The Good

  • Every week is another week closer to 35-36 weeks and every day is another day closer to possibly being able to take the babies home with us. I’ve read that every day in utero is equivalent to 3 days in the NICU – so lets keep them in!
  • At this point we *should* be able to avoid the NICU and would probably just need a few weeks in a special care nursery.
  • I’m still amazed every time I see my stomach move.
  • Going to weekly doc appts now which makes me rest a bit easier in between
  • Holy cow we are going to have two babies in a few weeks
  • Nursery is being wrapped up this weekend!

The Bad

  • Holy cow. Its like someone turned on a switch. I can’t say I expected to make it through this pregnancy discomfort free, but I did expect to have a little heads up. Because for real something happened between Monday and yesterday and suddenly I went from mildly uncomfortable but still doing fine to my stomach has shrunk to the size of nothing and so I’m constantly burping up everything I put in my mouth and what I don’t burp makes me feel icky and queasy. In addition to that, my back has apparently, in the span of less than 24 hours, decided to say “I’m done!” and so now it is sore almost all day.
  • And I sit almost all day.


The Weird and Amusing

  • I have, uh, apparently started producing….uh….nourishment for the babies. You know what I mean. And yes I realize that’s been in the works for awhile but this morning I got proof.  That was weird.
  • At the latest doc appt I did not get a cervix check. They put a lot of stock in the negative Fetal Fibronectin which is supposed to last me about another week. Sure hope they are right. (So far they have been so I guess I can’t complain)
  • Holy cow we are going to have two babies in a few weeks.
  • My fundal height and waist size are almost equal, making me basically the perfect beach ball.

This Week By The Numbers

  • Fundal height: 41″
  • Waist size: ~42″
  • Pounds gained: 36 and counting
  • Number of times I’ve been told I look like I’m going to pop: 2. One person even said “when are you due? today?”.
  • Number of things or people I’ve smacked with my stomach: quite a few
  • Number of times a night I’m up to pee: 2-3 (this has lessened some thankfully)
  • Number of pedicures I’ve gotten “because I can’t reach my toes”: 2
  • Number of times I’ve thought: holy cow I’m going to have two babies in a few weeks: I’ve lost count

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