It’s been a more eventful week here in twin world. Which is cool because it means more fun pictures and ultra witty life descriptions πŸ™‚

I started back running this week! Technically a few days early but I felt good and decided I had waited long enough. My official appt to be released is Friday, which is an extra 3 days beyond 6 weeks and totally not my fault.

One of the more interesting adventures of the week was when we met Bryan for lunch and then headed to Babies R Us. It was feeding time so I figured I’d change/nurse in the nursing room in the store while I was out and then spend some time walking around. I’d never been in the nursing room before and so had no idea how it was set up. I get there and change both and so naturally they both start to scream because I changed them and they are hungry. I knock on the door of the nursing room out of courtesy and I hear “there is someone in here!”. I start to open the door anyone and the lady loudly and with much annoyance shouts again “THERE IS SOMEONE IN HERE!”. Great. Now, I’ve not been in here before but I have to imagine that this room HAS to be equipped with more than one area to feed your baby in case, God forbid ,more than one person needs to feed at the same time. (because it never happens like that) Without knowing for sure though I now have two screaming babies and nowhere to feed them. So whats a girl to do? Plop on the floor in the middle of the store in an open area and feed both babies bottles.

Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

The babies and I made a couple short solo trips that didn’t really require the use of the double stroller so I just carried both car seats. I’m pretty sure that if someone paid me a dollar for every time I will hear “you have your hands full” over the course of the twins lives, I probably won’t have to pay for diapers ever.

Six weeks is when some people tell me things start to get easier. We do get occasional nights where they will let 4-4.5 hours go between feedings but it isn’t often. The good news is that (and please I hope I’m not cursing anything) they at least sleep well at night and for the most part only wake up to eat. Napping is a different story, but normal from what IΒ  understand for this age. And of course usually one sleeps well and the other wakes frequently. Or they both scream while I’m in the bathroom. Its like they know

Onto the bullets….(one day bullets I will fight you and I will WIN…once someone tells me how to fix the problem that is)

  • Miles starts making more and more sounds during wake time. Abby is starting to also but is generally quieter….though it could be because I can’t hear her over Miles’ screaming πŸ™‚
  • Miles hits on the ladies
    chicks dig me
    chicks dig me

    That’s it I quit with the bullets

  • Hey!
  • Sigh.
  • Abigail practices being a disgruntled teen
    MOM! Can you stop taking my picture?
    MOM! Can you stop taking my picture?

    Mom masters the art of the twin double hold

    This is how we do it
    This is how we do it

    Miles gets a horse…..well, kinda

    Giddy up!
    Giddy up!

    I make the following statement regarding Abby’s pacifier: sometimes I put it in her mouth and she gags

  • Dude, where did the bullet come from?
  • Bonus points for a “that’s what she said” (hey, if you can’t have a sense of humor you’re no fun)
  • Miles shows off again for the ladies
    I'm sexy and I know it
    I’m sexy and I know it

    Bryan ends up with an ungodly work schedule over the weekend and I decide I need a little something to chill

  • Seriously bullet? What gives? (promise I am not doing this on purpose)
    Babies had bottles, mama needs one too
    Babies had bottles, mama needs one too

    This Week by the Numbers:

  • You’ve got your hands full!: 8
  • Cumulative miles run: 2
  • Run/walk: 3.5!
  • Pounds left to lose: back up to 8. Stupid fluctuating weight
  • Are those twins?: 4-5