This post could be categorized as “first world problems regarding my pregnancy” – so I get it if you don’t want to read on:

A few previously pregnant friends tried to warn me a couple weeks ago: that the time would come where I WANT to eat but would be unable to ingest much.

HA! I thought.

Turns out there is also a reason why docs recommend gaining most of your weight early on in a twin pregnancy. Suddenly, it all made sense. I should have expected it really because in the last few weeks I’ve noticed my stomach moving precariously  towards my ribs – I’d bend over and my stomach would gurgle  in a much much higher location than previously. So bizarre. Something happened literally between Monday and Tuesday last week and suddenly my normal sized I-can-still-eat-whatever-I-want-stomach turned into I-ate-a-bagel-two-and-a-half-hours-ago-and-I’m-still-full-and-burping-cream-cheese stomach.

A friend of mine (Megan!) recommended Prilosec 24 hour. Its helped with the burping but hasn’t so much magically created more room in there.

This morning I stepped on the scale to discover I had lost 3 lbs and for once in my life did not jump for joy. It is now officially time to commence: Operation Liquid Calories. Because the problem with feeling full all the time is that I don’t want to drink either, which doesn’t bode well for staying hydrated.

Regardless of what I eat or drink I tend to still feel full from it several hours later.

This uncomfortable yet inevitable milestone obviously deserves an Ode:

Theres no space for my stomach

(The babies, they called dibs)

Because it seems to have relocated

Up closer to my ribs

I want a slice of that, I think

From the local pizza place

Except the cereal from this morning

Has taken up all the space

Well maybe in two hours

I can indulge in some pie

My stomach smiles, winks at me

And whispers, ha -nice try