23 is my favorite number.

I’ve basically stopped doing any intervals at this point. I might get one in. Honestly, I just don’t have the energy, doing them isn’t going to make or break my race, and its not worth the risk of injury.

Monday swim/run. 60 minute swim/2500 yards. Typically I go to Danny Jones to swim in the larger pool on Mondays but the weather was calling for a chance of storms in the afternoon. Rather than risk getting rained out (I wouldn’t have, of course) I did my swim in the morning. 60 minute run/6.25 miles/9:47 average/73 degrees. I actually split this and did 2.6 pushing the stroller, came back to shower and get my massage, then come home and finished the rest on the treadmill, so then there was another shower.

Another thing Ironman training requires is lots of showers.

Tuesday ride. 61 minute ride/18.3 miles/17.8 MPH/72 degrees

Wednesday run/ride. 60 minute run/5.8 miles/10:15 average/who knows the temp. My run didn’t get transferred to the Garmin site somehow. But it is in my watch, so it still counts. 45 minute ride/13.14 miles/17.4 mph/88 degrees. This one got squeezed in between work and picking the twins up from daycare, which I did with 10 minutes to spare. I should add my neighbor saw me leaving for both the 6am run and 5pm bike ride, and probably thinks I’m certifiable. He’d be right.

Thursday  swim. 60 minute swim/2800 yards. The plan here was to meet a group for a lake swim in Moncks Corner, but the weather looked iffy thanks to the oncoming Tropical Storm, and so it got canceled. My parents had the kids anyway so I hit the pool. I did 100 yards before Tammie got there, and stopped to realize I had finished it much more quickly than usual. I figured it was a fluke. After chatting awhile I started again, and finished 1350 yards in less time than it took me to swim 1300 yards just last week. Not only that, but it felt easier, smoother and much more comfortable. I took another break and did another 1350, this time 20 seconds faster than before! Something is clicking! FINALLY!

Now, to be fair, I’m still slow, just not as slow.

Friday rest day. Most of the state of South Carolina shut down for Hurricane Hermine, which ended up doing almost nothing.


In all seriousness, I was more than relieved nothing ended up happening, and plenty in Florida were affected, so I’m not trying to be an ass hole here.

Saturday  long ride. 5 hour ride/87 miles/17.4 mph/65 (!!) degrees. We basically took the same route as last week, just a bit more slowly and turned around a bit sooner.

2 super long rides down.

Sunday long run 2 hour run/11.5 miles/10:16 average/68 degrees – You guys, when this is over, all I want is a nice, short, recovered and FAST run. I never thought I’d hear myself say that I was craving a nice fast 5k but man am I ever.

On the plus side, we saw goats.

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Total Time: 12 hours 50 minutes

Distance Traveled: 144.5 miles.

Training Thoughts: I want a nice, cool, fast run. I want to know what recovered feels like. Rest? What is rest?  I’m tired and I’m taking a cutback week next week.

Hooray 7 weeks to go! ( celebration )

Holy shit 7 weeks to go! (panic)