The Good

  • We are a mere week away from the point where I feel like I can breathe easier. Not that I haven’t been grateful for the other milestones, but for us 32 weeks means we can deliver at our local hospital and should be able to avoid the NICU because they have a Level 2 nursery (unless there are other complications of course but I’m just pretending that won’t happen). 7 days, and yes I’m counting.
  • Holy moving babies batman!
  • Still on my feet! Though off of them much more than I would be normally.
  • I think we have musical babies – I went to a choir concert on Sunday night and they were GOING CRAZY! As a music person myself, this makes me happy!
  • Nursery is coming together.

The “Bad”

  • Sleep has been lacking.  I’m either waking or getting up 5-6x a night to pee or reposition myself because my hips/legs/butt have fallen asleep. Rolling to a new position is starting to become interesting, albeit amusing. Everyone tells me to sleep while I can, but that’s been easier said than done.
  • That shortness of breath is starting to kick in. I seem to notice it more in the morning, strangely.

The Weird and Amusing

  • Our c-section is scheduled for May 14 – just shy of 38 weeks. Yeah, right.
  • Babies movements have been changing. I’m feeling fewer “kicks” and more “rolls”. These rolls, particularly with two, can be quite crazy.Remember the alien thing I mentioned last week? Well this week its worse. I swear something is trying to crawl out of my stomach. I even got a couple movements this week that were a bit painful.
  • Shortness of breath makes my job as a Speech Therapist – you know cuz I’m talking all day – interesting. A couple days ago I’m trying to teach one of my kids the “sh” sound and had to stop because it was making me lightheaded.
  • I’m not looking forward to the point where I run out of episodes of “Love it or List it” to watch. I will be said when they start recycling.
  • Literally about all I have energy for during the week is work. Even that is a struggle. After I get home? Pffft. My  butt is imprinting the couch.
  • It looks like someone shoved a beach ball up my shirt
  • Has anyone watched the show “Preachers Daughters”? You should. For real.

This week by then numbers:

Number of nightly bathroom visits: 3-5

Number of times I’ve been told I’m about to pop: zero (odd)

Number of times I’ve been told I don’t look pregnant from behind: 3

well shit, I guess they're right
well shit, I guess they’re right

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