The Good

  • This post marks this blogs’ 200th post. At post One Hundred, I wrote “Here’s to another 100 posts, which will hopefully soon start me towards another finish line: motherhood.” If someone had commented and told me I’d be 32 weeks pregnant for post number 200, I would have laughed. And yet, here we are. Wow.
  • 32 weeks means we can now deliver at our local hospital! But obviously we want the babies to keep cooking because birth at 32 weeks would still require a few weeks in the hospital. Next goal: 34 weeks!
  • Belly dance parties!
  • Going for weekly checkups
  • Another growth scan Friday!
  • All in all still getting around pretty well- at least I think so.

The “Bad”

  • At the last checkup I found out I’m 1cm dilated, though they didn’t seem particularly concerned. But they ran a Fetal Fibronectin which thankfully came back negative, which means I should be good still for the next two weeks. Still lets hope there is no more progress between now and next appt.
  • Back is definitely hurting by the end of the day
  • Work makes me tired. Zzzzz

The Weird and Amusing

  • Getting dressed in the morning – its just funny to watch. Trust me. One of these days I’m going to end up on the floor like a turtle on its back, rolling around unable to get back up. I’ll be…down in….just….a second….I swear.
  • Still bumping into things with my belly. Clearly I have no idea where it is in space.
  • Getting out of bed is another funny thing, involving a 3 step process of sitting up by pushing on the bed or Bryan, working my feed around to the floor and then using the momentum to get out of the bed where I then waddle to the bathroom because one or both of my hips are probably still slightly asleep.
  • When I get back into bed, I kinda just…..fall in. An “oomph” may or may  not get uttered in the process.
  • Bryan says I’m snoring. I’m sure this is also cute and definitely falls on the list he no doubt makes in his head of things he loves about his hugely pregnant wife 🙂

This week in numbers:

  • Number of times I’ve been told I’m about to pop: 3
  • Number of things I’ve hit with my belly: who knows
  • Pounds gained: +35. Holy cow. (moooo – dang now I want ice cream)
  • Number of times I’ve thought to myself wow, we are going to have babies soon (but not too soon): too many to count, and I still don’t totally believe it

And now for a funny picture

Why hello up there
Why hello up there

Weekly pic at Bubbles and Squishy