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Happy Birthday Pictures

Have I mentioned I love our photographer? Well, I suppose she isn’t OURS even though I’d like it if she were. 🙂 She took our amazing Maternity Photos and Newborn Photos (why I apparently never posted these, I have no idea). Anyway, we got 1st birthday pictures taken about a month ago and of course I want to share the cute.


Memories and Outtakes

Ah, the holidays. The time of the year where trees are trimmed, dinners are good, presents wrapped and families gather together in attempt to get a family photo. A fairly easy feat as couple, a bit easier with older kids, and near impossible with infants.

Every year we get Christmas cards with the traditional holiday photo, and while I enjoy those I have to say that recently I enjoy the ones that are out of the ordinary a bit more.

Last years nice Christmas photo
Last years nice Christmas photo
What is actually my favorite family photo
What is actually my favorite family photo

I don’t typically send out holiday cards, photo or otherwise, because I am such a procrastinator that no one would get them until June, and who knows what kind of amateur picture we will end up with in front of our tree this year. I imagine they will end up more like these:

And these are just the babies - no parents!
And these are just the babies – no parents!

If we were going to attempt some kind of professional picture, or if you’re currently wondering how to pose your own pictures, you should check out this link. There are some seriously cute ideas. Should you choose any like this I’d love to see them!

Happy holiday photo shooting!


A few friends at work have been showing me some random posts on pintrest, a site I have been avidly trying to avoid because I can just sense its addictive tendencies.

As I should have expected, though, I’ve been sucked in. Well sorta. I still refuse to create a profile, but I did scan for and save a few humorous things that were shared.

So its Friday today (yay! and thanks for stating the obvious!) and this morning I wake up and check facebook (why I don’t need another addiction) to find that my 87983247th facebook friend is pregnant with child #2.

And because, for the sake of myself, my friends and my marriage, I’m maintaining my sanity, today instead of ranting, I’m sharing some humor.

This one will explain the title:

If you read that and didn’t try to figure out your ghetto name, you are NO fun.

That? Has seriously put me in a bad mood.


You know you’re getting old when….

Proof of my hide a dead body post

And finally…

yeah….no comment.

Please share your ghetto name!

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