A few weeks ago I posted about my newest 30 day challenge attempt (I’ve only actually completed…well, zero all the way through, but one almost all the way), which I was particularly excited about because it is geared specifically towards runners.

I started on September 1 and fell a bit behind as there have been a few nights I didn’t get home until late, so even though its the 20th I just finished Day 17. The challenge is broken into five sections and each section has its own set of stretches/exercises. The number of sets typically increase each day.

Stage 1; Basic Mobility and Balance Training (Days 1-6)

  • Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Adductor Stretch
  • Hamstring Stretch
  • Single Leg Balance Exercises

This stage felt awkward to me, in that I felt like I looked silly, but the benefit of the stretches and balance made sense so I told Bryan to stop looking at me funny.

Stage 2: Basic Strength and Core Training (Days 7-12)

  • Split Squat
  • Hip Thruster (this is as awkward as is sounds)
  • Single Leg Straight Leg Deadlift
  • Mountain Climbers or Standing Core Control

Stage 3: Intermediate Mobility and Plyometric Training (Day 13-18)

  • Modified Pigeon Stretch
  • Lateral Hip Stretch
  • Spiderman Rotations
  • Single and Double Leg Jumps

This is the stage I am on now and this one has been the most difficult for me to get through. I regularly use the pigeon because of my injury but had trouble with the lateral for the first few days and cut a few. The spiderman rotations made me a bit dizzy (I get dizzy easily) so I modified them, and the jumps have caused some soreness in my calf so I didn’t do them today.

I haven’t looked ahead so I am not sure what awaits me at Stage 4 and 5, but so far, overall, I do feel like this is benefitting my running. Each stage has videos that not only explains the exercises but also why he recommends them (so when you feel silly you at least understand why).

I’m training for the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon and ramping up my running a bit so I thought this would be a great time to try this out. Granted, more than one thing has change since  I’ve started. I got my new shoes, started this challenge, and stopped carrying things in my hands while running after reading this article (read it! I promise its interesting!). Since then, I’ve noticed an improvement in my pace and one comparatively closer to that of my pre pregnancy running. I don’t expect to PR this half marathon, but I’m excited to see some faster numbers again.

5 miles at 8:30 and this is without attempting intervals!
5 miles at 8:30 and this is without attempting intervals!

Today I ran 7 miles at an 8:48.

On the minus side, I’m still over pronating. I don’t know that I expected my shoes to fix it, but I’m still seeing the exact same wear pattern on these shoes, perhaps even a bit more so than the others. Also, I got a blister after my 10 miler last week, so it makes me wonder if I might have to try a different pair next time around. Despite that, I haven’t felt any extra butt or hip tightness, so that’s a win!

Stay tuned for the rest of the challenge in (hopefully, if I don’t miss too many more days!) a couple weeks.

Those of you who joined in, how is it going?

To sign up for the 30 day challenge, click here. Its free and you’ll receive daily emails with the exercises, or you can click the link to the dashboard on day one, bookmark it and go back (that’s what I’ve been doing)