You gotta know your name, so we have been practicing with the twins.

Miles caught on first, and responded with the cute playful nick name Bryan uses: Mi Mi’s (pronounced my my’s). We thought it was so cute that we asked him constantly so we could hear him say his name. Eventually, Abby caught on too. Except since Miles’ name was the only one heard, she too thought the answer to “what is your name?” was “Mi mi’s”.

Well there’s one “complication” with twins that you don’t necessarily think about.

Our solution to the problem was to re-direct. So when we asked Abby what her name is and she responded with Miles’ name, we’d consistently say one of two things:

1) “No (nicely, of course), ABBY!”

2) “What? Abby!”

Then she’d repeat “AAAABBYYY” and we figured we were on our way.

Turns out, she took us literally.

(Translation: Mi Mi’s. No. What? Abby!)

Well, crap.