I tend to tell it like it is.

Most of the time it’s well received. Ok, maybe not WELL received, but accepted. Others, I feel like I have a case of something like open mouth insert foot syndrome. Regardless, I am who I am. (If you want someone to REALLY tell you how that outfit looks, I’m your girl.) Admittedly, it’s easier for me to be honest in writing. I can just write more eloquently than I can speak. I’ve been told on more than on occasion that they appreciate the honesty in my blog. I think honesty is important. Sugar coating things doesn’t help anyone.

I’ve toyed with the concept of having guest bloggers. I like reading guest posts on other blogs. So I’m writing this to throw the idea out there. I’d like to have a probably twice monthly guest blog. The theme, as you can maybe guess from the title, is honesty. You can write about whatever you want. Really, the options are pretty endless. Share your thoughts on motherhood, your job, infertility, your marriage, your pet goldfish (seriously, endless). Tell how you feel about a life experience big or small, why you think you can’t break a bad habit. Be serious. Be funny. Be both. Whatever. I don’t even care if you have your own blog – if you just follow on Facebook and would like to share something, I’ll post it. Of course I’ll post some of my own.

Maybe I’ll get interest, maybe this will be a flop. But you don’t know until you ask, right?

So, who’s in?