Holy cow. This is starting to get real.

I think this week marks the highest number of hours I’ve trained/exercised, EVER. This is like a part time job. I’m training more hours than I worked part time in college, though, I worked a ridiculously low number (like 8-10) so I guess that doesn’t mean much. 🙂

This week also got interesting (and flexible) thanks to some illness.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 6.53.58 PM

Monday: run/ride. 60 minute run/6.2 miles/73 degrees. I ran 40 minutes solo with my horribly slow intervals ( I swear I forgot how to run fast), and returned home to find out that Abby had thrown up. Ugh. I.hate.vomit. By the time I got home she was acting fine, but couldn’t go to daycare for obvious reasons. I finished the run with her solo in the stroller (she was drinking, had asked for a snack and said she wanted to go), which was much lighter with only one toddler in it. Obviously I couldn’t take her swimming so I opted for an hour trainer ride while she watched a movie. 60 minute ride/12 miles/horribly slow

Tuesday swim/run. 60 minutes/2500 yards. 60 minute treadmill run/6.12 miles. Despite acting fine all day, Abby woke up vomiting several times Monday night, meaning sleep was less than plentiful. Just in case Tuesday night ended up like Monday night, I doubled up while I still had some energy. We kept her home again, and again, she acted fine all day. What the heck, kid?

Wednesday swim. 60 minute swim/2500 yards. As expected, we were up again Tuesday night, but this time thanks to the other end. I’ll just let you figure that one out.

Thursday long run. 120 minute run/12.16 miles/9:51 average/65 degrees (!!). We finally made it through a night without any issues, but 3 nights with less than great sleep made this run a tough one despite the AWESOME temperature outside. BRING ON FALL!!

Friday swim/ride brick. 30 minute swim/1300 meters, 30 minute ride/8.98 miles/17.8MPH/70 degrees. I’ve kinda decided the ride run quick change isn’t helping me enough to warrant staying consistent with it, so I made up a brick of my own. It allows me an extra swim and to see how the transition is from swim to bike, though race swim is MUCH longer.

Saturday long ride. 5 hour (!!) ride/89 miles/17.7 MPH/70 degrees at start. Longest ride! And really, not bad at all. The last 90 minutes or so did suck, but mostly because it was HOT. I also did a short run/walk afterwards because everyone talks about how weird your legs feel, but actually my legs recovered more quickly than my heart rate did, thanks to the fact that it was 90 degrees outside. UGH.


Sunday rest. TIRED.

Total Time: 13 hours 20 minutes

Distance Traveled: 138 miles

Training Thoughts: WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!?!? I don’t even bother with the intervals most of the time because I AM TOO TIRED TO DO THEM.