Be warned – this post is very picture and video heavy.

Gross Motor

Abby has figured out how to climb on and off the couch, unless she is wearing slippery pants, that is. Miles isn’t nearly aware of his own body in terms of other objects and still tries to take a nose dive. He has, however, mastered climbing up the stairs, something Abby has only recently attempted after falling down a couple a couple of months ago. I’m jumping ahead a little here since we are technically today in what would be going towards their 19 month update, but at the risk of forgetting, she figured out how to climb down the stairs today. I’ve also noticed both standing on their tip toes, and are finally starting to show some interest in actually riding on the riding toys.

Otherwise, of course, we run everywhere. Abby obtained her first black eye this month while trying to reach ball between the patio and the fence. Ouch.

Fine Motor

We still prefer to feed with our fingers while holding the utensil in the other hand (or throwing it on the floor). I’ve gotten the puzzles back out now that they’ve stopped putting EVERYTHING in their mouths and they can manage to get a big peg puzzle piece in the spot 25-50% of the time. Miles also recently started throwing a ball (with his left hand).


We’ve seen an increase in words, especially from Miles, this month. His words are

  • mom (ma, mama)
  • dad (da, dada)
  • cat (i.e puzzle piece – I was doing a puzzle with him and the piece happened to be a cat. He repeated that, and then used it for every other piece)
  • “here” (doo, da – at least we think that’s what he’s saying)
  • tickle
  • more (muh)
  • hi
  • hot
  • dog (we think)

Abby says:

  • mom (ma, mama)
  • dad (da, daddy)
  • hi
  • up
  • yay
  • high five (a-da)
  • done (though not recently)
  • go
  • hot
  • dog (we think)

Anyway, they are following directions more frequently, accompanied by a gesture at this point. I sing them a song at bath time about body parts and read a tickle book that addresses body parts every night, but they still haven’t picked up on anything other than feet.


  • Putting things away (Miles)
  • Putting on socks and shoes (both)
  • Baths (both)
  • Brushing teeth (both)
  • Walks (both)
  • Poptarts (both)
  • Pocoyo (more Abby than Miles lately)
  • Hugs (both)
  • Fluffies -aka pulling blankets off the couch and rolling in them (Abby)
  • Dumping ALL THE PLAY FOOD on the floor, particularly right after I pick it up (Abby)


  • When the puzzle piece doesn’t fit (Miles)
  • Having to ask “up” (Abby)
  • Not being allowed in the kitchen to steal the dogs’ food (Miles)
  • Sharing (both)
  • When the TV turns black between the Intro and the actual Baby Einstein show (Abby)
  • Having toothbrushes taken away (both)
  • When the pop tarts are gone (both)
  • When I scold them for throwing milk cups on the floor (more Abby)
  • Being put down before she is ready (Abby)
  • Not being put down quickly enough (Abby)
  • Not being picked up quickly enough (Abby)
  • When Abby takes the blocks out of the container (Miles)
  • When the ball rolls under the changing table (Miles)

I could do this for awhile…

Picture overload time!

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  • Birthday wish pictures get more interesting
We tried
We tried
  • Miles wakes up half out of his shirt
This isn't where my arm goes?
This isn’t where my arm goes?
  • Abby has a ball (hahaha) in the ball pit
Put your feet in the you just don't care
Put your feet in the air….like you just don’t care
  • Miles tries out a new hair do
It's comb over Wednesday
It’s comb over Wednesday
  • We go trick or treating

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  • Miles and Abby come watch a softball game
Hi :)
Hi 🙂
Princess puffy coat
Princess puffy coat
  • We celebrate National Stroller Running Day
Mom. Its dinnertime, stop trying to take a picture
Mom. Its dinnertime, stop trying to take a picture
  • We “share” blocks
block builders
block builders
  • Miles channels is inner Richard Simmons
Aaaand 1-2-3-4
Aaaand 1-2-3-4
  • I couldn’t pass up the tiny tie
I am handsome
I am handsome
  • Miles looks like the kid from A Christmas Story
Puffy coat raspberry
Puffy coat raspberry
  • We take our first trip to the fair
Mmmm, corn dogs
Mmmm, corn dogs


It's lots of work to eat a funnel cake
It’s lots of work to eat a funnel cake


Food please!
Food please!
  • “here”
  • “tickle”
  • They entertain each other during a trip to SAMS
  • Miles apparently has a preference for felines


I tried to get a video of Abby saying high five but she wouldn’t do it. :p