Saturday was my long run day (and a great run at that!) and since Bryan had kept an eye on the twins while I was gone I was in charge of lunch. They were finishing up and starting to get restless when nature called. And it wasn’t the quick out of the bathroom in a flash kid, it was the this is going to take a few minutes kind.

Nature tends to call at very inopportune times.

The twins have gotten into a few songs on YouTube (namely, the Animal Sounds and Phonics Song) so I turned one on my phone and ran to take care of business while they were still seated in their high chairs. This way, I figured, I at least wouldn’t have to have company.

Unfortunately it took a bit longer than I anticipated, the song was over (should have turned on Pocoyo) and Miles started to get cranky. “AAAAHHH AHHHHH” he cries, which roughly translates to “get me out of this highchair yesterday before the world ends!” So I’m around the corner, sitting on the toilet with the door cracked open, finding myself singing “A is for apple, a, a, apple”Β in an attempt to keep the peace.

Parenting win?