The Good

  • Our 24 week fetal echo was last week. Both babies have healthy hearts – no holes or other issues. And as a bonus they did a growth measurement (I wasn’t expecting them to) and both weighed in at about 1.5 lbs a piece. According to the ultrasound tech (and the math that is generated from all the measurements on the computer) this is right on target. Cervix still measures 4cm (same as 4 weeks ago). When the ultrasound lady pushed down from the outside to mimic standing (to see its effect on the cervix) she was promptly thumped. Also, they are both beginning to look a bit squished, but I suppose that’s how it works.
  • No hospital visits this week. LOL
  • The cost (so far) of those two episodes of expensive dancing has been less than I feared. However, we have yet to get the official bill.
  • The Great Big Vehicle Debacle has been solved! Post and pics coming when we pick it up this weekend 🙂
  • BH contractions have so far proven to not be causing any cervical changes. Thank goodness.
  • Last weekend we went to a friends house for her daughters first birthday party. On the fridge was a baby shower invitation. It was mine 🙂 I stared at it in disbelief for awhile- not gonna lie.

The Bad

  • Still getting BH often. I started taking a magnesium supplement and that did seem to help – except I had a rough day with them yesterday so I’m still unable to  figure them out. They are still completely painless, are not time-able and not consistent in length either. I will continue to mention them at each appt though, just in case.
  • We have been officially benched from dancing for the time being. But honestly it was getting too expensive anyway.

The Weird and Amusing

  • My belly button has commitment issues. Its been in this weird half in/half out phase for a couple of weeks and at this point it just looks funny. In or out belly button, pick one!
  • This week’s biggest brain fart: putting cereal bars in the freezer
  • Bryan has an amazingly annoying alarm clock that he’s used the last couple days because he’s had to be up earlier than me. When it went off yesterday morning I jumped 10 feet in the air (who am I kidding, I couldn’t jump 10 feet BEFORE pregnancy) and was promptly kicked from the inside. See Bryan? The babies hate your alarm too.
  • Later, before Bryan left, he put his head up to my stomach and began to talk to the babies- and was bopped directly on the nose. (Throw away the alarm clock or risk losing your nose, buster!)

Pic will be late this week – hubby has been up before me the last two days so the only one that was taken was one I took awkwardly myself, and it looks kinda stupid.

Keep cooking babies!!