Peak Week(s) 2 of 3. Even though its an easier week because of some work training, I’m still feeling it. I followed the “Just Finish” plan for the long workouts.

Monday – run/swim. 60 minute stroller run/5.81 miles/10:20 average/HUMID. These runs are starting to make me irritated. I am so slow. Slow slow slow. And it is still so STICKY! BAAAAAAH! 95 minute swim/3500 meters. I traveled to the big pool to do the big swim. 2.25 miles straight, no stopping. I was, as usual lately, slow. Really slow. And my IPOD died 600m in, so I did basically the whole thing without music. I felt decent until the end and then started to poop out, but I did it! Longest swim ever! And all I could do all day was think about how slow it was, which is pretty ridiculous.

Tuesday ride 60 minute ride/17.2 miles/17.2MPH/72 degrees. Not much to report on the ride. It was (shockingly) humid. I took it easy.


Wednesday swim.  60 minute swim/2500 yards.  I was pooped on the swim so did alternating sets of 300 yards worth of drills and then 300 yards freestyle.

Thursday long ride. 2.5 hour ride/43.5 miles/17.4 MPH/72 degrees. The goal here was to ride as much as possible without stopping and keep my heart rate where I’m aiming it to be for the race (137-140) and see where my average speed ended up.

Friday long run. 3 hour run/17.2 miles/10:28 average/73 degrees. Ugh. This was not the weather I had hoped for for my 3 hour run. It started out muggy and sticky, as usual. A misty rain started about an hour in which was welcome, until it started to POUR. After that, it went back to muggy and sticky. My legs were toast afterwards, and I couldn’t keep my heart rate down. Still, its done, so theres that.

Saturday/Sunday rest days – I briefly considered a swim, but didn’t. Even though I did ZERO exercise, I still ate like I did.


Total Time: 10 hours

Distance Traveled: 87.5 miles

Training Thoughts: is it time to taper yet? Why am I getting SLOWER?! I miss having speed. I am extra whiny lately. Where is the chocolate?