it recommends starting with a 25 mile per week base. This week, I ran 12 miles. So, I’m going to be tweaking my my times to have a bit less swimming and a bit more running so that I can be up to at least 20 miles a week by the end of September. Honestly, that 30-45 minutes per week isn’t going to make me a phenomenal swimmer in 6 weeks and I know I can do the distance (just not fast), and I’m mentally ready to put in some more time running.


Planned/ (Actual)

Swim: 153 minutes/ (122 minutes)

Bike: 205 minutes/ (195 minutes)

Run: 102 minutes/ (102 minutes)

I was a little short this week, but I purposely took it a little easier because the final sprint race of the season for me is tomorrow. :)

Next week is another heavy week. It may actually be the peak week at a little over 8 hours total)

Swim: 120 minutes (2 hours)

Bike: 226 minutes (3 hours 46 minutes)

Run: 160 minutes (2 hours 40 minutes)

The D-Word


No, I’m not on one.

About 4-5 years ago my battle with my allergies started. Every year they get worse. This year, I’m on 4 different medications to manage them and my asthma. In fact, they were the reason why I started Plexus in the first place. Unfortunately at this point I am still battling with them. I’ve seen some difference (don’t need allergy pill EVERY day, don’t need daily inhaler 2x a day EVERY day) but wanted to see if there might be a way to jump start a faster recovery, if possible). I still love Plexus products, and I’m going to continue to be an ambassador. I no longer fight sugar cravings or crashes and really like the athletic benefit especially when I’m working out 2 times a day training for the Olympic Distance Triathlon. I don’t know why, but I just feel like this is the path I’m supposed to be taking, and I’ve seen so many others share their benefits that I’m still going to share. The almost 6 pack abs help too.

Still, I added another avenue. Bryan works with a teacher whose wife is an herbalist, so I went to see her to see if she had any additional suggestions. I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t entirely surprised to hear that she suggested a gluten and wheat free diet. Oh, and dairy free.

Wheat and dairy are staples of my diet. I’m definitely more an eater of convenience. I don’t like to cook, and I’m often home just in time for dinner so I like things quick, which means a lot of carbs. It turns out, to my dismay, that wheat can cause allergies, and dairy increases the production of mucous. And actually, I’ve started to notice, for example, that if I eat cereal for dinner or lots of carbs that day, I’m bloated (not as much as before, but still some) by the end of the day.


This kind of change is a whole new ballgame for me, and I feel like I’m going in totally unprepared. I don’t think I’m going to be able to do this all at once, so I’m going for the larger items first: almond milk, rye or ezekiel bread, rice crackers (because I love crackers), hummus instead of ranch dressing, more veggies, etc. I don’t know if it’ll help, but its worth a shot. I don’t honestly know if I’m going to be able to go FREE, but I can at least greatly reduce. (I mean, chick fil a, and cereal)

Any suggestions are welcomed. (HELP)

Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Week 9

Sunday – RACE DAY! If you missed it, you can read the recap here. Including warm ups, it was 20m swim, 50m bike (16 miles) and 23m (5k) run.

I win! (not really)

I win! (not really)

Monday – Swim 58 minutes (2200 meters or about 1.5 miles). Swimming for an hour feels like a LONG TIME. I was really glad to have my waterproof IPOD on for this one. I swam a warm up, a couple intervals so a friend can help me write a plan to swim faster, 1200 straight meters and then a couple drills. I was pooped after that, and next weeks’ is longer so that ought to be interesting.

Tuesday – Ride/run 58 minutes. We practiced transitions. It was a 1.8 mile ride and .5 mile run, transitioning between the two a total of 6 times. My transitions are still slow. It takes me forever to get clipped in still.

You can't, however, miss my bright orange butt

You can’t, however, miss my bright orange butt

Wednesday: Run 40 minutes. Speed work day! 1 mile warm up and cool down, with 4×1200 intervals. It was supposed to be 5, but I pooped at 4. The first 400 @ 5k pace and then immediately into the 800 @10k pace. It was hot, and my times got slower. Is it fall yet? PLEASE?!

The famous Kendall selfie

The famous Kendall selfie

Thursday – swim 30 minutes (1325 yards)/ride 88 minutes (24.5 miles)/run 16 minutes(1.75 miles). I swam in our neighborhood pool in the morning and then joined the group ride/run, though I cut the run in half.

Friday – REST DAY!

Saturday:  Swim 30 minutes (1325 yards) and run 15 min with the twins.

TOTALS planned (actual) – minutes became easier to track than hours and minutes

Swim: 139 minutes (138 minutes)

Ride: 187 minutes (166 minutes)

Run: 93 minutes (105 minutes)

Next Week:

Swim: 153 minutes

Ride: 205 minutes

Run: 102 minutes

The Third Tri’s the Charm (2015 Sprint Recap)

I wonder how many more little catchy sayings I can use with the word “Tri”.

It’s a little further into the season than I’d hoped before my first Triathlon this year, but my plans to do the previous one were changed when I decided to go ahead and do the LASIK surgery (a decision I do NOT regret one bit!).

A couple of big things changed this year: I purchased a triathlon bike and started riding with a group. I also find a super nice friend to actually teach me how to swim freestyle. See, when I said I didn’t know how to swim, I really meant it. Actually, for awhile I thought “freestyle” meant pick whatever stroke you want. I didn’t know it was the name of an actual stroke type.

Now that I’ve embarrassed myself.

Pre-race pic :)

Pre-race pic :)

The Swim

Distance: .3 miles (600 yards)

Last years fastest time: 17:21

There is something about an open water swim that makes me nervous. I’d done a practice open water swim (I was nervous for that too) and completed up to 1400 meters (almost a mile) without stopping in the pool. I was still nervous. The buoy’s look REALLY far away. The swim warm up did help this time, though. Unfortunately the water was pretty much black so I couldn’t really see anything, but the fact that I knew I could make double the distance in a pool helped me stay focused. I started in the back though, still, and counted 4-5 seconds before I even began. I was pretty close to another girl most of the day – she ended up beating me – while doing the backstroke. Harumph.

This year’s time: 14:36 (almost 3 minutes faster!)

Transition 1:

Last year’s fastest: 1:58

Actually I expected to have a longer transition time this year because I’m “clipped in” (I have bike shoes that literally clip into the pedals), but apparently I managed to get out faster and didn’t stumble too much while trying to get clipped in. Win.

This years time: 1:36

This bike looks prettier than last year

This bike looks prettier than last year

The Bike

Distance: 12 miles

Last year’s fastest time: 40:41

Joining the YMCA Triathlon club and riding 1-2x a week in a group has been a HUGE help and has really made me not only push myself but realize I’m capable of going faster than I thought. There was a bit of a headwind on part of the ride (though not enough to really blame it on anything) and I think that I was a little more cautious than necessary on a couple turns because I hadn’t ridden the route since the year before, but overall I was happy with my average speed.

This year: 36:16

Transition 2

Last years fastest time: 48 seconds

I actually had to change shoes this year (bike shoes to running shoes), so I did add some time this time around.

This year: 1:09

Why yes, I do pay to download race pictures when they are good ones :)

Why yes, I do pay to download race pictures when they are good ones :)

The Run

Last year’s fastest time: 25:06

I honestly haven’t been running all that much but I’ve been pretty consistent about speed work so I was really hoping to knock some time off my run. Compared to the previous few days weeks, it was actually pretty cool out at race start, but by the time I got running it had warmed up and the run just felt hard. I stopped to walk a bit once and briefly at all the water stops. Ugh. I hate running in the heat

This year: 25:25

I win! (not really)

I win! (not really)

Final Standings:

Last year’s fastest time: 1:25:53

This year: 1:18:51

Age Group: 5/10 (missed 4th by 30 seconds and 3rd by 1:45)

Overall Female: 23/84

Swim Overall 53/84 (closer to the middle this time!)

Bike Overall 13/84

Run Overall  30/84


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