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2nd Beta, ICLW and Thanks

I don’t have a good coherent way to piece all of this together so please forgive my disorganization:

If you are visiting from ICLW, welcome! Our infertility resume includes male factor and PCOS. After 3 years, many hormone injections, a planned IVF, a postponed IVF (x2), and a canceled IUI we finally bit the bullet and went through with the IVF. (If you’re interested you can read about our TTC Timeline or IVF cycle). Three days ago we got our first EVER positive pregnancy test, followed by a 1st beta of 408!

It still has not completely sunk in yet.

Today was my 2nd beta and I have to say I was more nervous for this one than the first. At least with the first I already knew it was going to be positive (thanks to my stick peeing), but this time there was no checking first. After what felt like forever, my nurse called (and  my phone didn’t ring! BAH!!) and left a voicemail saying my labs were great, and my level was 778. (a doubling time of 51.5 hours, for those crazy like me)I go back for one more blood test a week from today and then we will schedule an ultrasound (!!).

For those who are unfamiliar, a beta is your hcg level, and they typically like to see it double within 48-72 hours. Well, I thought it was 48 hours and so when it came in slightly low I was worried at first, but some casual obsessive Googling brought me down to earth when I realized it was48-72 hours.

So we are still looking good and I couldn’t be more relieved. It’s going to be a long week until the third test.

On a mostly related note, I wanted to add that I had my worries about creating a public blog almost a year ago. It isn’t common for people to share pregnancy news so early, especially in the infertility world. But I created this space as public and decided I wanted to keep it that way. This experience, for me,  is about the good and the bad and so I am going to share all of it. I have to say I was overwhelmed at the outpouring of support and congratulations yesterday, both from the blogosphere and beyond. I had people messaging me saying they were silent followers obsessively checking for updates and were so incredibly happy for us. I feel incredibly blessed to have had this much support and want to thank all of you for being so fabulous!

That is all 🙂

April ICLW and National Infertility Awareness Week

Greetings ICLW’ers. I think its fabulous this months’ ICLW coincides with NIAW.  I love ICLW because it forces me out of my familiar blog shell to find other fabulous blogs I might have missed otherwise.

In our case , we will hit 3 years TTC this August (ugh). We are dealing with mild PCOS and male factor. DH is currently giving himself shots 3x a week of HCG, FSH and LH in hopes to improve sperm count. At this point we have enough (sperm) for IVF, which is something we’ve planned and put off a couple of times already due to other circumstances. At this point, we are seriously considering an IVF Vacation, because at least if it doesn’t work, we get a 2 week tropical vacation. (albeit the most expensive vacation ever)We are still trying to find out some details, but think that this is probably the way to go, even though it would postpone it for a few more months.

I wrote a semi awareness post a few weeks ago when I participated in the Analogy Project with my post Another Marathon, Metaphorically. I’m going to attempt to write several posts during this week including the theme “Dont Ignore Infertility”, however, I’ll probably end up with writers block with my luck.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Tidbits and February ICLW

It’s been interesting around here the last few days.

Bryan was making dinner on Sunday while I played Super Paper Mario on the Wii. We had nothing planned but a nice relaxing evening.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t in the cards.

Suddenly, I hear a “WHOOSH”, and flames are shooting out of the pan in the kitchen. I, not realizing its a grease fire, don’t honestly think much of it, figuring he’ll throw some water on it and it’ll be done. He, knowing it IS a grease fire, picks the pan up in attempt to avoid burning the house down and directs it towards the sink. Grease is shooting out of the pan. He throws the pan into the sink and I, still not knowing its a grease fire, turns the water on.


It re-lit, but luckily there was a wet washcloth in the sink so I covered it with that and it went out no problem.

Bryan on the other hand, was not so lucky. The shooting grease had made a few direct hits to his face and arm, meaning a trip to the ER was in order.

I’m speeding to the VA hospital with my emergency blinkers on. I just KNOW I’m going to get pulled over, but Bryan assures me it is fine, the cop will just escort us to the hospital. We are ALMOST there and I get pulled over. The cop takes my license and offers to escort us. We get to the hospital and Bryan runs in. I meet up with the cop and he hands me back my license…..and a speeding ticket.


Bryan is ok. Hurting, but ok. He has second degree burns on his cheek, lips and upper arm. He’s been hanging out at home on painkillers. So I apologize if I haven’t been commenting much recently…..which leads me to:

February ICLW

An update for those of you are are new stopping by: In January we had decided to move forward with an IVF next cycle with a hopeful transfer mid-April. Then, Bryan’s VA endocrinologist  decides to add another hormone shot, swearing this will help us get pregnant naturally (we have mild “female factor” and more severe “male factor” – only enough sperm at last count for IVF). After much thought and now with this recent incident, we are probably going to put the IVF off until late spring/early summer. His next SA is April 1.

Finally, though it’s been posted on numerous other blogs, I wanted to add my support to Mo, who, after suffering 3 miscarriages, made it to 23 weeks and her water broke. At last update they were inducing her, and things aren’t looking good. I was really only a lurker of her blog and not nearly as close to her as some others, but my heart absolutely aches for her. Please send her, her husband, and her baby thoughts and prayers.

I can’t even begin to imagine.

To anyone who has suffered a loss or situation like this……I wish there were something I could do or say.

January ICLW

January has been a busy month for us.

When Christmas came around with a “special” present from AF in 2011, hubby and I  had a long talk and decided it was time to press forward with IVF.  With the theme in mind that 2012 is the year for babies,we met with our RE on Friday the 13th(ha), which you can read about here.

The very next day, I ran my second full marathon, which, even though I’ve done one before, felt like a huge accomplishment. I will keep running until I’m told not to, but won’t be training for big races anytime soon, as we have decided to go through with the IVF in April. I just got some bloodwork taken, will be on Metformin for about 5 weeks, and we’ll start the process in late February, hopefully transferring our child in mid to late April. It was both an easy and a difficult decision, which I’m sure you all understand. Infertility is expensive, but the alternative to not trying is turning out to be more costly than I would have originally guessed. 

So here we are, two AF visits away from staring what will hopefully be the first and only IVF cycle, and allow us to finally become parents.

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you’ll stick around!


Happy ICLW!

I’m a fairly new blogger and this is my first month participating in ICLW. Please bear with me 🙂

A little intro: our infertility struggle is shared. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and a blocked tube. Thankfully I still ovulate on my own. Dh has low sperm count and is currently taking HCG shots in hopes for more swimmers. His first post shot SA showed 5 million. Our last SA showed nearly 10 million swimmers and he is due for another early next week. At this point we are waiting it out to see if they work. Our RE told us that IVF is our only other option right now and we arent in a financial position to do it yet.

I’m a runner also, and have found it to really help me keep my sanity through all of this. Im training for my second marathon while we wait it out (however I will totally take a miracle pregnancy in the meantime). I write about infertility, running and everything but the kitchen sink. So you’ll find a little of everything here! My main goal is to find and share humor in all the frustration. A little laughter always helps.

Hope you like it!

*For anyone who is thinking “what the heck is ICLW?”, its International Comment Leaving Week

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