*warning – foul language*

One of the things I really like about WordPress is the “Dashboard” section. It allows you to keep track of how many people have viewed your blog that day, which posts were the most popular, what links have been clicked, and (and the topic of today’s post) what internet search terms were used to find your blog.

This has a tendency to be amusing.

Alot of the search terms make sense:

A few seem a little strange:

  • Encrypted_Search_Terms: what is this? The CIA searching for my blog? You can’t tell me what the search was?
  • Brain to mouth filter: I guess I’m not the only one to coin the term. But still somewhat makes sense since I wrote a post about it
  • Marriage finish line: this one amuses me because I’m wondering the reasoning behind this particular search. Is someone wondering if there is an end to marriage? If so, “finish line” is not the search you’re searching for. Try: divorce
  • Siri will you have sex with me?/How to hide a dead body Siri: makes sense because of my post on Siri, and I’m assuming whomever was looking was probably just looking up funny responses Siri has given to questions, but still a slightly creepy search
  • Woman peeing into a glass: I can only guess this is some sort of weird fetish. My brain can’t wrap itself around any other reason
  • Tell me about yourself journey: just strangely worded
  • Oddly shaped boobs: I’m pretty sure I’ve never talked about my boobs…..
  • Oral steroids marathon training: someone is cheating!

A few days ago, though, while glancing at obsessing over my stats, I glanced down at the “search engine terms” section and found this:

I feel a little violated.

I’m pretty sure my blog is mostly about infertility and running, with some humor and ranting in between. So unless I sleep-blogged some sort of p0rn (I had to use a zero for the o, so no one could find me using THAT search), which I’m pretty sure I would have found out about, I have NO IDEA how this particular search led to my blog!

I hope they found what they were looking for.