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Olympic Triathlon Training – Week 7

Is it fall yet?

This week was heavy on the bike/run because I’m not allowed in the pool yet. I shifted my swim time and added it onto bike/swim and tried to keep the total workout time for the week about the same. My eyes are healing well though, and feel closer to normal (i.e. not dry) every day. First thing in the morning and late at night is the worst.

Sunday: 30 minutes on bike trainer (estimated 8-8.5 miles). At just a couple days after LASIK, I wanted to get some time in but take it easy. I don’t have the special gadget that allows my watch to tell my speed/distance on the trainer yet (surprise, surprise, its not included), so I have to guess.

Monday: 55 minute run on treadmill (6 miles), and 25 minutes on bike (8.25 miles). Part of this treadmill run brought to you by: Nickelodeon. Now that Miles is in a toddler bed, he sometimes gets irritated when he can’t get out of the room and pounds on the door. I guess I can’t blame him, but it wasn’t anything a little cup of cereal and a cartoon couldn’t fix. 🙂

Tuesday: Tri group ride/run. Ride 1:18 (23.72 miles), run 29 minutes (3 miles). One of my worst runs, speed wise, in awhile. The air just felt sticky and stagnant and it was horrible.

Wednesday: Ride 60 minutes (estimating 16-17 miles). I had planned to take the twins to the group spadework on the track and just do the best I could speed wise while pushing them, but once I got there, someone discovered I had a flat. And not just a flat, but a total tire blowout. So I ended up on the bike trainer after they went to bed.

So glad I bought this thing!
So glad I bought this thing!

Thursday: rest day. Legs still tired from Tuesdays group ride (it was crazy windy).

Friday: Run 25 min with 1×800 speed (7:13) and 1×400 speed (6:40) – total 3 miles. Ride 30 min on trainer (estimated 8 ish miles). It was an EARLY morning to get this one in. Up and at ’em at 5:20, which i thought was going to be really rough, but actually turned out to not be so bad. I mean, not bad for 5:20 am.

Saturday: 52 minute run pushing the twins (5.5 miles). It was humid. It was foggy, but you know what there wasn’t? Fog on my glasses because I’M NOT WEARING THEM ANYMORE! WIN!



Swim: (1:45)/ none

Bike: (3:07)/ 3:38 62 (ish) miles

Run: (1:33)/ 2:38 17.75 miles

Total: (6.4 hours)/ 6.2 hours – I was 9 minutes short *womp womp*

Next Week:

Swim: 2:19

Bike: 1:52

Run: 56 minutes

Two week LASIK follow up Wednesday so hoping to get the all clear to swim at least once this week. *crosses fingers*

Olympic Tri Training – Week 6

Only one week into officially following and plan and wondering if choosing the “swim heavy” was a smart move. 🙂

Sunday – bike 2 hours 40 minutes. My first 50 mile ride! I wasn’t sure going into it how far I’d be able to go. I was relieved I had already planned to take 2 days off prior to this because my legs were STILL sore from the Track Meet I did Thursday. As it turned out, though, I felt pretty good. I kept the pace a little slower and didn’t push too much for fear of injuring myself but I had  a great ride and had great company!


Monday: swim 53 minutes. It ended up being 1900 meters and man my shoulders were DONE. By the last hundred meters or so I was ready for you to put a fork in me.

Tuesday: mini brick. Run 13 minutes/Swim 17 minutes. Total 1.57 miles and 750 yards.

Wednesday: Run 40 minutes. Total 4.5 miles. My speed in the summer sucks. I feel like I’m running in a sauna. Ugh. I  had to stop at least 4 times because I was feeling somewhat overheated and I was carrying water with  me. Is it fall yet? Today I also officially get the call that they want to schedule LASIK for Friday, so I do it with my fingers crossed.

Thursday: Swim 25 minutes or 1100 yards. I’m also supposed to ride 16 minutes to make up the rest of my time, but I got asked to play a softball game so decided to do that instead. Except, I pulled my quad muscle running to first base. Nice.

Friday: Ride 30 minutes (trainer) and swim 30 minutes or 1200 yards. Usually Fridays are my rest day, but since no one called to cancel LASIK this time (miracle!) I stuck my last workout in the morning beforehand. I was actually supposed to swim/run, but after messing up my quad the night before I decided not to risk it and hopped on the bike instead. I don’t have a speedometer attached to the trainer or my watch yet so I just guess how far I went.

I did get my LASIK done!

like my snazzy new sleep eye wear?
like my snazzy new sleep eye wear?


Saturday: OFF

Totals (Expected)/Actual

Swim: (2 hours 7 minutes)/ 2 hours 7 minutes – 2.23 miles

Bike: (2 hours 51 minutes)/ 3 hours 10 minutes – 59 miles

Run: (1 hour 25 minutes)/ 53 minutes – 6.07 miles

Next Week:

Swim: 1:44

Bike: 3:07

Run: 1:33

Except I can’t swim for two weeks, so that swim time is being distributed to the swim/bike somehow.

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