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I Want To Be an Ironman – Weeks 29/30

I got behind the last couple weeks.


Monday run/ride – I moved my swim because I had a MUCH needed massage scheduled. 45 minute run/4.73 miles/9:33 average/54 degrees. I’m finally starting to see a *little* recovery and speed back, though still far from where I was. 60 minute ride/15.6 miles/15.6 MPH/62 degrees. This ride was slower because of debris from the hurricane and the fact that I was looking around to see what kind of damage my area had.

Tuesday swim. 60 minute swim/2500 meters. I drove to DJ before work this morning to get my swim in. I’m glad I didn’t have to do this much this season as its a pain in the butt. I as late to work.

Wednesday run/ride. 45 minute stroller run/4.57 miles/9:53 average/57 degrees. The twins and I rolled around an area behind us with lots of trees and power lines still down. One house had had a tree on top of it. :( 45 minute trainer ride/9.53 miles/SLOW I stuck a movie on and hopped on the trainer once we got home. Not much exciting to report here.


Thursday swim35 minute swim/1550 yards. I joined a small group for a last open water swim and practice with the wetsuit. The water was a bit choppy at first and I struggled. I almost quit twice. And I still suck at sighting far away – I ended a whole house to the right of where I was supposed to. But hey, its done.

Friday long run. 60 minute run/6.47 miles/9:22 average/57 degrees. FINALLY I was able to run a couple miles with an average under 9 (8:45, 8:53) and still stay in zone 2. I run/walked the rest as per my plan.

Saturday long brick. 2 hour ride/36.77 miles/18.1 MPH/64 degrees. 30 minute run/3.16 miles/9:30 average/70 degrees. The LAST LONG WORKOUT! The ride was fine but the run was hot and I bitched about that most of the way. Haha.

Sunday – rest day

Total Time: 8 hours 35 minutes

Distance Traveled: 83.04 miles

Training Thoughts: I honestly don’t remember. But probably something along the lines of HOORAY!!!!



Monday run/ride. 45 minute run/4.8 miles/9:25 average/59 degrees. I took the dog with me for this one. My asthma was acting up and struggled for the first 1.5 miles. Stopped at home for an extra puff of my inhaler and continued on. 60 minute ride/17.1 miles/17.1 MPH/64 degrees. Usual route, nothing to report.

Tuesday swim. 45 minute swim/1750 meters. This ended up being quite the interesting day. I ran into traffic and then  a train trying to get the pool and my swim got cut short. Later that afternoon the official email came out from Ironman saying they had to REALLY shorten the bike course because of flood damage from the hurricane. I shouldn’t have been shocked in hindsight, but I was, because per a Facebook group I was a part of many had been told that if nothing else, there was a alternate route plan in place. Well, apparently not. The bike course was shortened 62 miles, leaving us full participants with a distance just over the normal half distance. I was crushed. Not mad, just really disappointed. I was thankful my kid I was seeing after I saw that email still has difficulty reading emotions, because I was a mess.

Wednesday ride/run quick change. 45 minute trainer ride/9.1 miles/12.1 MPH. 15 minute run/1.72 miles/8:44 average/63 degrees. Honestly the last thing I cared about was this workout, but I did it anyway. I basically said fuck it on the run and ran as hard as I wanted to for part of it.

Later that day, people began talk of possibly finding road to ride on for the last 56 miles or possibly setting up trainers for those who wanted to finish the whole distance. While this was certainly not what I hoped for, it was nice to know there was an option. I contacted Ironman about transferring to another race, but was told this wasn’t allowed.

Thursday run. 30 minute run/3.2 miles/9:37 average/62 degrees. Still not feeling very motivated but I woke up early and couldn’t go back to sleep so I took the dog for a run. I also headed up to NC with Tami today, and packed my trainer, just in case. I did learn today that there *was* apparently an alternate bike route plan, but the state nixed it.  Athlete check-in and briefing.


Friday – rest day. Dropped off bike and run transition bags and racked my bike. We did learn today that they added another 6 miles to the bike route, making it 56 miles. Hey, I’ll take it.


Saturday : race day.

Sunday: Ow.

Of course, a full race post is forthcoming, however I feel like its going to take some time for me to gather all the pictures others took to put a post together.


I Want To Be an Ironman – Week 28


Technically, this week is more taper-ish. Although the workout totals are cut down by 2.25 hours, which should seem significant, when you’re already up to 14 it doesn’t feel like as much as you’d think.

I am, unsurprisingly, still tired.

Monday run/swim. 60 minute run/6.2 miles/9:47 (ish) average/64 degrees. Oh hooray its finally COOLER outside! I split my run again and did 2.6 miles with the dog and 3.5 with the twins. I’ve never been more excited to see an average under 10. Seriously. 60 minute swim/2500 meters. I swam faster this time, but thats because I was tired and wore fins for the whole thing (shhh).

Tuesday – ride. 60 minute ride/17.42 miles/17.4MPH/68 degrees. Not much to report here. Still tired so took it easy. This is also the day that South Carolina really started getting panic-y about Hurricane Matthew. My final kid of the day called and told me they were evacuating the next day and wanted to cancel. This turned out to be a good thing, because it took me the next hour to fill up my gas tank and get money from the bank in case we decided to stick it out and lost power for more than a couple days. Schools closed for the rest of the week and I obsessively checked the weather.

Wednesday – swim/ride. 60 minute swim/2400 meters. I got up EARLY for this one, because as luck would have it, the new masters swim team in Summerville kept the pool open JUST for masters swim since everything was closing down for the hurricane. I forgot I need to allot more time for talking though, because I ran out of time and swam a bit short. Oh well.  45 minute stroller run/4.56 miles/9:53 average/66 degrees Although not THAT many people had evacuated by this point, the run still felt a little creepy, partly because it was such a  nice day outside but we all knew what was looming. I think it was Wednesday that the forecasters changed the track where the eye was pretty significantly off the coast. To be on the safe side I bought water, batteries and some non perishables before heading to work that day.

Thursday long ride. 3.5 hour ride/61.24 miles/17.2MPH/64 degrees  I hadn’t planned to do another long ride on a weekday but with the hurricane threatening to strike over the weekend and the next two days off work because most of the southern part of the state was shutting down, it seemed like a good day to get it in. A small group came along. We were supposed to ride 4 hours but the whole ride was windy and it was the worst on the last 20 minutes back to the car where we were going to refuel so we all cut it short. (I did 20 more minutes to make it an “even” 3.5 hours) On the plus side, it was good practice in the wind. I continued to check weather obsessively. By today, the forecast was much worse – the eye was expected to track not far off the coast, though as a Category 2 at least and not 4 anymore. I spent most of the rest of the day prepping by cleaning out the area  under the stairs in case the winds got bad, so I counted that as my missed half hour.

We are either dedicated or totally insane

Friday long run. 2 hour 10 minute run/12.6 miles/10:20 average/73 degrees The pending storm made this yet another hot, humid and sticky run. Apparently those days were not over.

Saturday/Sunday rest days. Technically I still had my quick change workout left but I opted to skip it. The storm started hitting late Friday night through late afternoon Saturday. At one point, they were predicting some possible 100+ MPH winds but I don’t think we ever ended up with gusts that high. I did see where someone recorded about 65mph, and I know we had sustained winds of 30-40 MPH for several hours. Interestingly, areas like Columbia and into Fayetteville NC almost had it worse than we did with the way the storm ended up hitting. It made landfall not far from Charleston. Charleston did of course flood, as did some areas in Summerville. There were downed trees and power lines. Some houses were damaged or destroyed. It was a serious storm but luckily not a Category 4 like Haiti and the Bahamas experienced. We were lucky. We had a leaky window but no other damage. We did hang out under the stairs for a bit but more because it was fun and not because we had to. In the end, I was tired from several days of not great sleep and anxiety about the storm, so I rested.

Hanging out in “Narnia” (under the stairs)

Total Hours: around 11 including hurricane prep (I’m cheating a bit here)

Distance Traveled: 105 miles

Training Thoughts: FINALLY we are at a place where the training hours start to go down more significantly. The hard part is REALLY over. I am hungry still all the time but I am tired of about 90% of food because I’ve eaten it so much.

On an unrelated note, the twins’ Halloween costumes showed up this week which I was REALLY excited about. Miles refused to put his on, so I did.

Nemo grew a bit


I Want To Be an Ironman – Week 27

Peak Week (s) 3 of 3.

You guys,  I am seriously tired. Everything is tired. My pinkie toe is tired.


Monday – run/swim. 58 minute stroller run/5.5miles/10:33 pace/70 degrees. For the life of me I could NOT keep my heart rate down, even using a run/walk. I jumped into nearly zone 4 during the run and could only recover to 2 during the walk, and my zone 4 pace was like a 10 minute mile. For the love of pete. 60 minute swim/2500 yards. I did another workout with alternating sets of drills and 300s. Each 300 got progressively slower. I’m told this is normal.

Tuesday ride/swim. 60 minute ride/16.9 miles/16.9 MPH/72 degrees. Honestly, I’m getting tired of all the workouts. The runs more than anything because of the heat but everything is taking more self talk to get my butt out the door. 60 minute swim/2500 yards. This swim was a bit faster at least, but have I mentioned I’m tired? Because I’m tired.

Wednesday run. 60 minute run (32 solo/28 stroller)/5.8 miles/68 degrees. I actually managed a sub 10 min mile average the first half (9:46) but slogged through the second half with the kids (10:40), because I was (wait for it…) tired.

Thursday long ride. 5 hour (4 hours 53 minutes technically) ride/82 miles/16.9MPH/75 degrees. Thursday is not normally a long ride day, but Tammie, who is also training for this insanity, was going to be out of town this weekend and had to move her ride. Riding this long solo is no fun so I shifted my work schedule to ride with her. I made it home and had 20 minutes to shower and change and leave for work (I made it). It was warmer than originally predicted (surprise surprise) but overall not bad. If I can average that speed for the Ironman I’ll be happy.

Friday – long run. 2 hour run/13miles/10:25 average/67 degrees. Cooler weather seems like its FINALLY making its way here. Tammie and I did a 3/1 run walk after the first two miles. The first 45 min or so was humid and slower, but once the humidity broke the temp actually dropped for a half hour or so which improved our average to a 10-10:15/mile until it started to warm up for the day again. It was nice to not slog through a wet washcloth for once. I celebrated the last long run of the peak weeks by accidentally sending my parents and husband an SOS message when I  was trying to turn my music down on my phone.  Afterwards the twins and I took a cool down walk with the dogs, where I was talked into some time on the swing and they stole my bath.

As it was the last day of the pool season also, we headed there after work, where as usual they spent more time eating than swimming.

Cracker Tongue

Saturday – rest day

Sunday long swim. 2 mile swim/53:25 (thank you current). One of the regular ocean swimmers and members of the Folly Beach Open Water Swim group so nicely put together a simulation (or stimulation, depending on who you ask) swim for the group. It was a nice point to point swim with kayak support and a wetsuit trial. It was salty.

Total Time: 14 hours (including some walking)

Miles Traveled: 129.35


I Want To Be an Ironman – Week 26


Peak Week(s) 2 of 3. Even though its an easier week because of some work training, I’m still feeling it. I followed the “Just Finish” plan for the long workouts.

Monday – run/swim. 60 minute stroller run/5.81 miles/10:20 average/HUMID. These runs are starting to make me irritated. I am so slow. Slow slow slow. And it is still so STICKY! BAAAAAAH! 95 minute swim/3500 meters. I traveled to the big pool to do the big swim. 2.25 miles straight, no stopping. I was, as usual lately, slow. Really slow. And my IPOD died 600m in, so I did basically the whole thing without music. I felt decent until the end and then started to poop out, but I did it! Longest swim ever! And all I could do all day was think about how slow it was, which is pretty ridiculous.

Tuesday ride 60 minute ride/17.2 miles/17.2MPH/72 degrees. Not much to report on the ride. It was (shockingly) humid. I took it easy.


Wednesday swim.  60 minute swim/2500 yards.  I was pooped on the swim so did alternating sets of 300 yards worth of drills and then 300 yards freestyle.

Thursday long ride. 2.5 hour ride/43.5 miles/17.4 MPH/72 degrees. The goal here was to ride as much as possible without stopping and keep my heart rate where I’m aiming it to be for the race (137-140) and see where my average speed ended up.

Friday long run. 3 hour run/17.2 miles/10:28 average/73 degrees. Ugh. This was not the weather I had hoped for for my 3 hour run. It started out muggy and sticky, as usual. A misty rain started about an hour in which was welcome, until it started to POUR. After that, it went back to muggy and sticky. My legs were toast afterwards, and I couldn’t keep my heart rate down. Still, its done, so theres that.

Saturday/Sunday rest days – I briefly considered a swim, but didn’t. Even though I did ZERO exercise, I still ate like I did.


Total Time: 10 hours

Distance Traveled: 87.5 miles

Training Thoughts: is it time to taper yet? Why am I getting SLOWER?! I miss having speed. I am extra whiny lately. Where is the chocolate?

I Want To Be an Ironman – Week 25

Peak Week(s) 1 of 3.

Last’s weeks partly conscious/partly forced decision to take an easier week turned out to be an intelligent one. It helped me physically recover and mentally take a “break”. I’m told its mostly a mental game at this point.

Also, how are we at week 25 already?!

Monday run/swim. 60 minute swim/2500 yards. Another day it looks like possible rain in the afternoon, another day I swim at home and of course it doesn’t rain. And that easy feeling swim I had last week? I lost it. It feels mostly awkward and slow again. I have a theory, but I’m waiting to test it out before I come out with it. On the plus side, I did a 2500 yard straight swim and felt fine afterwards, except bored. 58 minute ride/16.5 miles/17.1 MPH/82 degrees. Warm. Easy. Not much to say here.

Tuesday run/swim. Monday night I went to bed early – even a bit earlier than usual, around 9:15. I slept OVER 9.5 hours. NINE AND A HALF HOURS. But, I woke up feeling like a new person, and even though the run was still warm, for the first time in awhile I felt like I could run a bit faster. 60 minute run/6.26 miles/9:35 average/73 degrees. The swim ended up an unplanned last minute change, as the weather was calling for rain for the next several days straight, so Bryan picked the kids up and I jumped in the pool. It still felt odd and slow. I’ve tried to make my sets longer and my goal was to do two sets of 1300, but I Was so frustrated with how slow the first 1300 was I broke the rest into smaller chunks. 60 minute swim/2500 yards. 


Wednesday run. A day for go running snacks. We beat the rain but it was STICKY AND HUMID. 60 minute run/5.53 miles/10:40 average/72 degrees

Thursday swim. Again I had planned to do a warm up, a set of drills, and then 1600 straight, but I got stopped 900 in by a landscaper who wanted to use the pool bathroom. 60 minute swim/2500 yards

Friday long run. I had the bright idea to move my long run to Friday so I could have Sunday off, knowing that week my long ride and run during week 26 would be during the week because of work training over the weekend. So I figured I’d avoid what would end up being 17-18 hours of training without a rest day by moving it. What I forgot to consider was the time I put in the week BEFORE. I had already mentally moved it so I just did it, but did a run/walk to play it safe. My pace actually ended up being the same as the week previously – this week felt a bit cooler but last week I was more well rested so it seemed comparable. 2.5 hour run/14.5 miles/10:20 average/70 degrees

Saturday long ride. This was THE long ride – the BIG one. I held back at the beginning knowing how many hours I had already put in the previous 7 days without a rest day, and actually found I had a good amount of energy at the end – enough even to pull the group in the last few miles. 5.5 hour ride/101.5 miles (!)/18.3MPH/72 degrees. 


Sunday – rest day

 Total Time: 14 hours 12 minutes (19.5 hours from Saturday-Saturday without a rest day)

Miles Traveled: 148.78

Training Thoughts: I should have kept better track of this day by day and week by week, as I am finding I often forget by the time I sit down to type this. Honestly I had hoped to write a few posts on my thought process as this has gone down, but I have either just been too tired or too busy. I’ve had so many running thoughts about all of this and the effect its had on me and my kids and everyone around me. I felt better this week overall and I think the challenge of the number of hours and the 100 mile ride fueled me, but by Sunday I was pooped again. I’m definitely having to dig deep to find motivation some days.  It really has been a roller coaster ride even hour by hour some days. I haven’t lost it on anyone and I haven’t yet turned into a total dick, but I’m definitely less patient and more irritable.

14 days to taper.


I Want To Be an Ironman – Week 24

I planned a cutback week for myself this week. Most of the group was racing the White Lake Half so we had actually done a 5 hour ride a week earlier than planned. My goal was to avoid overtraining.

Monday. swim/ride. Labor Day so Tammie and I swam in my neighborhood and then did an easy ride. And by easy I mean EASY.  Intervals? HA. By Sunday I started to feel like I was coming down with something. I woke up on Monday feeling worn, but ok. 60 minute swim/2500 yards. Another good solid swim where I felt like I was making some improvement! I even swam a couple 400-500 yard sets at my current fastest RACE speed (2:10/100 yards). Yes, its still slow. 60 minute ride/16.98 miles/17.4 MPH/66 degrees. Not much to report here, but hallelujah for some cooler morning weather.

Tuesday run. 60 minute stroller run/6.03 miles/9:56 average/61 degrees. Ya’ll seriously -61 degrees and I still can’t get out of a 10 minute per mile average. I still felt like I was fighting something, and still worn down, so I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked. And yes, I realize that isn’t horribly slow, but I’m comparing it to my past runs not anyone elses. To be on the safe side I started going to the chiropractor weekly again, and mentioned my fatigue. He told me I needed to take it easy – do the time, keep the muscles moving, but EASY. Stop altogether and I’m more likely to actually get sick. Honestly, I’ve felt like this before and should have recognized that I was REALLY close to overtraining, but thought maybe this was how the peak phase goes.

Wednesday “run”/”ride”.  I’m using the terms loosely here. I literally took the twins for a 60 minute walk in the morning, and did such an easy spin that evening that I didn’t even break a sweat. But I honestly started to feel better even after Wednesday morning. Go figure even though I planned a shorter week my body had other things in mind.

Thursday swim. 38 minute open water swim/1600 yards. I was finally able to join some of the group swimming Lake Moultrie. The swim was slow. I’m a horrific sighter and today was no exception. But, I made it across, and without panicking. After we took a short boat ride and that was fun.


Friday rest day. It was still warm (ha) after work so I thought hey, take the twins to the pool. What do they do? Eat.


They get it honest enough I guess.

Saturday long ride. 3 hour ride/53 miles/17.6MPH/70 degrees. All I have to say here is, you know you’re training for something nuts when you legitimately say to yourself “yay! only 3 hours today!” I also did a 15 minute run afterwards.

Sunday long run. 2.5 hour run/14.5 miles/10:22 average/superfuckingmuggy OH MY GOD WHERE DID THE COOL WEATHER GO?!?!?!

Total Time: 11 hours 3 minutes (last year my peak was 9 hours and this year 11 hours is considered a cut back. Geez Louise)

Distance Traveled: 105.07

Training Thoughts: I went into the week feeling overwhelmed honestly and it started to get better as the week went on, but the theme for the week was pretty much what the heck was I thinking? Also humidity can suck it. SUCK IT.





I Want To Be an Ironman – Week 23

23 is my favorite number.

I’ve basically stopped doing any intervals at this point. I might get one in. Honestly, I just don’t have the energy, doing them isn’t going to make or break my race, and its not worth the risk of injury.

Monday swim/run. 60 minute swim/2500 yards. Typically I go to Danny Jones to swim in the larger pool on Mondays but the weather was calling for a chance of storms in the afternoon. Rather than risk getting rained out (I wouldn’t have, of course) I did my swim in the morning. 60 minute run/6.25 miles/9:47 average/73 degrees. I actually split this and did 2.6 pushing the stroller, came back to shower and get my massage, then come home and finished the rest on the treadmill, so then there was another shower.

Another thing Ironman training requires is lots of showers.

Tuesday ride. 61 minute ride/18.3 miles/17.8 MPH/72 degrees

Wednesday run/ride. 60 minute run/5.8 miles/10:15 average/who knows the temp. My run didn’t get transferred to the Garmin site somehow. But it is in my watch, so it still counts. 45 minute ride/13.14 miles/17.4 mph/88 degrees. This one got squeezed in between work and picking the twins up from daycare, which I did with 10 minutes to spare. I should add my neighbor saw me leaving for both the 6am run and 5pm bike ride, and probably thinks I’m certifiable. He’d be right.

Thursday  swim. 60 minute swim/2800 yards. The plan here was to meet a group for a lake swim in Moncks Corner, but the weather looked iffy thanks to the oncoming Tropical Storm, and so it got canceled. My parents had the kids anyway so I hit the pool. I did 100 yards before Tammie got there, and stopped to realize I had finished it much more quickly than usual. I figured it was a fluke. After chatting awhile I started again, and finished 1350 yards in less time than it took me to swim 1300 yards just last week. Not only that, but it felt easier, smoother and much more comfortable. I took another break and did another 1350, this time 20 seconds faster than before! Something is clicking! FINALLY!

Now, to be fair, I’m still slow, just not as slow.

Friday rest day. Most of the state of South Carolina shut down for Hurricane Hermine, which ended up doing almost nothing.


In all seriousness, I was more than relieved nothing ended up happening, and plenty in Florida were affected, so I’m not trying to be an ass hole here.

Saturday  long ride. 5 hour ride/87 miles/17.4 mph/65 (!!) degrees. We basically took the same route as last week, just a bit more slowly and turned around a bit sooner.

2 super long rides down.

Sunday long run 2 hour run/11.5 miles/10:16 average/68 degrees – You guys, when this is over, all I want is a nice, short, recovered and FAST run. I never thought I’d hear myself say that I was craving a nice fast 5k but man am I ever.

On the plus side, we saw goats.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Total Time: 12 hours 50 minutes

Distance Traveled: 144.5 miles.

Training Thoughts: I want a nice, cool, fast run. I want to know what recovered feels like. Rest? What is rest?  I’m tired and I’m taking a cutback week next week.

Hooray 7 weeks to go! ( celebration )

Holy shit 7 weeks to go! (panic)

I Want To Be an Ironman – Week 22

Holy cow. This is starting to get real.

I think this week marks the highest number of hours I’ve trained/exercised, EVER. This is like a part time job. I’m training more hours than I worked part time in college, though, I worked a ridiculously low number (like 8-10) so I guess that doesn’t mean much.🙂

This week also got interesting (and flexible) thanks to some illness.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 6.53.58 PM

Monday: run/ride. 60 minute run/6.2 miles/73 degrees. I ran 40 minutes solo with my horribly slow intervals ( I swear I forgot how to run fast), and returned home to find out that Abby had thrown up. Ugh. I.hate.vomit. By the time I got home she was acting fine, but couldn’t go to daycare for obvious reasons. I finished the run with her solo in the stroller (she was drinking, had asked for a snack and said she wanted to go), which was much lighter with only one toddler in it. Obviously I couldn’t take her swimming so I opted for an hour trainer ride while she watched a movie. 60 minute ride/12 miles/horribly slow

Tuesday swim/run. 60 minutes/2500 yards. 60 minute treadmill run/6.12 miles. Despite acting fine all day, Abby woke up vomiting several times Monday night, meaning sleep was less than plentiful. Just in case Tuesday night ended up like Monday night, I doubled up while I still had some energy. We kept her home again, and again, she acted fine all day. What the heck, kid?

Wednesday swim. 60 minute swim/2500 yards. As expected, we were up again Tuesday night, but this time thanks to the other end. I’ll just let you figure that one out.

Thursday long run. 120 minute run/12.16 miles/9:51 average/65 degrees (!!). We finally made it through a night without any issues, but 3 nights with less than great sleep made this run a tough one despite the AWESOME temperature outside. BRING ON FALL!!

Friday swim/ride brick. 30 minute swim/1300 meters, 30 minute ride/8.98 miles/17.8MPH/70 degrees. I’ve kinda decided the ride run quick change isn’t helping me enough to warrant staying consistent with it, so I made up a brick of my own. It allows me an extra swim and to see how the transition is from swim to bike, though race swim is MUCH longer.

Saturday long ride. 5 hour (!!) ride/89 miles/17.7 MPH/70 degrees at start. Longest ride! And really, not bad at all. The last 90 minutes or so did suck, but mostly because it was HOT. I also did a short run/walk afterwards because everyone talks about how weird your legs feel, but actually my legs recovered more quickly than my heart rate did, thanks to the fact that it was 90 degrees outside. UGH.


Sunday rest. TIRED.

Total Time: 13 hours 20 minutes

Distance Traveled: 138 miles

Training Thoughts: WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!?!? I don’t even bother with the intervals most of the time because I AM TOO TIRED TO DO THEM.

I Want To Be an Ironman – Week 21

Week 21 is where it starts to get horribly exhausting fun.

This week was a bit more tiring than usual, because I had to do some shifting to get my long ride and run in. Even though last Sunday’s long ride technically went with Week 20, I ended up cramming 15 hours of workouts into 6 days, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything over the weekend.

We are now in the “I’ll worry about it when I get there” peak phase of the Be Iron Fit training plan. I do swear one day I’ll blog about something other than my lame training plans, but right now it looks like that day will be sometime in November. This phase of the plan averages between 13-15 hours of training per week, though for me it means 12-14, since I am following the Just Finish swim plan. After 3 straight weeks at 14 hours, taper begins. I laugh a little that 9 hours is going to be considered a taper, when that was my peak week during last years’ Olympic triathlon training.


Monday: run/swim. 60 minute run with 3x 5 minute intervals/6.12 miles/9:50 average/73 degrees. It was a little easier to breathe this morning but who am I kidding? It’s still muggy as hell. My intervals were ok: 7:52, 8:03, 8:24. My marathon pace average was 8:35 and I’m running 8:24 intervals. Man I’m ready for fall. 60 minute swim/2500 meters. 

Tuesday: run/ride. 60 minute run/6.04 miles/9:56 pace/73 degrees. No intervals this run. I was feeling tired from the last couple days and knew I still had a long week ahead so I skipped them. I was excited to end a complete zone 2 workout in under a 10 minute  mile. Ha. 60 minute ride/18.1Miles/17.9 MPH/77 degrees. Skipped the intervals here too, so zone 2 only.

Wednesday  swim. 60 minute swim/2500 yards. By the end of it I thought maybe I was starting to get the idea of high elbows, but by midday my shoulder was sore, so perhaps not.

Thursday long run. 1 hour 45 minute run/10.25 miles/10:15 average/73 degrees. Starting this run at 6 am rather than 7 did help, but again, its still humid as shit. I think I melted.

Friday long ride. 4 hour ride/65 miles/16.7 MPH/72 degrees. I dreaded this ride for awhile until it turned out Tammie also had the day off (yay!) so I wouldn’t have to go solo. I hadn’t planned to spend my birthday day off on a small seat pedaling for 4 hours but when you sign up for a race like this sometimes flexibility is important. Another friend joined us for the first 2 hours and we explored a new area, but the roads were bumpier for longer than we anticipated so that slowed us down quite a bit. I’m just excited to have another 4+ hour ride crossed off the list.

Friday night was tri/birthday party night!

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Saturday/Sunday – rest day. I spent the weekend doing continuing education for work, and knew that if I Was going to be gone doing that all day, there was no way I was going to be able to come home and take off again for a workout, so I just planned the weekend off. After cramming all that into 6 days I was ready for it anyway.

Total Time: 10 hours 58 minutes

Miles Traveled: 108.77

Training Thoughts: I just might be able to survive the three 14 hour weeks after all!


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