Today I’m happy to share my second (woo hoo!) guest post, courtesy of Valerie. You can check out her blog here: Atlanta Mom of Three

First off, a little about me…

I’m am happily married with three children; we hope to eventually make that five children, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens! We homeschool and it’s really just a way of life for us. We enjoy it but it’s a lot of planning for me, because I am stubborn and refuse to buy a boxed curriculum – haha. We live just south of Atlanta, Georgia in a home far too small for our growing family, but it keeps us “together”. 😉

Oh! Did I mention I am Harry Potter fan?! Well, not the books. No, sadly I’ve only watched the movies, but maybe one day I’ll get around to reading the outstanding novels. Anyway, I love the movies (mostly), and I thought it’d be fun to put myself in the story, so to speak, and choose some powers that I’d use if I had them.

As much as I love being a stay at home mom and homeschooling and all that, there are some days I’d love to cast a spell and change things!


For example, at 2pm or so each day, I’d love to make a potion with this and that plus one of Samuel’s little two year-old’s hairs and POOF! I’d get to be him and take a nap! Right?! Skip additional school lessons, and dinner prep. Naptime, it is!

And what about Hermoine’s spell to be in more than one place at once? I could SOO use that one! I would be taking a constant shower, as well as watching Downton Abbey and writing blog posts. And then, of course, there’d be the me that does the laundry, teaching and cooking. We’d “all” be happy.

Harry got treated for a broken (well, dissolved really) arm; he had to have a new one grown for him! Wouldn’t a magic boo-boo fixer spell be amazing to have as a mother?! Oh, it would be great to be able treat cuts, bumps, and even breaks. Oh well, guess we’ll have to stick with kisses and bandaids.

What about a spell to make junk food healthy? That would be ideal. Junk food is cheaper, more convenient and – come on, YUMMY! But, we all know it’s terrible for the body, so we’ll just flick the wrist while holding our wand and Voila! a healthy Big Mac. Are you with me?

And lastly, I’d love to be able to do what Voldemort did and place pieces of my soul in different things (I believe he called them horcruxes?) Yeah – Oh wait. I’ve already done that! My husband Stephen definitely has part of me, and our three children do too. Well, I guess that’s a magical power we all have, even if we are only muggles. ;