One of my favorite bloggers also has boy/girl twins, who are three (I think). His blog is called Twinfamy (why didn’t I think of that?) and is a man of few words but very cute stories depicted by stick figure comics. A totally brilliant idea (why didn’t I think of THAT?). My own twins were still itty bitty when I began following his blog, and I remember thinking that although I approached the idea of toddlerhood with some trepidation, I looked forward to sharing the same kinds of stories.

Ladies and Gentleman – the time has come. Hello and welcome to:

“Things I Never Said Until I Had Kids (Part 1 of ?).”

As I mentioned in my last update, Abby LOVES her reflection. She finds it in both the more obvious (mirrors) and not so obvious (the car door) places, dances, claps, and moves side to side. Recently, she discovered she could find her reflection in the oven. I thought she was just looking closely at her face, but instead found myself saying:

Honey, don’t lick the oven

Miles doesn’t care much for his reflection, but has found noses of great interest lately. Not his own though. He sat in my lap watching Poyoco and I told him:

Buddy, please get your finger out of my (yes my) nose

The spring has brought with it some nice weather and since both myself and the twins prefer the outdoors to indoors, we spend lots of time outside. In particular, they like walks. Walks in the stroller, walks in the wagon, walking around themselves – they love it all. Just this evening Miles found a flowering bush and spent about 5 minutes walking back and forth bringing me flower petals. Once I finally got him away from the bush he headed forward and brought me something as I watched Abby:

Oh! Bird poop! Thank you!

Stay tuned folks. its just getting started.