I’ve seen a few of these and have thought about participating but obviously never followed through. This one really grabbed me when I read it in LexyJill’s blog so I thought I’d give in a whirl.

I conquer fear … by jumping in with both feet. Admittedly, this is usually after much hemming and hawing if not to others, then at least to myself. At some point, though, I just decide that it’s time to either be in or out. If I’m in, I’m ALL in.

I follow my heart … much less often than I should. I tend to try to fight against my gut with logic and more often than not I knew the answer all along. Often this results in unnecessary heartache and stress. For example, despite the time it took to become pregnant, if I was honest with myself I knew one day it would happen. Instead of believing in that I stressed, worried and cried. In this case the end result was the same, but the road to get there was likely bumpier than it could have been because I was fighting my heart with logic (no sperm, so many failed cycles etc)
I feed my soul … through exercise and blogging. I’m learning how to find my peace now not just with running but also yoga, biking and swimming. Still, there is nothing like a good long run. And if that can’t quite do it, usually sitting at my computer with music and my thoughts can.

I used to worry about my physical looks but then I … realized how much time I was wasting obsessing, counting (calories), weighing, planning and stressing. This realization did not come easy – it came after several years of therapy and many many miles in several pairs of running shoes.

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