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twin talk

Twin Talk

Last night we crashed the after speed work party. I say crashed because I didn’t actually go to speed work this week, but we still showed up for the party. I mentioned a little bit about their twin talk in my last post, but I finally caught it on video. This was our entire drive home:

The Morning I (almost) Died of Cute

This morning after breakfast I got the twins down from their high chairs and set them on the floor. From there they ran off into the living room/play palace while I sat on the couch with the cup off coffee I was finally getting to enjoy after mopping dog excrement off the kitchen floor. (stupid dogs) Abby made a beeline for the ball pit, exclaiming “ball!” and then what sounded like “bubble!”. Thinking that this could be a fun moment, went into the kitchen to fetch some bubbles.

Boy, was I right.

Abby, unsurprisingly (she often is happy to run off by herself) had lost interest by this point and was up at the front of the house wrecking some kind of havoc, but I had Miles’ full attention, though mostly because he is fascinated by any container with a cap.

I blew a few bubbles, and this happened:

(forgive the crappy angles, I couldn’t hold the bubbles and the phone so I leaned the phone on a book)

After a few tries I tried to get Abby’s attention by yelling towards the front of the house and Miles does this:

I imagine the conversation as something like “bubbles!” “there are bubbles!” “bubbles!” to which Abby replies “hold on, I am busy running!”

At first, she ignores him, but after a couple of minutes, she joins us:

#MicroblogMondays Twin Talk


You’ve all seen it.

That video of the two twin toddler boys having this great conversation about…..something, all while using only “dadadadada” or some variation.

People with twins talk about them having their own language but it wasn’t really something I was sure I’d ever see since mine are fraternal. I mean, basically they are just two siblings who are born on the same day. I guess maybe I figured this meant that they might not have the same kind of connection identical twins have.

On Sunday, I’m making a cup of coffee and Bryan calls me into the living room. Abby and Miles, standing over not a new toy from Christmas, but a box of plastic ornaments, are having a conversation.

What are they saying? I have NO IDEA, but if you listen carefully, its pretty consistent.

I guess they really do kinda have their own language.

I Laugh at You

I hope that, as at the twins grow up, they stay close.

The older they get, the more we start to see “real” interaction between the two of them.

The first time we caught this on camera, they were about 15 months old.

Since then, they run around together, giggle and babble, but its been difficult to tell if they are REALLY interacting. They say sometimes twins even come up with their own language. Today, we were riding in the car to SAM’s, and they started doing this (sorry for the jerkiness):

It’s not talking, but its definitely face to face. (Actually, Abby did a little “conversation” but I didn’t catch it on video).

They are still really young of course but I can’t help but hope it means they’ll stay best buddies.

Plus, its pretty freaking cute.


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