I planned a cutback week for myself this week. Most of the group was racing the White Lake Half so we had actually done a 5 hour ride a week earlier than planned. My goal was to avoid overtraining.

Monday. swim/ride. Labor Day so Tammie and I swam in my neighborhood and then did an easy ride. And by easy I mean EASY.  Intervals? HA. By Sunday I started to feel like I was coming down with something. I woke up on Monday feeling worn, but ok. 60 minute swim/2500 yards. Another good solid swim where I felt like I was making some improvement! I even swam a couple 400-500 yard sets at my current fastest RACE speed (2:10/100 yards). Yes, its still slow. 60 minute ride/16.98 miles/17.4 MPH/66 degrees. Not much to report here, but hallelujah for some cooler morning weather.

Tuesday run. 60 minute stroller run/6.03 miles/9:56 average/61 degrees. Ya’ll seriously -61 degrees and I still can’t get out of a 10 minute per mile average. I still felt like I was fighting something, and still worn down, so I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked. And yes, I realize that isn’t horribly slow, but I’m comparing it to my past runs not anyone elses. To be on the safe side I started going to the chiropractor weekly again, and mentioned my fatigue. He told me I needed to take it easy – do the time, keep the muscles moving, but EASY. Stop altogether and I’m more likely to actually get sick. Honestly, I’ve felt like this before and should have recognized that I was REALLY close to overtraining, but thought maybe this was how the peak phase goes.

Wednesday “run”/”ride”.  I’m using the terms loosely here. I literally took the twins for a 60 minute walk in the morning, and did such an easy spin that evening that I didn’t even break a sweat. But I honestly started to feel better even after Wednesday morning. Go figure even though I planned a shorter week my body had other things in mind.

Thursday swim. 38 minute open water swim/1600 yards. I was finally able to join some of the group swimming Lake Moultrie. The swim was slow. I’m a horrific sighter and today was no exception. But, I made it across, and without panicking. After we took a short boat ride and that was fun.


Friday rest day. It was still warm (ha) after work so I thought hey, take the twins to the pool. What do they do? Eat.


They get it honest enough I guess.

Saturday long ride. 3 hour ride/53 miles/17.6MPH/70 degrees. All I have to say here is, you know you’re training for something nuts when you legitimately say to yourself “yay! only 3 hours today!” I also did a 15 minute run afterwards.

Sunday long run. 2.5 hour run/14.5 miles/10:22 average/superfuckingmuggy OH MY GOD WHERE DID THE COOL WEATHER GO?!?!?!

Total Time: 11 hours 3 minutes (last year my peak was 9 hours and this year 11 hours is considered a cut back. Geez Louise)

Distance Traveled: 105.07

Training Thoughts: I went into the week feeling overwhelmed honestly and it started to get better as the week went on, but the theme for the week was pretty much what the heck was I thinking? Also humidity can suck it. SUCK IT.