Even early on Bryan and I have identified Miles as the “laid back” baby and Abby as the “dramatic and social” baby. We used to joke that Abby had an “apocalypse” cry that she whipped out, well, basically whenever she cried. Miles has always been ok to be left alone to explore and is infinitely more daring than his sister (which was evidenced by his first attempt at independent standing in the bath tub). Abby wants to be held and she wants to talk to you. I have a feeling she will be one of those kids who doesn’t do something until she is ABSOLUTELY sure she can do it.

For example:

In the last few weeks we pulled out the push toys. Both pull up to stand and cruise some but neither are doing much independent standing or (obviously) making attempts at walking. So every once in awhile I’ll set up a push toy and place one of them behind it. For awhile, Miles simply sat back down and crawled away. Sometimes I’d get him to take a step or two and when he had enough he’d sit down and go find something else to do.

Abby cried.

I clapped. I said “yay!!”. I pushed the toy forward ever so slightly so she could move a leg. I said “YAAAY!”  some more when she did.

She cried.

So I tried a riding toy. I put Miles on it. He sat there. He pulled the balls out of the car and “threw” them. He even figured out how to get off himself! So then I put Abby on it.

She cried.

Eventually she figured out how to push herself backwards, so I clapped. I said “yaaaay!”. Then, she got stuck.

And she cried.

So I went over to her to adjust the toy so she can keep pushing it (albeit backwards). She thinks I’m coming to pick her up. I back away.

She cries.

She moves backwards some more, and gets stuck.

She cries.

She wants off but can’t figure out how.

She cries.

So I pick her up and soothe her and after a minute or two moves her body to the floor in what I assume is a request to be put down. So I put her down.

And she cries.

All the while Miles plays happily on his own, standing against the living room table banging on it with a cup.

I fear the teenage years.