First, my apologies for being out of the blog loop lately. Life was really hectic early this week and my parents are here for a visit. Then we found out some potential bad news about our financial situation and this IVF we have planned, so I’ve been in a funk (more on that later) and had a bit of writers block.

However, I remain thankful for one of the things that keep me sane (and that I mention all the time): running. I found a 5k near my house and when I read the name “CF Cupcake 5k run/walk”, I was sold. Any race involving a cupcake I will happily participate in. It was also raising money to find a cure for cystic fibrosis, however I’ll admit that I was really excited about the cupcake and didn’t get the “CF” reference until later. (yes yes, shame on me)

There were cupcakes, though, and they looked yummy.

This race was held at a local elementary school; the one where the child with Cystic Fibrosis attended. Since my parents were in town, my dad decided to participate in the “walk” portion.


The race itself was pretty nice. We ran out the school driveway, through a couple neighborhoods and back, with each mile marker cutely marked with a cupcake with a mile number on it.(If they were real, I would have eaten them)

Although I didn’t PR this race either, I was happily the 2nd female to finish, and therefore the second female to receive my cupcake ticket.

YES, cupcake!

After finishing I walked back to find my dad and walked him in the rest of the way

I was glad that he decided to walk it, because it was cool to be able to participate with him.


As an added bonus, lunch was provided… 10:30am. But hey, its free, so I’ll eat it.

The best part?

  Best trophy EVER

22:35, a walk with my dad and a kick @$$ trophy – WIN