I’m a hands on learner, and I’ve found that many of my work kiddos are too. Good visual and tactile cues can sometimes make a world of difference in both understanding the material and the amount of time it takes to achieve mastery of a particular goal or skill. Most of my caseload is younger kids but I also see a few whose focus is on reading.

Because Performance Counts
In the world of education, it is more than teaching your students. You need your students to be able to demonstrate that they understand the concepts that are the foundation of learning. Manipulatives are one of the best ways to truly achieve success for students, allowing them to have hands-on learning experiences. Manipulatives also open the door to assessment, allowing you to actually watch your students in action as they tackle a recently acquired skill or concept. View a broad selection of learning supplements and order today from Assessment Services, Inc. You’ll be able to get started right away with learning tools that have been proven to be effective.

See it to Believe it
From unifix cubes to geocubes, hands-on learning tools will allow you to see if your students have achieved mastery. You will be able to get a sense of what is going on in their minds during assessment. You can also open the door to discussion, providing key moments to perform demonstrations when your students are experiencing difficulty with a concept. Manipulatives are perfect when you are looking for a concrete way to illustrate a skill. You will also have clear evidence of understanding. Choose to go in the direction of hands-on activities and you are building the foundation. Once students have a solid understanding of educational concepts, they will be able to move on to abstract activities. Your main goal is to use every resource at your disposal to ensure success.*

What is your learning style?

What do you think about manipulatives and/or hands on learning?

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