The Good

  • YAY we made it to 35 weeks!! With those few pre term labor scares (i.e. attack of the Braxon Hicks x3) I am very thankful for this.
  • The countdown to babies is officially under 20 days (19 or less!)
  • I got a crazy out of the blue phone call today from the fertility clinic we went to. I wrote them a testimonial a couple weeks ago for the website and they are going to be doing a study on the effects of environmental toxins on fertility. Apparently it will consist of testing the embryos in some fashion – I got a bit of a description but no details. Anyway it appears the study caught enough notice that our local news channel wants to cover it and asked for a patient who has been through or going through IVF to interview (obviously doesn’t have to be related to the study – they don’t have any participants yet) and they called me of all people. So I’m waiting to get some details but I might be on the news!
  • Stopping work when I did turned out to be a really smart move. I feel like a different person – I’m no longer constantly exhausted and sore all day.
  • While typing out the lower sections I got a phone call from the Doc at the fertility clinic who had noticed my Facebook banner and had personally called to say how cool he thought it was that I was putting myself out there. How fabulous he took the time out of his day to do that. I am totally shocked and appreciative.

The Bad

  • We took another visit to the hospital over the weekend because I was worried that I wasn’t feeling Miles move. Turns out he moved position a little but was totally fine 🙂

The Weird and Amusing (i.e. pregnancy first world problems)

  • Most of my maternity shirts are too short.
  • Today I officially become a spectacle. I met a friend for lunch and after ordering and walking away, got a “WOW”. Yeah, I get it.
  • Cankles have made a permanent presence. At least my toes are pretty.
  • After my prenatal massage this past weekend ( which was fabulous BTW) I had thought about stopping in Ross for another couple cheap, non short shirts. I walked three doors down and realized I was in TJ MAXX. Upon determining that Ross was another 4 doors down, I decided it was too far, walked back to my car and drove to Target.
  • Dude, you should try to watch me put my pants on. Seriously. Its hilarious. Thank goodness sock season is over down here.

This Week by the Numbers

Number of times I’ve been told I’m about to pop: 1 officially, many others unofficially (i.e. WOW)

Number of reflux pills taken so far: 15

Waist measurement: 42.5-43″

Weight gained: 39 lbs (clearly I didn’t need to worry about the temporary lost weight, I found it and then some…I blame cankles….and maybe Drumsticks)

Days left till babies: 19 (or less….wow)

New pic of the belly that looks like I swallowed a beach ball (or two) at Bubbles and Squishy.