I made a declaration at the beginning of April. Frustrated with all the stress surrounding us, I decided 3 things were going to happen:

1. Bryan’s ex is going to leave us alone

2. Bryan is going to get a job offer

3. I ‘m going to have a miracle natural pregnancy

No, I was not drunk when I made this declaration, but perhaps I might as well have been.

On the plus side, #1 FINALLY happened. (In short, she was sueing him – it was such a huge amount of ridiculousness I can’t even explain it properly, and went on for months.)

11 days left on #2 and #3.

So we are quickly approaching the waiting period I had decided on before moving onto the IVF. I was so terribly disappointed to put it off a couple months ago, and suddenly I find myself not quite ready to jump in.

When I first started doing research on IVF’s a couple of search responses for IVF Vacation popped up. Intrigued, I clicked on them. Apparently, its fairly popular to have a procedure done overseas, and since you are there for awhile you essentially get a vacation thrown in. Unfortunately, all of the ones I researched required a 21-30 day stay- something I have nowhere near enough PTO for. And even though the cost of the IVF is highly discounted, losing money not working wouldn’t have made it worth it.

Until I came across another blogger planning to do one in Barbados.

Barbados only requires a 14 day stay. And the cost for travel, lodging AND the procedure is roughly the same as JUST the procedure would cost us here.

She so kindly sent me the website and I clicked on it. Immediately I began to drool over the beach pictures.

Seriously? (image credit)

From what I’ve gathered from her and preliminarily, you order meds and begin them at home. At a certain point in your cycle you travel there. The cost of the hotel packages (beachfront!) include shuttle to and from the airport and to and from the hospital for the procedure. The retrieval and transfer are done there, you rest for a couple of days and then head home and take the pregnancy test at home.They actually claim a higher success rate than my doc gave me here (71% vs 65%)

When Bryan and I took our most recent mini vacation, we were SO much more relaxed even for those two days. We felt like different people. And even though things are finally becoming less stressful around here, I can only imagine what two weeks in a tropical place could do.

So for the same amount of money as the stressful, try to schedule around work and clean my house while dealing with my crazy dogs bored to death procedure here, I could spend two weeks in a tropical place? (YAY honeymoon we never took!)

Yes, please!

No decisions have been made yet. If we do it, it won’t be till probably late summer so the procedure would be put off again, but strangely I feel completely ok with that.

And if it doesn’t work? At least we got a two week tropical vacation.

The most expensive vacation EVER, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

So, if my declarations don’t come true, I have a FANTASTIC plan B:

Don’t forget a towel to catch your drool (image credit)