The Third Tri’s the Charm (2015 Sprint Recap)

I wonder how many more little catchy sayings I can use with the word “Tri”.

It’s a little further into the season than I’d hoped before my first Triathlon this year, but my plans to do the previous one were changed when I decided to go ahead and do the LASIK surgery (a decision I do NOT regret one bit!).

A couple of big things changed this year: I purchased a triathlon bike and started riding with a group. I also find a super nice friend to actually teach me how to swim freestyle. See, when I said I didn’t know how to swim, I really meant it. Actually, for awhile I thought “freestyle” meant pick whatever stroke you want. I didn’t know it was the name of an actual stroke type.

Now that I’ve embarrassed myself.

Pre-race pic :)

Pre-race pic :)

The Swim

Distance: .3 miles (600 yards)

Last years fastest time: 17:21

There is something about an open water swim that makes me nervous. I’d done a practice open water swim (I was nervous for that too) and completed up to 1400 meters (almost a mile) without stopping in the pool. I was still nervous. The buoy’s look REALLY far away. The swim warm up did help this time, though. Unfortunately the water was pretty much black so I couldn’t really see anything, but the fact that I knew I could make double the distance in a pool helped me stay focused. I started in the back though, still, and counted 4-5 seconds before I even began. I was pretty close to another girl most of the day – she ended up beating me – while doing the backstroke. Harumph.

This year’s time: 14:36 (almost 3 minutes faster!)

Transition 1:

Last year’s fastest: 1:58

Actually I expected to have a longer transition time this year because I’m “clipped in” (I have bike shoes that literally clip into the pedals), but apparently I managed to get out faster and didn’t stumble too much while trying to get clipped in. Win.

This years time: 1:36

This bike looks prettier than last year

This bike looks prettier than last year

The Bike

Distance: 12 miles

Last year’s fastest time: 40:41

Joining the YMCA Triathlon club and riding 1-2x a week in a group has been a HUGE help and has really made me not only push myself but realize I’m capable of going faster than I thought. There was a bit of a headwind on part of the ride (though not enough to really blame it on anything) and I think that I was a little more cautious than necessary on a couple turns because I hadn’t ridden the route since the year before, but overall I was happy with my average speed.

This year: 36:16

Transition 2

Last years fastest time: 48 seconds

I actually had to change shoes this year (bike shoes to running shoes), so I did add some time this time around.

This year: 1:09

Why yes, I do pay to download race pictures when they are good ones :)

Why yes, I do pay to download race pictures when they are good ones :)

The Run

Last year’s fastest time: 25:06

I honestly haven’t been running all that much but I’ve been pretty consistent about speed work so I was really hoping to knock some time off my run. Compared to the previous few days weeks, it was actually pretty cool out at race start, but by the time I got running it had warmed up and the run just felt hard. I stopped to walk a bit once and briefly at all the water stops. Ugh. I hate running in the heat

This year: 25:25

I win! (not really)

I win! (not really)

Final Standings:

Last year’s fastest time: 1:25:53

This year: 1:18:51

Age Group: 5/10 (missed 4th by 30 seconds and 3rd by 1:45)

Overall Female: 23/84

Swim Overall 53/84 (closer to the middle this time!)

Bike Overall 13/84

Run Overall  30/84


Olympic Distance Triathlon Training – Week 8

Though I haven’t technically been following the training plan since the beginning, week 8 marks the halfway point.

Sunday: Ride 2 hours 2 minutes (42.2 miles). I really enjoy having a good group to ride with – they really push me in terms of both distance and speed and I’m finding I can go farther and faster than I thought I’d be able to. I kept up with the fast part of the group this ride and even pulled (led) a couple of times at over 20mph. It wasn’t for a long distance, but it does show me I am capable of hanging with the big dogs!

check out those speeds!

check out those speeds!

Monday: Run 40 minutes (4.25 miles) on the tread mill. Treadmills are still not my favorite but its been so freaking HOT here that I’d rather run on the hamster wheel lately. I felt like I was fighting a cold and my legs were still a little jello-y from the ride Sunday so I took it easy.

Tuesday: Run 35 minutes (4 miles) on the treadmill. 1 mile warm up, then 3×800 at a little less than goal 5k pace (7:03) with a half mile recovery in between, then cool down.

Wednesday rest day. I had planned to take the twins to the track, but at “feels like” temp of 102 at 6 pm, I decided against it. Plus, I didn’t really need the time anyway. I did, however, get the go ahead to swim at my 2 week post LASIK check! WOO HOO!

Thursday– SWIM (!) 35 minutes (1200 meters) and spin class (it rained). My endurance did go down a bit after not swimming for almost 2 weeks. I was more tired after 35 minutes than I would have liked, but I didn’t forget how to swim, so that was a bonus. Best of all, I COULD SEE THE END OF THE POOL!

my camera can see the other end, and now I can too!

my camera can see the other end, and now I can too!

Friday: rest day. The nice thing about a long working early in the week and a shorter week hours wise is 2 rest days!

Saturday: Swim 25 minutes (1000 yards). I did one 600 yard run (the sprint distance) and practiced some sighting. The concept of open water still makes me nervous, but I’m ready as I’m ever going to be.

Tomorrow is the first sprint for me this season ( I got a late start). Wish me luck!



Swim: 2 hours 19 minutes/ (55 minutes)

Bike: 1 hour 52 minutes/ (3 hours, 2 minutes)

Run: 56 minutes/ (1 hour 15 minutes)

5 hours 7 minutes (5 hours 13 minutes)

Next Week:

Swim: 2 hours 19 minutes

Bike: 3 hours 7 minutes

Run: 1 hour 33 minutes

Whiny Mc Whinerson

There is something about whining. Something about it that makes me absolutely crazy.

Ladies and gentleman, I have a whiner. I have a kid who reacts to whatever the latest reason I told him “no” (one cookie is enough, please don’t climb on the stove, don’t poke your sister in the eye) with an ear piercing, throw his head back cry or whine or kick or sometimes all of the above. Sometimes, even when he asks for things, he whines. (mooooooooore peeeeeeeeeeeeese)

Unfortunately for me, he isn’t quite old enough yet to understand the concept to “use his big boy voice” or “I don’t understanding whining”. I mean, he is two. And don’t get me wrong, he is truly the sweetest little boy. He keeps an eye on Abby at all times, calls for her when she’s in a different room, brings her crackers and cookies before he gets his own. It’s like that saying or book – when he is good he is very very good, but when he is bad he is……..whiny.

if I’m going to be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure if its the whining that makes me crazy, or my reaction to it. Because I know that I do not react well. It is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me, and after the 2nd or 4th or 239847932th time, I find myself yelling “stop whining!”.

P.S. That doesn’t help. Just in case you were wondering.

Every age has brought with it its challenges, and honestly overall I enjoy toddlerhood much much more than I thought I would. The things they say are hilarious (Miles pointed to my sisters parakeet on my head over the weekend and said “its a bird hat!”), and really, he is just being two.

I just its probably me who needs a few extra deep breaths (and glasses of wine).


Olympic Triathlon Training – Week 7

Is it fall yet?

This week was heavy on the bike/run because I’m not allowed in the pool yet. I shifted my swim time and added it onto bike/swim and tried to keep the total workout time for the week about the same. My eyes are healing well though, and feel closer to normal (i.e. not dry) every day. First thing in the morning and late at night is the worst.

Sunday: 30 minutes on bike trainer (estimated 8-8.5 miles). At just a couple days after LASIK, I wanted to get some time in but take it easy. I don’t have the special gadget that allows my watch to tell my speed/distance on the trainer yet (surprise, surprise, its not included), so I have to guess.

Monday: 55 minute run on treadmill (6 miles), and 25 minutes on bike (8.25 miles). Part of this treadmill run brought to you by: Nickelodeon. Now that Miles is in a toddler bed, he sometimes gets irritated when he can’t get out of the room and pounds on the door. I guess I can’t blame him, but it wasn’t anything a little cup of cereal and a cartoon couldn’t fix. :)

Tuesday: Tri group ride/run. Ride 1:18 (23.72 miles), run 29 minutes (3 miles). One of my worst runs, speed wise, in awhile. The air just felt sticky and stagnant and it was horrible.

Wednesday: Ride 60 minutes (estimating 16-17 miles). I had planned to take the twins to the group spadework on the track and just do the best I could speed wise while pushing them, but once I got there, someone discovered I had a flat. And not just a flat, but a total tire blowout. So I ended up on the bike trainer after they went to bed.

So glad I bought this thing!

So glad I bought this thing!

Thursday: rest day. Legs still tired from Tuesdays group ride (it was crazy windy).

Friday: Run 25 min with 1×800 speed (7:13) and 1×400 speed (6:40) – total 3 miles. Ride 30 min on trainer (estimated 8 ish miles). It was an EARLY morning to get this one in. Up and at ’em at 5:20, which i thought was going to be really rough, but actually turned out to not be so bad. I mean, not bad for 5:20 am.

Saturday: 52 minute run pushing the twins (5.5 miles). It was humid. It was foggy, but you know what there wasn’t? Fog on my glasses because I’M NOT WEARING THEM ANYMORE! WIN!



Swim: (1:45)/ none

Bike: (3:07)/ 3:38 62 (ish) miles

Run: (1:33)/ 2:38 17.75 miles

Total: (6.4 hours)/ 6.2 hours – I was 9 minutes short *womp womp*

Next Week:

Swim: 2:19

Bike: 1:52

Run: 56 minutes

Two week LASIK follow up Wednesday so hoping to get the all clear to swim at least once this week. *crosses fingers*

Why Healthcare (and/or Insurance) Sucks

Last October I came down with a sinus infection.  So I pulled up my computer, opened my insurance companies website, checked to make sure Doctors Care was in network, and drove myself to Doctors Care. My insurance card was accepted. I paid my co-pay, was seen, sent a prescription and sent on my merry way.

A few weeks later, I got a bill for the entire amount of the visit. I called my insurance company, wondering why it would not be covered if that office was listed in network. I was told that the particular doctor that they billed my visit under, for whatever reason, was not covered. Since this wasn’t even the doctor that I saw, I called Doctors Care and was told they would re-bill. No problem.

The week of Christmas I got a fever. When it got worse instead of better I drove back to Doctors Care in case it was the flu. If it was, I wanted to catch it early. I was told it was. My insurance card was accepted, I paid my co pay, was seen, given a prescription and sent on my way again. A week later, the fever was gone but I still felt cruddy, so I went back, where I Was told I never had the flu in the first place. I was given a breathing treatment, another script for antibiodics and sent home.

A few weeks later, I got a bill again for the entire amount of all three visits. I called Doctors Care again, and was told it would be taken care of.

A few months later it happened again. This time, I was told that this isn’t the first issue they’ve had with my particular insurance company, and it would be taken care of. I was told to ignore the statement.

A month ago, I got another one. The same day I was preparing to call and make sure there wasn’t still an issue (admittedly I forgot about it for a little while), I got a letter from collections. After being told THREE times it was going to be re billed, I was sent to collections. This letter informs me I have 35 days to work this out, or its going to hit my credit.

A few swear words may have been involved.

I call Doctors Care AGAIN, explaining that I don’t understand what the issue is. All three visits are billed under a Dr. Ward – at no point was I SEEN by a Dr. Ward. I explain that I know at least 2 of the doctors I saw are listed in my insurance as in network and I simply CANNOT understand why my visits cannot be billed under the correct people. I was told that I’d need to call the billing department. To make a long list of phone calls much shorter, we were basically told by Doctors Care that they have billed this way for a very long time, and are refusing to re-submit my bill using the doctors who saw me. My insurance company, for whatever reason (perhaps to find some loophole to not pay?) doesn’t cover visits billed under Dr Ward (who we are told is the medical director).  Bryan was told, point blank, the the CFO of Doctors Care has said that he is tired of dealing with our insurance, and to bill the patients so that we will be the ones to complain to our insurance company.

In the end, this means Doctors Care claims I owe a $517 bill because they will not re submit my information and my insurance will not cover this particular doctor. One of my EOB’s even states that “although Doctors Care is in network, this particular provider, Dr. Ward is not”.

I’m not entirely sure whose issue this truly is. But here is what I have to say:

Doctors Care – if you choose to not accept our insurance, that is your right. However, to accept my insurance and refuse to re-submit my claims under the providers I actually saw is unethical. To not inform me BEFORE I was seen that this might be an issue is unethical. It is YOUR job to convey to my insurance company that you no longer wish to be in network. I visit my insurance company’s website so that I know where I can go, and to find out that you are simply going to bill the patient because you don’t want to deal with the rules the insurance has set is BULLSHIT.

Consumers Choice – please explain to me why you have a list of 10 doctors who work at Doctors Care on your website that you accept in network, but just happen to not accept this particular doctor that Doctor’s Care bills visits under?! Am I REALLY supposed to walk into an Urgent Care with a fever and ASK who my visit is going to be billed under even though you state Doctors Care is in network?!?! And if Doctors Care is billing according to state and federal law, which they claim they are, then why aren’t my visits covered?

Something seems fishy. And guess who is getting screwed?


You know, this post would really be better with some more curse words.

Olympic Tri Training – Week 6

Only one week into officially following and plan and wondering if choosing the “swim heavy” was a smart move. :)

Sunday – bike 2 hours 40 minutes. My first 50 mile ride! I wasn’t sure going into it how far I’d be able to go. I was relieved I had already planned to take 2 days off prior to this because my legs were STILL sore from the Track Meet I did Thursday. As it turned out, though, I felt pretty good. I kept the pace a little slower and didn’t push too much for fear of injuring myself but I had  a great ride and had great company!


Monday: swim 53 minutes. It ended up being 1900 meters and man my shoulders were DONE. By the last hundred meters or so I was ready for you to put a fork in me.

Tuesday: mini brick. Run 13 minutes/Swim 17 minutes. Total 1.57 miles and 750 yards.

Wednesday: Run 40 minutes. Total 4.5 miles. My speed in the summer sucks. I feel like I’m running in a sauna. Ugh. I  had to stop at least 4 times because I was feeling somewhat overheated and I was carrying water with  me. Is it fall yet? Today I also officially get the call that they want to schedule LASIK for Friday, so I do it with my fingers crossed.

Thursday: Swim 25 minutes or 1100 yards. I’m also supposed to ride 16 minutes to make up the rest of my time, but I got asked to play a softball game so decided to do that instead. Except, I pulled my quad muscle running to first base. Nice.

Friday: Ride 30 minutes (trainer) and swim 30 minutes or 1200 yards. Usually Fridays are my rest day, but since no one called to cancel LASIK this time (miracle!) I stuck my last workout in the morning beforehand. I was actually supposed to swim/run, but after messing up my quad the night before I decided not to risk it and hopped on the bike instead. I don’t have a speedometer attached to the trainer or my watch yet so I just guess how far I went.

I did get my LASIK done!

like my snazzy new sleep eye wear?

like my snazzy new sleep eye wear?


Saturday: OFF

Totals (Expected)/Actual

Swim: (2 hours 7 minutes)/ 2 hours 7 minutes – 2.23 miles

Bike: (2 hours 51 minutes)/ 3 hours 10 minutes – 59 miles

Run: (1 hour 25 minutes)/ 53 minutes – 6.07 miles

Next Week:

Swim: 1:44

Bike: 3:07

Run: 1:33

Except I can’t swim for two weeks, so that swim time is being distributed to the swim/bike somehow.

Plexus Success

Sarah, an hold high school friend of mine, is a mom to 2 young boys. Her stories are what originally got me interested in the concept of Plexus, and I wanted to share her success. Posting these kind of blogs isn’t normally what I like to do – I don’t want to come across as pushy or like I’m just trying to sell something. But, I’m finding that the more experience I have and the more I read success stories like hers (and others!) I want to share in hopes someone might see it and realize maybe Plexus can help him/her.
After having my second son I had put on a significant amount of weight. Two pregnancies in a short period of time didn’t leave time to lose the weight from the first before the second was making an appearance! I was confident I could get the weight off, as I’d been thin up until my pregnancies, but I had gotten lax about my eating habits while nursing (it burns calories!) and then started gaining again when my youngest was about one. Eeeek!
I had other frustrating issues too…taking an hour or more to fall asleep each night, being fatigued during the day, losing hair, and (risking TMI here) my ‘lady days’ had become horrendous. I had painful cramping, ridiculous bleeding and 10-day periods! In addition, I was craving/eating too much sugar and food, although my body wasn’t metabolizing like it used to. One day after discovering that a dress I’d bought just a few weeks earlier suddenly was getting too tight, I decided to jump on board and try out this “pink drink” stuff.

What is “pink drink”, you ask? Good question :-D

Plexus Slim is a pink drink mix that helps regulate your blood insulin levels throughout the day for a more sustained energy level all day long. Do a quick Google search on “blood insulin resistance symptoms” and you will see the havoc it can wreak on your body. Slim (as the “pink drink” is named) was the only product I used for the first four months. Within the first couple weeks I felt like I was going through a “reset”, and I was falling asleep quicker…within 5-10 minutes! WHOA! That alone was worth it!  Then, my sugar cravings and afternoon crashes diminished and have continued to improve over time!

Slowly, I added other products I felt my body would benefit from (ProBio5, BioCleanse, and eventually XFactor vitamins) and noticed more health victories like: 
-More restful sleep (even when woken up by a child in the night!)
-My need for thyroid meds declining (and is now non-existent!)
-Much-improved ‘lady days’ (they’re now near painless, 3-4 days, and very normal-to-light in flow)
-Fewer mood swings
-Less neck and joint pain and inflammation (from a bulging disc and carpal tunnel)
-Adult acne greatly improved and cystic acne pretty much gone!
-NAILS! I’ve always had decent nails, but they’re a lot stronger and grow better
-MORE ENERGY! (because of balanced blood sugar and hormones!)
-Better able to cope with stress and anxiety
-Much-improved gut health (which boost immune system, helps with tummy/digestive troubles, and keeping stuff movin’ on out….)
-Seasonal allergies are all but gone (this has taken time. I used to eat Allergra on a daily basis to cope.)
-Baby weight gone! :-D
I could go on and on, really…..but that’s a pretty good list of what I’ve been experiencing so far!

At the same time I was starting to have success with the product, my good friend Sarah was just starting her Plexus business. She has three children, was looking to stay home with them, pay for her family’s products and earn extra cash. I watched her for a few months, occasionally asked questions, watched people posting about paying their mortgage with their Plexus check, and eventually decided I might try Plexus as a business. Now, I’m seven months in with a growing team of my own and contributing significantly to our family’s finances (including covering my own product costs!).
I was a Plexus skeptic! It took me a good 6 months to even think I might possibly need a product from “one of those weight loss pyramid thingies” (turns out I had a misunderstand of ‘pyramid thingies’- Plexus is NOT one of them! and also of the Plexus products! They’re SO MUCH MORE THAN WEIGHT LOSS!)…and it was only after I saw my friend Charlotte posting about her thyroid situation improving and no longer needing her medications (confirmed by tests and advice from her doctor!), that I even paid a whole lot of attention. What I didn’t realize at the time was that my biggest regret would be not getting on board sooner! 
This business has been such a blessing to my family and me, and I have been able to meet many new friends through it that I never would have met otherwise. We’re all getting paid to get healthy and help others do the same! It’s also enabled my family to begin rebuilding financially and is giving my husband the leeway he needs to find his preferred professional position instead of having to take just whatever he can get. I’ve been tremendously blessed by my customers and fellow team members….watching them have successes, grow, find health & financial freedom is so rewarding. Knowing I had a part to play in it- WOW. So humbling. I am so thankful for this accidental business that has become the opportunity of a lifetime.
Plexus is easy to use and making a difference in the health of men, women, children, old and young, people just getting on the healthy train and fitness professionals and athletes who are  already rockin’ it. 

And here is the best part – Plexus is great for athletes too.


As a gift to Theresa’s fantastic readers, I’m doing a drawing for a 7-Day Plexus Slim trial! All you need to do is share this blog post on your social media outlet (personal Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram) and post the link in the comments of this post! All who do will be entered into the drawing and I will draw the winner on Wednesday July 15.

As I mentioned before, I’ve decided to become a Plexus Ambassador. We have a deal going on right now that if you’re interested and can commit to a three month trial (however if you’re unhappy at the end of  60 days you can get your money back), I will throw in one month of an additional product that peaks your interest. So, if you goal is weight loss and would be willing to commit to the Tri Plex (slim, probio – probiodic and cleanse) and the accelerator interests you also I will throw in one month for free. You’ll also get to order at a lower cost. Or, if you’re just looking to feel better – more energy, less pain, migraines, you might try the Tri Plex with the X Factor Vitamins. You’ll also be added to a Facebook group with lots of prizes and giveaways.

If you’re interested, you can comment below, email me (theresajpowers@gmailDOTcom) or visit my website at 

I promise that my blog isn’t going to become a shrine to Plexus. More workout updates and funny twin posts to come :)

Plexus Trial: Months 2 and 3

The best laid plans.

First, if you are just reading this series, you can find my intro post here. If you don’t want to read the whole explanation, basically I decided to try Plexus because I had heard stores of it helping those with seasonal allergies and asthma, and since I am reliant on at least 3 different meds, I wanted to give it a shot. I was good about posting updates at first, and you can find my progress in the first two weeks here and the second two weeks here.

The full truth is, I didn’t post further updates after that because the more humid it got, the crappier my allergies got. I also caught a cold. After the second month, I saw very little difference as far as my allergies went and I was frustrated, but because I had seen improvements elsewhere, and had read that true improvements in this area can take time, I decided to keep going and give it 6 months. So, here we go:

Sugar Cravings

Slim is still doing an excellent job of keeping my insulin levels regulated and my sugar cravings down. There are days that I do not eat dessert AT ALL, which is huge for me. Most days I do still have a little something, but in comparison I’m eating half the junk I ate before, most days less. As an added bonus, because my insulin levels aren’t going nuts, I find myself making smarter food choices overall. I’ve started making smoothies with spinach and kale, I’m packing vegetables in my lunch, and I don’t need to keep sugary snacks around. I don’t put a dessert in my lunchbox anymore A big bag of chocolate we bought from SAM’s 4 months ago still has candy left in it. Now, if I could only say the same about Cheezits…..


I’m honestly still fighting a battle on this one. Summer is the worst time of year for my allergies because of the humidity and I’m still having to take all of my medicine. A few days will go by and I won’t have to use everything, and then I get a random flare up or start to fight a cold and it’ll suck to be me for a few days. I have noticed, though, that I haven’t had ANY random days where I do nothing but sneeze  – something that happened to me last year 4-5x during the spring and summer months (I seriously counted over 100 sneezes once a few years ago).


I cannot deny the benefit here. I did NOT start using slim to lose weight, but in addition to fewer sugar cravings that have helped me make healthier food choices, I lost 3 pounds and see definition in my abdomen that wasn’t there before. The last two months I’ve actually increased the time I’ve spent exercising (an additional 5 hours per month) but my recovery time has decreased. In fact, in preparation for my LASIK procedure that ended up being rescheduled and ultimately canceled again, I exercised 14 days in a row, many days for over an hour at a time, and felt great. That isn’t to say I didn’t start to feel a little tired or burnt out, however, my 14th day ended with some serious sprinting that I didn’t even know I was capable of, especially after 14 consecutive days of exercise.


Aside from allergy flare ups, my sleep has been good. I didn’t have a huge issue here.


I do still experience what I call the “after lunch sleepies” on some days, but not all, and when I do it is to a much lesser degree. I don’t “crash” in the afternoon and want to eat sugary things to stay awake. I do feel like I’m eating a bit more, but I’m also exercising more, and as I said before, my snacks are better choices in general than they used to be. I find I have more energy at the end of the day than I think I’m going to have after work to do things like group workouts after a full day.


My period cramps are less painful. I experience less bloating both overall and during my cycle. I used to go to bed at least mildly bloated every night, and now I hardly do at all. My nails are growing faster.

Plexus has a 60 day money back guarantee if you do not feel as though the products have made a positive impact on your life. And while the allergy issue is still an issue (though I’m hoping with some more time it won’t be – I’ve been told the more meds you take the longer it can take to have full effect, and I can’t exactly cold turkey quit my medications or else I’ll have breathing issues), I found I’m happy with the other benefits and encouraged enough to keep going. Things that I didn’t think I’d find all that impressive or important in theory have turned out to be better than expected in practice (i.e. decreased sugar cravings and fitness benefits).

In the end (after quite a bit of deliberation and coaxing) I decided to become a Plexus Amabassador. I’m really not a salesperson. In fact, I dislike salespeople. I hate when people try to push products, but I’ve seen enough of a change in myself and others that I want to pass on the benefit. My “mentor” as I call her, is pat of a group of ambassadors hosting an opportunity for anyone interested to try some of the products at wholesale cost if you can commit to 3 months. If you’re looking to get healthy, lose weight, want longer and stronger hair and/or nails, need help managing stress or getting focused, eat cheat meals every now and then, want to get rid of a muffin top,  want to be less anxious , want build your immune system, need  to eat less sugar, love to workout, want to better sleep at night, have aches and pains or need more energy, you could find Plexus helpful. If you’re interested, leave a comment with your goal and I will contact you. (With a 60 day money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose) If not, ignore this. I/she will also be hosting a giveaway through this blog soon.

Onward through a new journey!

The Only Olympics I’ll Ever Be In

Last year I tried (tri, see what I did there?) my hand at a couple sprint distance triathlons. As I was always primarily a runner, I’d never taken a swimming lesson and the only bike I had was a “hybrid” which was basically a mountain bike. Still, even though I didn’t swim “right” (freestyle is the stroke typically used) and got passed by just about every bike out there, I was hooked.

You can read my recaps here, and here.

Over the winter, I bought a triathlon bike. Starting in March, I got a friend to help me swim (it made a HUGE difference). So this year, I’m stepping up my game a little, and spending the summer training for an Olympic distance. The one I picked is a .7 mile ( a little more than 1100 meters) swim, a 25 mile bike and a 10k.

And because I like to blog and document these things, everyone gets to read (or ignore) another set of weekly training recaps! Fun!

I cheated a bit this week because I was supposed to have LASIK surgery (which if you follow me on Facebook got canceled TWICE) and set it from Saturday to Saturday instead of Sunday to Sunday. I’m following a 16 week swim heavy plan from Beginner Triathlete, but I’m starting at week 5 because I felt comfortable enough with my base to jump in a little later. These plans are a little different from what I’m used to following, which sets workouts by miles. This one uses time.

So here we go. I did a lot more swimming this week because I thought I was going to have to take two weeks off post LASIK.

Saturday: 45 mile ride (2 hours 22 minutes). Lesson learned on this ride – just commit to the 50 miles at the beginning or risk getting left behind. I didn’t quite jump in fast enough after a break and lost the 50 mile group, but was going faster than the girl who was doing 5 and turning around, and got stuck alone in the middle. Then I overestimated how far I needed to go before turning around and ultimately ended up riding 20 miles alone. The effort used to ride 20 alone I am sure was more than if I’d just done 25 with the group. You live, you learn. :)

Sunday: 32 minute swim, 30 minute (slow) run with the stroller.

Monday: 48 minute swim – 1200 meters without stopping. I hate sharing lanes, but only because I get paranoid about hitting someone and so end up hitting the wall instead.

Tuesday: 34 minute swim – I did a few intervals, but my asthma was acting up so they didn’t go well.

Wednesday: 42 minute run – asthma sucked again. Run sucked again.

Thursday: 15 minute run – sounds odd, but I participated in track meet against a couple local speed work teams. I actually game in 3rd place in the 400 meter (1:16) and WON the 200 meter (:34)! This was particularly surprising after 14 days straight working out (blame the LASIK cancelations) but I drank my Plexus (update on that coming) to keep hydrated and felt great – at least up until the last 400 when my legs died. :)

We are standing here, but we really did run

We are standing here, but we really did run

Friday/Saturday: rest

Week Totals

Swim: 114 minutes swimming, 2 hours 22 minutes biking, 57 minutes running.

Next Weeks Goals

Swim:2 hours 7 minutes

Bike: 2 hours 51 minutes

Run: 1 hour 25 minutes

Here we go!


A two year old’s favorite word is no. At the very least, it comes in right behind another word we hear often: MINE.

I have kids at work that say no to everything, which after awhile can become quite frustrating. So, instead ending up on a never ending train of “do you want this?” “no”, I just ask questions that end up with funny answers.

For example (and pardon the fact that I look like crap):

I’ve even tried “do you want a cooke?”, except every once in awhile this catches their attention and they respond with a “COOKIE!” and then I am in trouble.

Abby, who tends to say things a week or so behind Miles, started the same trend recently. Yesterday, after we returned home from a birthday party, Abby decided to go for a swim. As she sits there, I say “Abby, did you decide to swim? With all your clothes on?”



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