The Good

  • My thoughts that these babies would make their debut before the end of April was obviously wrong, but that’s totally ok because it means we made it to 36 weeks.
  • I am totally proud of my little body for holding up and carrying these babies so well.
  • Our last growth scan was yesterday and it estimated Miss Abby at 5lb 7 oz and Mr. Miles at 6lb 8oz! Somehow there is nearly 12 lbs of baby squished into this stomach.
  • Still feeling pretty good since being home on maternity leave. I officially caught up with everything at work yesterday and so that means I’m…well, done. At least for the next 12 weeks. It’s a weird feeling.
  • Other than the installation of car seats everything is ready!
  • I’ve actually noticed fewer Braxton Hicks over the last several weeks
  • Still wearing my wedding rings, amazingly.

The Bad

  • Weird, random crotch pain- to be filed under “things no one tells you about late pregnancy”.

The Weird and Amusing

  • Weird, random crotch pain – causing me to waddle like crazy. Waddle, waddle, waddle, waddle……and its not something you can really be verbal about, because what exactly do I say when I stand up and flinch and someone asks me what is wrong? “Uh…well my crotch hurts when I stand up?” I mean I can blame the waddling on size but this one is a bit harder. Taking suggestions.
  • Getting up off of the couch, out of bed or rolling in bed have become an Olympic sport. I used to always get annoyed at people in the gym who grunted as they were lifting weights and every time I roll over I sound just like them.

This Week By the Numbers

  • Waist size: 42.5″
  • Fundal height (i.e. number of weeks pregnant I’m measuring, if I measured it right):43-44cm or 43-44 weeks
  • Weight gained: holding steady at 39 lbs
  • Number of grunts in the night: at least 5
  • Number of times I’ve been told I’m about to pop/asked when I was due: 6
  • Number of times I’ve been told I look tiny for twins when I explain why I look like I’m about to pop: 6
  • Number of Gilmore Girls DVD’s watched: 19 (I’m on season 4)
  • Number of A Baby Story’s Watched: about 12 (less this week since I’ve had Gilmore Girls on)

And to prove today’s title, I leave you with this amusing photograph:

Don't worry, I got up
Don’t worry, I got up

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