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Disney Marathon Training – Week 16

Race week! My butt has been cooperating for the most part, minus some tightness here and there – thank goodness.

Monday– cross train. Swim 1200 meters. I got a much needed massage today and ran late getting to the pool. Something is always better than nothing.

Tuesday – tempo run. 4 miles @ 8:23. My butt felt a little uncomfortable but never painful, and the pace was fine, but it was only 4 miles.

Wednesday – speed work run. 6×400 with 400 recovery intervals. I aimed to keep the pace around 5k pace, but the lights weren’t working and I couldn’t see my watch, so they were horribly inconsistent, ranging from 6:55 to 7:45. 4 of the 6 were in range, at least.

Thursday – rest day. Travel to Disney!

Friday– active rest day. Walk around Magic Kingdom!



Saturday: rest day

Sunday: race day! Full recap to come later, but in summary this race was a perfect example of why marathons are so difficult. You can train fabulously (though I did miss some runs because of my butt issue) and then the weather sucks or you feel off or sore and it can change the outcome quite a bit. This is exactly what happened, but I did still PR, so it wasn’t all bad 🙂


Sooooo… what?

Disney Marathon Training – Week 15

The week that is less of a pain in the butt. A bit of a boring week with zero pictures. Fail.

Monday – cross training. Swim 1600m. The pool was surprisingly full this morning, full of swim team students who were swimming faster than me during their warmup. There were two lap lanes open but I had to ask share, which I always hate doing. I did my warm up and noticed the guy I was sharing a lane with was (unsurprisingly) faster than I was. So, when he was standing and resting I asked if he had any tips. Turns out, he used to be a swim coach! Poor guy probably gets tired of questions like that, but I really appreciated his looking at my stroke and giving me some pointers. He said that for only swimming for 9 months, I “wasn’t doing bad at all”. I’ll take it! I used my new swim paddles for a few laps and tried to concentrate on what he told me. Apparently I pull too much with my arms only and don’t use enough of my body. I also sometimes end up with my elbow in the water before my hand and cross my hand over too far. Lots to think about.

Tuesday – tempo run ride. My butt was feeling a little better but I didn’t want to risk aggravating it again, so I attempted a tempo on the bike. This proved to be a little harder than I thought because of a closed road, slick roads and traffic, but I did the best I could. I did 18:30 s at 17mph, around 24 minutes at an average 19.7 (was hoping for 20 but just wasn’t making it happen) and then a cool down at 17mph.

Wednesday– speed work. 5 x 1200 with 1:30 rest between each. I had been tempted to just skip all the runs till the end in hopes my butt would heal, but my chiropractor said try it just keep the speed down. I did the first set at marathon pace and then progressively got a little faster. Unfortunately, I still felt it. BUTT (ha, see what I did there) the recovery was much quicker than last week, and by the time we got to our recovery drink location, I already felt 90% better.

Thursday – rest day

Friday – cross train. Did 40 minutes on the bike trainer. Interestingly, my butt felt BETTER.

Saturday – long run. 10 miles at marathon pace (8:23 – I ended up doing 8:24). This one went a little back and forth. Overall though, I had discomfort, but not pain. I took my first mile slower (8:55) and then tried to increase speed. Unfortunately, I forgot I changed my watch settings and accidentally ran the 2nd mile 30 seconds too fast (I was looking at what I thought was lap pace but was actually overall average pace). It a pleasant surprise though because I remember running it thinking “dang, this is way harder than I feel like it should be”. Well, it was because I was running a 7:49/min mile. I stopped to stretch and assess a few times. I felt like it was starting to shift from discomfort to pain at mile 8, but strangely by 9.5 it was totally gone. (I did put some icy hot on the spot that is bothersome and have been taking Plexus Ease, which has turmeric and New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel daily for a few days).

Sunday – cross train. 45 minutes of yoga, focusing on hip openers.

The good news? I’ve had zero pain since Saturday. The bad? My right calf started randomly hurting Sunday night. What is this? Injury roulette??

Disney Marathon Training – Week 13

AKA: The week where my butt didn’t do much. It was a pain in my butt.

Monday–  OFF. still hurting. Pain level is about a 2-3/10 but its enough to bug me and enough that if I try to run it hurts. I go to my chiropractor talking about seeing a sports med doc and I think I see his eye twitch. He assures me I’m in the right place. He does an adjustment, diathermy and ultrasound, asks me a few questions about where it hurts and “does it hurt when you do xyz?” and tells me to come back in  two days.

Tuesday – OFF. Still hurting. Not happy.

Wednesday – OFF. Chiro does a few more tests (does it hurt when I do this?) and decides he thinks its actually my PSOAS that is causing the issue, not my glue or my hip (I had guessed hip). Tries a different adjustment and diathermy again. I get aggravated and take an ibuprofen so I don’t have to think about how frustrated I am. BUT, by the time it wears off, I DON’T HURT.

Thursday – cross train. Easy 1200 meter swim with as much pulling as freestyle, just in case it irritates my whatever is causing the issue. No pain. I deem this a selfie worthy event.


Friday – easy cross train. Bike on trainer for 30 minutes. Chiro does same adjustment as Wednesday, and I also try ART to see if that might possibly help. No pain. Chiro says long runs ok, tempo runs ok, pull back on the speed.

Saturday – Long run. 20 @ 8:38  18 @ 8:45. I woke up stiff and hurting a little which was really frustrating. I decided to give the run a try anyway, but was hurting by mile 8. I take one ibproufen and run 10 more, paying close attention and stopping to stretch often. I know what you’re thinking, but for some reason that is just what I felt I needed to do. By the time I am done, it feels “heavy” but ok, but the anti inflammatory is still working. By the time it wears off, I’m back where I was last weekend. BUT, I did the PSOAS stretch I was given at least 10 times from the time I got home to the time I went to bed (this will be significant later), holding it for a minute each time. I also KT taped the area.

Sunday – cross train. Yoga. Woke up still hurting. Took another ibproufen and did a yoga routine focused on the hip flexors. Did PSOAS stretch about a zillion more times, and by the time it wore off, I was about back to how I felt Wednesday evening. So no, taking medicine to run may not have been the smartest move, but if I hadn’t there is no way I would have stretched so frequently and figured out it was enough to help.

Anyone with ideas on stretching the PSOAS? I’m open to suggestions. At this point, typing this out a few days later, I’m keeping close watch and feel comfortable enough to take it run by run. With a little over two weeks left, I need to get myself to the start line (!!).


Disney Marathon Training – Week 12

The week where my pain in the butt gets bigger, even after I tried to rest. The goal was to cross train only until my tempo run Thursday, which went fine, and then things started to go downhill….

Monday – cross train. Swim 1600m. I did a combination of laps and drills, with one set of 550m (the distance of the sprint triathlon) in 12:41 (goal is as close to 12 min as possible). Kick drills make me realize my hips are horribly weak.

Tuesday – normally my speed work run day, I took it to the pool instead in hopes to give my glute a rest. My workout was 3 mile repeats at 7:02, so after a 400m warmup at a 2:20/100m pace, I decided to aim for 3 sets of 300m at a 2:10/100m pace, or in 6:30. I apparently picked a good goal (or perhaps overshot a little) because I did the sets at 2:10, 2:11 and 2:12. The cruddy part was, my glute actually felt WORSE after this swim workout.

Wednesday – rest day.

Thursday – long tempo. 12.5 miles @ 8:25 (including a warm up mile). I accidentally scheduled to have a TB test read this same morning, so I ran to and from the docs office, which lengthened the run about 1.5 miles. My glute felt a little “heavy” for the first few miles, but then felt fine afterwards.


Friday – rest day

Saturday – long run. 15 miles at 8:27, and this is where the problem started. I got excited that my glute wasn’t bothering me, and didn’t do my usual warm up mile, completing it in 8:25. I felt my glute more than usual through the whole run, but it was never painful, so I figured I’d stretch and epsom salt when I got home. I did, and initially it felt better, but then it started to hurt.

Sunday – cross train. Yoga. I picked a class targeting my hips, and again it felt better afterwords, but still ached the rest of the day, even while walking. I nailed an arm balance though, so I guess that’s a plus.


This is not good. Well, the arm balance is good. But the butt? Not so much.

Disney Marathon Training – Week 11

AKA – the week that became, literally, a pain in my butt. (Why is it always my butt??)

Monday – cross train. Swim 1600m. I woke up to fabulous phone call from my chiropractors office – they had a massage opening that morning! Ever since my last 20 miler (and actually probably since the half marathon) I’ve had some tightness/aching in my butt, but not the pyriformis like usual. My chiropractor said it was the top of my glute and usually isn’t something that flares up. Of course. So, I went in and (yet again) asked the massage therapist to rub my butt (because you know), hoping hoping hoping it would calm it down.

Tuesday – tempo run. 1 mile easy/ 5 miles @ 7:50. All I have to say about this is 5 miles at 7:50 isn’t easy. And unfortunately, made my glute flare up in irritation again. Stretch, epsom, stretch, epsom.

Wednesday – speed work. 1 mile warm up/ 1000m @ 6:53/2000m @7:06/2x 1000m @ 6:53, with 400m active recovery. It RAINED so our track workout was canceled and I had to do my workout on the treadmill that I love hate with most fibers of my being. I walked most of the recoveries and stopped to stretch briefly a couple times. This was the same pace as a recent set of 1200’s on the track, and the pace feels so much harder on a treadmill.

Thursday – cross training. Swim 1200m. My chiropractor said swimming will be most beneficial to increasing my range of motion, so I drove down for an extra swim day.

Friday – rest day. Butt ached more than usual. Boo.

Saturday – long run. 20 miles at 8:53,  15 miles @ 8:41. After much deliberation on what to do about my butt issue, I decided to go for the long run and play the distance by ear. I actually had only planned to do 10, then upped it to 12, and when we were done with the 12 felt fine so did 3 more. I probably could have done all 20 but felt like I was already pushing my luck at 15 so I stopped – I figured if I upped the pace a little that would make up a bit. Interestingly, my butt didn’t give me much of an issue while running at all. It was when I stopped and walked for a bit that I felt it more. At this point I’ve decided to take a few days off running to see if I can get this to go away completely. Although my pain has never been higher than a 3/10 and really never hurt running at all, if I want to meet this time goal, I’d rather have the issue gone. I am a horrible rester though because all I thought about the rest of the day was the 5 miles I didn’t do. Sigh.


Sunday – cross train. 30 minutes bike trainer and 45 minutes yoga. I got on the bike first thing so I could get some cardio and wouldn’t be tempted to run. Yes, I’m nuts.

5 weeks to go, fingers crossed I can finish the training off and race injury free! (pretty please)

Still looking for donations to help start up Girls with Sole here in Charleston. Any amount is greatly appreciated! This will be such a fantastic program for at risk girls and I look forward to dedicating this race for this program!

A Trial Run

It’s funny how an injury can quickly turn a goal of running 6 half marathons in a year to hoping for a 5k in a couple of weeks and maybe the half marathon I’d been eyeing in April, originally planned half number 3 of the year.

So far in 2014 I’ve run 5 miles, and not even all at once.

Let me back up a bit. In my last update I’d just gotten the results and recommendations of the chiropractor and started showing diligently 3x a week for adjustments and time on the spinal decompression table in addition to stretches at home, waiting for the ok to do pretty much any kind of exercise that would raise my heart rate (walks, to me, don’t count). Finally, 4 weeks after that fateful run, I was given the ok to bike, walk (oops), and rollerblade (yes, I own and use rollerblades) with a promise that a run would come “soon”.

Last weekend was my first trial run. As excited as I was to have the ok I was a little nervous. This SI injury has caused way more  pain and discomfort than my broken toe and the fear of re-injuring it is probably going to be ingrained in the back of my mind.  Still, I laced up my shoes in preparation for 1.5 miles, with a promise to really focus on my body and form. It wasn’t long and it wasn’t fast, but it just felt nice to run again.

I still have to take it easy. I’ve run one treadmill mile and 2 outside today and while I don’t feel pain or discomfort, I can still tell that things aren’t back to normal yet, if that makes any sense. The chiropractor says my lower back is adjusting very well and even made mention of spacing out visits soon. Frankly, I’m just happy to feel almost back to normal again.

To be continued, and until then, one mile at a time.


** I want to add that while I haven’t acknowledged it yet, I have been nominated for a couple of blog awards that I very much appreciate and plan to post about soon! That, and a new toy/language post, once I can decide on a toy 😉

Life With Twins – Weeks 18 and 19

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not sure how much I remember about the past couple weeks, mostly because they basically consisted of one thing: sickness. We knew the babies would probably be sick often since starting daycare, but we didn’t expect the house to become what I like to call the viral plague.

Here is what I do remember.

Babies caught colds first.

Bryan caught something second. He had it for 5 days.

I caught it last and 7 days later its still not totally gone. BUT it finally seems like we are all starting to clear up again.

In my own news, I ran my longest run (before I broke my toe) at 12 miles on an awesome cool day and kept up a pace 20 seconds per mile faster than the 11 miler two weeks previously. I can’t even remember the work outs for the rest of the week because at this point it seems ages ago and at this point I haven’t even exercised in over a week. No more Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon. 😦 Only 5 more weeks of healing to go.

On the baby front, the coolest milestone is Miles rolled from back to front. I missed it happening but realized what had happened when I heard him fussing and realized he was on his stomach. Go buddy! Abby hasn’t done it yet but she’s very close.

Well that was just about the lamest update ever so onto the fun stuff:

  • Miles is a  bathroom ghost
Boo, I'm cute
Boo, I’m cute
  • Abby enjoys an after breakfast snack
Mmm bib
Mmm bib
  • We take a couple of pre sick selfies
I eat my hand
I eat my hand
  • Abby is already fighting for the mirror
What? I needed to see myself
What? I needed to see myself
  • Babies turn 4 months old. Taking their monthly photo starts becoming more and more interesting. This month I end up with a series of outtakes…..
Who's looking at the camera?
Who’s looking at the camera?
  • Before I end up with the real one
Mommy needs to stop picking a favorite
Mommy needs to stop picking a favorite
  • And yes, believe it or not, he still fit in the shirt.
  • Babies visit the doc for 4 month check up and shots.
Miles 15lb 10oz Abby  11lb 14 oz
Miles 15lb 10oz
Abby 11lb 14 oz
  • Shots are a bit harder on both mom AND babies this time.
  • Both babies are declared healthy!
  • Miles is a ham
One look at me and you'll pick me as the favorite
One look at me and you’ll pick me as the favorite

Run stats (pre injury)

  • Fastest mile 7:20
  • Longest run 12 miles
  • Fastest 5k 25:45
  • Weeks till I can run again: 5

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