Aaaand I’m late on this one.

If you’ve heard of the Book/App The Wonder Weeks ( and if you haven’t, I just told you and now go download it), between 4.5 and 5.5 weeks babies go through their first “mental leap”. During one of these babies tend to get fussier, want to be held more and want to eat more (generally – each leap has its own behaviors). For this particular leap you’ll see your baby/babies are starting to stare at things more intently and with more interest. They can also start to see beyond 20-30 centimeters. We’ve seen this in both babies and it has been the coolest thing. I love having this app/info because it really helps me to understand why one or both might be crying despite being full/dry/not tired. It also keeps me from feeling like there must be something I’m not doing because I know that its due to brain maturation and not any particular mommy fail. I have been fortunate (so far, the leap isn’t over until the end of the week) that neither baby has been super fuss bucket…..yet.

This week I also had my visit with the Lactation Consultant. When I evaluate kids as a Speech Therapist I hear stories constantly about how their kids are or are not able to do some particular skill and then those kids proceed to make mom look like a liar. Miss Abby did just that by eating nearly 4oz at the breast that day. Go figure. She did leave with some good suggestions though – feeding her on an incline and try “assigning” each baby a breast so that each will learn how much each baby will take and therefore how much to produce. This worked fabulously for about 3 days. Then Saturday both babies wanted to be fed more frequently, my boobs went back into temporary overdrive and she began spitting up quite a bit again, even with reclined feeding and pulling her off during a letdown.  So I emailed the LC again. Fortunately and unfortunately she seems to handle the flow of bottles better simply bc my letdowns, and I tend to get multiple per feed, are so forceful. She does exhibit a few reflux symptoms too so its difficult to know what the true culprit is. I’m trying pumping her side a bit before feeding and so far it seems to be working (famous last words). Its also been suggested that she might have a dairy intolerance that could be aggravating reflux symptoms. I don’t think that’s it but I’m cutting down on dairy anyway just to see.

Anyway, onto the fun stuff:

  • Other than the breastfeeding issue it was a relatively uneventful week. Their 5 week “birthday” marked the start of all my help leaving so I am now officially on my own.
  • I finally get a cute video of Miles AND Abigail cooing/making noises, but the stupid blog won’t let me upload them
  • Twins turn 1 month
    I'm the favorite! No, I'm the favorite!
    I’m the favorite! No, I’m the favorite!
    • Daddy puts Miles into the Mamaroo while jamming to some Deftones. He is less than pleased.
      Don't you know I rock to Ace of Base??
      Don’t you know I rock to Ace of Base??
      • Damn bullets are at it again
      • Abigail is inquisitive
        Question! I have a question!
        Question! I have a question!
        • We start playing on the playmats and watch the lights
        • Mommy plays a cruel joke on us
          Every man should stay in touch with his flowery feminine side
          Every man should stay in touch with his flowery feminine side

          This Week By the Numbers:

        • OMG the bullets! Does anyone know how to make this NOT happen?
        • Pounds lost: 39
        • Pounds left to lose: 5!
        • Number of girly outfits I dress my boy in: 1
        • Number of times daddy thought this was funny: 0 (he has no sense of humor)
        • Days till I can officially run again: 7!
        • Number of times I’ve *cough* cheated a little: 1 (shhhh it was only a little)