It has been awhile.

I’ve considered blogging again many many times but life is so busy it just hasn’t been a priority. I was recently presented with the opportunity to participate in a review and giveaway, and felt like I couldn’t really give the review I needed via IG alone, so here we are. Perhaps it will be a lead in to starting again. I have kind of missed it.

So onto the real reason why I am here. About a month ago, the company Smile Brilliant (who I worked with awhile back on a whitening system) reached out to me asking if I’d be interesting in a review and giveaway of their electric toothbrush, the CariPRO. Bryan owns an electric toothbrush but I could never bring myself to spent the money on one, despite my dentists recommendations.

I am hooked.

Yes, on a toothbrush. These are the things we get excited about in our 30’s (gulp, almost 40’s).

The CariPro toothbrush cleans with 40,000 vibrations/minute, has 5 different brush modes (see below) and has a 30 day battery life. It is automatically set up to run on a 2 minute timer and stops briefly each 30 seconds so you can move it to another part of your mouth. As an added bonus, if you’re someone who really likes to multitask, it is waterproof so you can brush your teeth in the shower (this may be something I should consider since I’ve accidentally sprayed toothpaste on my mirror more than once)! It also comes with a 60 day guarantee and 2 year limited warranty.

Before you ask, yes, you can get a cheaper electric toothbrush, but none of them come with more than one brushing mode and don’t come near the vibrations per minute. I looked up what I’d consider to be a fair competitor, and even it didn’t get as many vibrations per minute, had a shorter battery life, and didn’t come with a warranty or guarantee that I was able to find. Also, the competitor was more expensive.

We brush and Evie looks bored

I’ve tried each mode and can feel a distinct difference. I actually had to use the sensitive mode for the first few times because the clean and whitening modes tickled my gums too much. After I got used to it, though, I started using the clean and whitening setting regularly. The gum care setting is nice too, especially since I’m not one that is great about flossing! (Not saying you shouldn’t floss – floss people!) Lets break it down a bit:

Clean – pretty self explanatory, but compared to a regular toothbrush, removes up to 7x more plaque. Can’t beat that.

Whitening – works a little harder than the traditional clean setting to help remove stains. I can feel a difference between the two and honestly use this one most often.

Massage and Gum Care – these really should be used in conjunction with a cleaning mode, but gives the gums a little extra TLC and help removing any extra plaque that got missed.

Sensitive – I started out with this mode at first as I found the clean and whitening modes too intense. There is absolutely a huge difference so if you have a sensitive mouth or teeth, this is a great setting to use.

I really appreciate the timer, because let’s be real, I was NOT brushing my teeth for the recommended 2 minutes. Heck, sometimes I’d hold the toothbrush in my mouth with my teeth while I put on my pants and counted that (I don’t recommend that). I only get one set of teeth in this life, and I’m not getting any younger, so now more than ever I need to be more consistent and better about taking care of them.


Now for the fun part! I am giving away one CariPRO toothbrush package, which comes with one ultrasonic toothbrush, 2 replacement heads with tongue scraper and one charging dock. This is a $119 value! Can’t wait or don’t win? Take advantage of 20% off using promo code: acoursetothefinishline20

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