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third trimester

Full Term! (37 weeks)

Whether the babies make a debut “early” or we make it to our scheduled date (5/14), this will be my last pregnancy update. I know I mentioned this before but holy cow did it fly by. All the waiting felt like forever but the pregnancy just flew. I’m feeling a bit bittersweet about this…a topic for another post.

The Good

  • Wow. Just wow. We made it to full term…with TWINS. I am simultaneously shocked and not shocked. I know this sounds odd. Early on in the pregnancy I remember telling my mom about a concern about my small body carrying two babies, but that I felt fairly confident that if anyone’s small body could do it, it would be mine. But, all the pre-term labor talk freaked me out and so I had convinced myself they were going to show up early. All I have to say to this is: go body!
  • SIX days or less until we meet the babies.
  • Since I’ve stopped working the cankles have almost gone away. And I’m still miraculously able to wear my wedding rings.
  • I think I’ve finally mastered the blind pee in a cup.

The “Bad”

  • My body is definitely starting to wear down. I have to wear my support belt pretty much 24/7 because my stomach is so heavy. I had a cruddy weekend with this weird side cramp type pain until I smartened up and realized I needed something to hold my belly up because it shifts oddly to the left thanks to the way they are positioned.
  • My crotch hurts pretty much every time I walk. Waddle, waddle, waddle.

The Weird and Amusing

  • There is no more question: I am a spectacle. I’ve been warned it gets worse once the babies get here. There is something about multiples, apparently.
  • Some days are better than others here at the Preggo-lympics. Some days you lose, some days you win.
  • You know how you seem to find the perfect bed position right before you have to get up? Well I tossed and turned all night last night, only to figure out the perfect pillow position (both between the legs and under the heavy belly) right before I got hungry and needed to get up to eat. Figures.
  • A nurse, on the maternity ward of the hospital no less, looked at me after my most recent NST and said “woah!” Though this is not quite as funny as the person at registration who came up to me the week before and asked me if I was there to give birth.
  • Yesterday I got up at 730. I ate breakfast, soaked in the bath (thanks to my friends the ‘rrhoids), took a shower, got dressed…..and then I was tired. So I took a nap. What? That was a lot of work.

The final week by the numbers:

A Baby Story’s Watched: about 22. (yes, pathetic, I know)

Naps taken per day: 1-2

Waist size: 44″

Number of weeks pregnant I am measuring: 44 (if I did it right)

Weight gained: as of Monday still holding steady at 39 lbs.

Number of times I’ve been told I’m about to pop (or some variation): at least 20

Number of times I’ve been told I don’t look pregnant from behind, or that I am “all belly”:  pretty much everyone says this. I’ve taken to facing forward, then backward in a “now you see it, now you don’t” type way. 🙂

I didn’t hit anything or anyone with my belly this week!

Final week pic (though if we make it to the scheduled day I’ll probably take a delivery day pic) at Bubbles and Squishy

Large and in Charge (36 weeks)

The Good

  • My thoughts that these babies would make their debut before the end of April was obviously wrong, but that’s totally ok because it means we made it to 36 weeks.
  • I am totally proud of my little body for holding up and carrying these babies so well.
  • Our last growth scan was yesterday and it estimated Miss Abby at 5lb 7 oz and Mr. Miles at 6lb 8oz! Somehow there is nearly 12 lbs of baby squished into this stomach.
  • Still feeling pretty good since being home on maternity leave. I officially caught up with everything at work yesterday and so that means I’m…well, done. At least for the next 12 weeks. It’s a weird feeling.
  • Other than the installation of car seats everything is ready!
  • I’ve actually noticed fewer Braxton Hicks over the last several weeks
  • Still wearing my wedding rings, amazingly.

The Bad

  • Weird, random crotch pain- to be filed under “things no one tells you about late pregnancy”.

The Weird and Amusing

  • Weird, random crotch pain – causing me to waddle like crazy. Waddle, waddle, waddle, waddle……and its not something you can really be verbal about, because what exactly do I say when I stand up and flinch and someone asks me what is wrong? “Uh…well my crotch hurts when I stand up?” I mean I can blame the waddling on size but this one is a bit harder. Taking suggestions.
  • Getting up off of the couch, out of bed or rolling in bed have become an Olympic sport. I used to always get annoyed at people in the gym who grunted as they were lifting weights and every time I roll over I sound just like them.

This Week By the Numbers

  • Waist size: 42.5″
  • Fundal height (i.e. number of weeks pregnant I’m measuring, if I measured it right):43-44cm or 43-44 weeks
  • Weight gained: holding steady at 39 lbs
  • Number of grunts in the night: at least 5
  • Number of times I’ve been told I’m about to pop/asked when I was due: 6
  • Number of times I’ve been told I look tiny for twins when I explain why I look like I’m about to pop: 6
  • Number of Gilmore Girls DVD’s watched: 19 (I’m on season 4)
  • Number of A Baby Story’s Watched: about 12 (less this week since I’ve had Gilmore Girls on)

And to prove today’s title, I leave you with this amusing photograph:

Don't worry, I got up
Don’t worry, I got up

New pic at Bubbles and Squishy

A Spectacle (35 weeks)

The Good

  • YAY we made it to 35 weeks!! With those few pre term labor scares (i.e. attack of the Braxon Hicks x3) I am very thankful for this.
  • The countdown to babies is officially under 20 days (19 or less!)
  • I got a crazy out of the blue phone call today from the fertility clinic we went to. I wrote them a testimonial a couple weeks ago for the website and they are going to be doing a study on the effects of environmental toxins on fertility. Apparently it will consist of testing the embryos in some fashion – I got a bit of a description but no details. Anyway it appears the study caught enough notice that our local news channel wants to cover it and asked for a patient who has been through or going through IVF to interview (obviously doesn’t have to be related to the study – they don’t have any participants yet) and they called me of all people. So I’m waiting to get some details but I might be on the news!
  • Stopping work when I did turned out to be a really smart move. I feel like a different person – I’m no longer constantly exhausted and sore all day.
  • While typing out the lower sections I got a phone call from the Doc at the fertility clinic who had noticed my Facebook banner and had personally called to say how cool he thought it was that I was putting myself out there. How fabulous he took the time out of his day to do that. I am totally shocked and appreciative.

The Bad

  • We took another visit to the hospital over the weekend because I was worried that I wasn’t feeling Miles move. Turns out he moved position a little but was totally fine 🙂

The Weird and Amusing (i.e. pregnancy first world problems)

  • Most of my maternity shirts are too short.
  • Today I officially become a spectacle. I met a friend for lunch and after ordering and walking away, got a “WOW”. Yeah, I get it.
  • Cankles have made a permanent presence. At least my toes are pretty.
  • After my prenatal massage this past weekend ( which was fabulous BTW) I had thought about stopping in Ross for another couple cheap, non short shirts. I walked three doors down and realized I was in TJ MAXX. Upon determining that Ross was another 4 doors down, I decided it was too far, walked back to my car and drove to Target.
  • Dude, you should try to watch me put my pants on. Seriously. Its hilarious. Thank goodness sock season is over down here.

This Week by the Numbers

Number of times I’ve been told I’m about to pop: 1 officially, many others unofficially (i.e. WOW)

Number of reflux pills taken so far: 15

Waist measurement: 42.5-43″

Weight gained: 39 lbs (clearly I didn’t need to worry about the temporary lost weight, I found it and then some…I blame cankles….and maybe Drumsticks)

Days left till babies: 19 (or less….wow)

New pic of the belly that looks like I swallowed a beach ball (or two) at Bubbles and Squishy.

The Fun Begins (33 weeks)

The Good

  • Every week is another week closer to 35-36 weeks and every day is another day closer to possibly being able to take the babies home with us. I’ve read that every day in utero is equivalent to 3 days in the NICU – so lets keep them in!
  • At this point we *should* be able to avoid the NICU and would probably just need a few weeks in a special care nursery.
  • I’m still amazed every time I see my stomach move.
  • Going to weekly doc appts now which makes me rest a bit easier in between
  • Holy cow we are going to have two babies in a few weeks
  • Nursery is being wrapped up this weekend!

The Bad

  • Holy cow. Its like someone turned on a switch. I can’t say I expected to make it through this pregnancy discomfort free, but I did expect to have a little heads up. Because for real something happened between Monday and yesterday and suddenly I went from mildly uncomfortable but still doing fine to my stomach has shrunk to the size of nothing and so I’m constantly burping up everything I put in my mouth and what I don’t burp makes me feel icky and queasy. In addition to that, my back has apparently, in the span of less than 24 hours, decided to say “I’m done!” and so now it is sore almost all day.
  • And I sit almost all day.


The Weird and Amusing

  • I have, uh, apparently started producing….uh….nourishment for the babies. You know what I mean. And yes I realize that’s been in the works for awhile but this morning I got proof.  That was weird.
  • At the latest doc appt I did not get a cervix check. They put a lot of stock in the negative Fetal Fibronectin which is supposed to last me about another week. Sure hope they are right. (So far they have been so I guess I can’t complain)
  • Holy cow we are going to have two babies in a few weeks.
  • My fundal height and waist size are almost equal, making me basically the perfect beach ball.

This Week By The Numbers

  • Fundal height: 41″
  • Waist size: ~42″
  • Pounds gained: 36 and counting
  • Number of times I’ve been told I look like I’m going to pop: 2. One person even said “when are you due? today?”.
  • Number of things or people I’ve smacked with my stomach: quite a few
  • Number of times a night I’m up to pee: 2-3 (this has lessened some thankfully)
  • Number of pedicures I’ve gotten “because I can’t reach my toes”: 2
  • Number of times I’ve thought: holy cow I’m going to have two babies in a few weeks: I’ve lost count

New picture at Bubbles and Squishy



Two Hundred (32 weeks)

The Good

  • This post marks this blogs’ 200th post. At post One Hundred, I wrote “Here’s to another 100 posts, which will hopefully soon start me towards another finish line: motherhood.” If someone had commented and told me I’d be 32 weeks pregnant for post number 200, I would have laughed. And yet, here we are. Wow.
  • 32 weeks means we can now deliver at our local hospital! But obviously we want the babies to keep cooking because birth at 32 weeks would still require a few weeks in the hospital. Next goal: 34 weeks!
  • Belly dance parties!
  • Going for weekly checkups
  • Another growth scan Friday!
  • All in all still getting around pretty well- at least I think so.

The “Bad”

  • At the last checkup I found out I’m 1cm dilated, though they didn’t seem particularly concerned. But they ran a Fetal Fibronectin which thankfully came back negative, which means I should be good still for the next two weeks. Still lets hope there is no more progress between now and next appt.
  • Back is definitely hurting by the end of the day
  • Work makes me tired. Zzzzz

The Weird and Amusing

  • Getting dressed in the morning – its just funny to watch. Trust me. One of these days I’m going to end up on the floor like a turtle on its back, rolling around unable to get back up. I’ll be…down in….just….a second….I swear.
  • Still bumping into things with my belly. Clearly I have no idea where it is in space.
  • Getting out of bed is another funny thing, involving a 3 step process of sitting up by pushing on the bed or Bryan, working my feed around to the floor and then using the momentum to get out of the bed where I then waddle to the bathroom because one or both of my hips are probably still slightly asleep.
  • When I get back into bed, I kinda just…..fall in. An “oomph” may or may  not get uttered in the process.
  • Bryan says I’m snoring. I’m sure this is also cute and definitely falls on the list he no doubt makes in his head of things he loves about his hugely pregnant wife 🙂

This week in numbers:

  • Number of times I’ve been told I’m about to pop: 3
  • Number of things I’ve hit with my belly: who knows
  • Pounds gained: +35. Holy cow. (moooo – dang now I want ice cream)
  • Number of times I’ve thought to myself wow, we are going to have babies soon (but not too soon): too many to count, and I still don’t totally believe it

And now for a funny picture

Why hello up there
Why hello up there

Weekly pic at Bubbles and Squishy

Beach Ball Belly (31 weeks)

The Good

  • We are a mere week away from the point where I feel like I can breathe easier. Not that I haven’t been grateful for the other milestones, but for us 32 weeks means we can deliver at our local hospital and should be able to avoid the NICU because they have a Level 2 nursery (unless there are other complications of course but I’m just pretending that won’t happen). 7 days, and yes I’m counting.
  • Holy moving babies batman!
  • Still on my feet! Though off of them much more than I would be normally.
  • I think we have musical babies – I went to a choir concert on Sunday night and they were GOING CRAZY! As a music person myself, this makes me happy!
  • Nursery is coming together.

The “Bad”

  • Sleep has been lacking.  I’m either waking or getting up 5-6x a night to pee or reposition myself because my hips/legs/butt have fallen asleep. Rolling to a new position is starting to become interesting, albeit amusing. Everyone tells me to sleep while I can, but that’s been easier said than done.
  • That shortness of breath is starting to kick in. I seem to notice it more in the morning, strangely.

The Weird and Amusing

  • Our c-section is scheduled for May 14 – just shy of 38 weeks. Yeah, right.
  • Babies movements have been changing. I’m feeling fewer “kicks” and more “rolls”. These rolls, particularly with two, can be quite crazy.Remember the alien thing I mentioned last week? Well this week its worse. I swear something is trying to crawl out of my stomach. I even got a couple movements this week that were a bit painful.
  • Shortness of breath makes my job as a Speech Therapist – you know cuz I’m talking all day – interesting. A couple days ago I’m trying to teach one of my kids the “sh” sound and had to stop because it was making me lightheaded.
  • I’m not looking forward to the point where I run out of episodes of “Love it or List it” to watch. I will be said when they start recycling.
  • Literally about all I have energy for during the week is work. Even that is a struggle. After I get home? Pffft. My  butt is imprinting the couch.
  • It looks like someone shoved a beach ball up my shirt
  • Has anyone watched the show “Preachers Daughters”? You should. For real.

This week by then numbers:

Number of nightly bathroom visits: 3-5

Number of times I’ve been told I’m about to pop: zero (odd)

Number of times I’ve been told I don’t look pregnant from behind: 3

well shit, I guess they're right
well shit, I guess they’re right

New pic at Bubbles and Squishy

Why Hello, Fatigue (29 weeks)

The Good

  • I consider every week at least a small milestone. We are one week away from our next small goal (30 weeks) and 3 away from the next big goal (32 weeks – at 32 weeks we can deliver at our local hospital which has a level 2 nursery)
  • We got a TON of stuff from our baby showers (I still have to do a write up on the second one)
  • Bryan actually won some money from a recent business Vegas trip (tough break right?) and so I have money to set aside for the fancy pants jogging stroller I want if we don’t end up getting one secondhand. Its a bit ridiculous how happy this makes me.
  • We did maternity pics today. They should be available in 2-3 weeks. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!
  • Starting the nursery this weekend

The “Bad”

  • Ok, who hit the “holy cow I’m tired” switch and why wasn’t I warned? Well, ok, according to my updates I was warned. But I guess since I mainly bypassed the first trimester fatigue I didn’t expect much this time around either. Wrong. Its not so much can’t stay awake kinda tired as I just feel really worn out kinda tired. I find it worth celebrating getting through the work day and loading 5 dishes into the dishwasher. What? That’s an accomplishment, right?

The Weird and Amusing

  • Pregnancy brain story of the week: I mobile deposited a check earlier this week and started getting upset when it wasn’t hitting the bank account. I called the bank to be informed that I accidentally deposited it into the wrong account. *facepalm*
  • My bra’s are getting uncomfortable. Unfortunately I still have to wear one in public. Drat.
  • Sitting in my office chair sometimes causes a sore pubic bone. When that happens, after I get up I waddle sexily for a few steps. Well, there’s something I didn’t anticipate.
  • I’ve watched more episodes of “Love It or List It” than should be allowed. I badly try to predict which one they’ll pick.

New pic up at Bubbles and Squishy

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