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2nd trimester

Almost Third Trimester (27 weeks)

The Good

  • I’m not sure if the third trimester technically starts at 27 or 28 weeks since I’ve heard both so I’ll just err on the side of caution and say 28. However, carrying twins we won’t make it to 40 weeks so I could probably say I’m in the third at this point
  • First baby shower this weekend!!!
  • Next growth scan Friday – praying for healthy growing babies and a long and strong cervix!!
  • I felt my first case of fetal hiccups this week from both babies – Abby first then Miles a couple days later
  • Watching my belly move – so bizarre
  • Babies born at this point in time have about a 90% chance of survival. We’d like to avoid extended hospital stays though so lets keep em in there!

The “Bad”

  • Minor aches and pains are starting to kick in. If I sit too long I get a stiff back or minor achiness in the pubic area (like the bone, don’t get any weird ideas). So far nothing major though, thankfully.
  • Starting to get some back pain – again minor though
  • Energy? What’s energy? :). In all honesty I’m slowing down more each week but at this point can still function through a work day or a few errands – preferably not both. I used to kinda argue about putting my feet up when I get home for the evening, now I’m like couch please! Yes you can bring me my dinner and refill my water for me. What you can’t pee for me? Crap. I’m sad right now that no one is home and I have to get up to microwave my own frozen dinner. Tough life yes?
  • Braxton Hicks continue. Luckily no more attacks recently.

The Weird and Amusing

  • Tying shoes is getting more and more interesting
  • Sometimes the stiffness from sitting causes me to waddle for a few steps. It’s really cute.
  • I am officially completely in larger size underwear. Some of my shirts are starting to get tight. My husband still insists I look the same from behind. How cute he is. My ever growing butt appreciates it.
  • Today I misjudged how wide I needed to open a door at work and smacked my belly with it. Must remember: am not as skinny as before
  • Miss Abby I believe likes to sit on my bladder some days. It is not a pillow. It’s just not. Thank goodness no one has found my ribs….yet.

Updated pic at Bubbles and Squishy

Healthy Hearts (25 weeks)

The Good

  • Our 24 week fetal echo was last week. Both babies have healthy hearts – no holes or other issues. And as a bonus they did a growth measurement (I wasn’t expecting them to) and both weighed in at about 1.5 lbs a piece. According to the ultrasound tech (and the math that is generated from all the measurements on the computer) this is right on target. Cervix still measures 4cm (same as 4 weeks ago). When the ultrasound lady pushed down from the outside to mimic standing (to see its effect on the cervix) she was promptly thumped. Also, they are both beginning to look a bit squished, but I suppose that’s how it works.
  • No hospital visits this week. LOL
  • The cost (so far) of those two episodes of expensive dancing has been less than I feared. However, we have yet to get the official bill.
  • The Great Big Vehicle Debacle has been solved! Post and pics coming when we pick it up this weekend 🙂
  • BH contractions have so far proven to not be causing any cervical changes. Thank goodness.
  • Last weekend we went to a friends house for her daughters first birthday party. On the fridge was a baby shower invitation. It was mine 🙂 I stared at it in disbelief for awhile- not gonna lie.

The Bad

  • Still getting BH often. I started taking a magnesium supplement and that did seem to help – except I had a rough day with them yesterday so I’m still unable to  figure them out. They are still completely painless, are not time-able and not consistent in length either. I will continue to mention them at each appt though, just in case.
  • We have been officially benched from dancing for the time being. But honestly it was getting too expensive anyway.

The Weird and Amusing

  • My belly button has commitment issues. Its been in this weird half in/half out phase for a couple of weeks and at this point it just looks funny. In or out belly button, pick one!
  • This week’s biggest brain fart: putting cereal bars in the freezer
  • Bryan has an amazingly annoying alarm clock that he’s used the last couple days because he’s had to be up earlier than me. When it went off yesterday morning I jumped 10 feet in the air (who am I kidding, I couldn’t jump 10 feet BEFORE pregnancy) and was promptly kicked from the inside. See Bryan? The babies hate your alarm too.
  • Later, before Bryan left, he put his head up to my stomach and began to talk to the babies- and was bopped directly on the nose. (Throw away the alarm clock or risk losing your nose, buster!)

Pic will be late this week – hubby has been up before me the last two days so the only one that was taken was one I took awkwardly myself, and it looks kinda stupid.

Keep cooking babies!!

The Most Expensive “Dance” Ever

Well last night turned out to be a bit more dramatic than one would hope.

I watched my friends 16 month old for a few  hours last night when I started noticing some Braxton Hicks contractions. A few now and then are not unusual for me so I didn’t think much of it. Walking around the grocery store afterwards, though, I was having more. So I came home, drank some water and laid down for an hour. Unfortunately that didn’t help either and I ended up having on average 6 an hour over those last two hours. My doc had said to call if I had more than 6 an hour, so to be on the safe side I did. It was 10pm on a Saturday because these things never happen during normal working hours.

The on call doc recommended getting checked because of the risk of premature labor with twins and the possibility that my cervix could have begun to dilate. So off to the hospital we went.

Of course I couldn’t have expected this pregnancy to be drama free.

By the time we got there and got settled they had calmed down (naturally). It took them forever to find the babies heartbeats – not because they couldn’t find them but because they were moving around so much they didn’t stay in one place for very long. 🙂 Then they started monitoring for contractions.

I had a few more Braxton Hicks but not at the frequency as before. Still, the doc came in and checked my cervix which, thankfully, was not dilated and asked us some questions. One of which was “have you (ahem) “danced” today?”.

“Yes”, I replied. “Why?”

Apparently this can cause BH contractions in women who are sensitive to it, and it appears that I may be one of them. Fabulous. I was given a shot of Terbutaline to stop the BH contractions and sent home with instructions to avoid dancing for the next week (though realistically we’ll probably wait until at least the next OB check up to see what her thoughts are), take it easy, find a place at work to lay down and put my feet up at some point during the day and get myself a support belt (apparently my uterus was sitting a bit low).

On the way home Bryan and I joked that that was probably the most expensive dance ever.

For now though, things are fine. The babies are fine and I’m still on regular activity, though I’m definitely on higher alert and will be taking it easier the next few days.

Please let this be just a small snag in the larger picture.




Being Thumped (22 weeks)

Holy cow time is flying

The Good

  • Movement is definitely more frequent now – many times a day, and about half the time you can feel it from the outside. I always joke with Bryan that “someone thumped me” because that’s kinda what it feels like. I notice it most when laying down or after I eat.
  • 2 weeks to viability!
  • Not peeing quite as much. I’m lucking out at once a night right now, strangely always at about 2 am.
  • It looks like my gain 24 pounds by 24 weeks goal is totally gonna happen
  • Scheduling maternity pictures!
  • Registries are started – not complete but started.
  • Beginning to plan the nursery
  • It looks like I may be able to return to work part instead of full time after maternity leave. Its not set in stone yet but this makes me very excited.

The Bad

  • The cough is back again-the cough that won’t go away. I got a flu shot last week and promptly caught a head cold. The head cold caused (naturally) congestion, which caused a cough that I now again can’t get rid of. I’m gonna try a breathing treatment this time and hope it helps so I don’t have to take steroids again. It does beat the flu, though.

The Weird and Amusing

  • Dude, my underwear doesn’t fit right. I was prepared for the pants and shirts, but underwear? Bah. It makes sense I just totally didn’t think about it.
  • So, because I’m a little on the paranoid side there have been a few days where I swore my ankles were swelling. I realize that some swelling is normal. But after closer inspection I finally realized that my ankles aren’t swelling – the 23 pds of extra weight is simply making them slightly fatter. A strangely relieving but also disturbing realization.
  • In a similar respect – so are my fingers.
  • My husband tells me that I look the same except for the belly. He’s totally lying but I appreciate the gesture anyway.
  • Its going to be time to start car shopping soon. I want an SUV. Hubby wants a minivan (totally backwards right?). As a compromise for not taking a job out of state I gave in to the minivan. However, I am in no way, shape or form excited about said minivan shopping.

As always, updated picture at Bubbles and Squishy

Loading…Please Wait (21 weeks)

21 is usually a big celebratory number because its when you can finally drink. In this case, however, I don’t think its appropriate. 🙂

The Good

  • I meant to write a whole separate post about this but with the death of my grandfather it never happened. We had our anatomy scan last week and it looks like we do in fact have two properly growing, healthy babies. YAY! They are also for sure a girl and a boy. Doc said everything looked good. I do go back in 4 weeks for a fetal echo, however. The doc said that everything looks fine from what they can see but that the hearts just aren’t big enough to see the kind of detail they want to see at this point. I would rather they be overly cautious than miss something so I’m all about it.
  • Movement! So I realized during this scan that baby boy is sitting WAY higher than I thought either one would be, which means that  weird bubbles that I felt for the last two weeks that I thought were my stomach or something were actually baby. After seeing where they were it made so much more sense and I definitely notice movement more consistently now. Its still mostly limited to bubbles and waves with a poke or kick now and then.
  • The MASSIVE amount of clothes I discovered we already have.
    Why hello clothes
    Why hello clothes


  • The awesomely hilarious shirt I got from a couple friends. Refer to Bubbles and Squishy for a pic 🙂 (Updated pics of the babies on there also 🙂 )

The Bad (taken, of course, with a grain of salt)

  • Definitely more tired and worn out at the end of the day. I decided not to sing in the spring choir concert this year and I’m really glad I did.
  • Doing too much tends to give me some back pain, though I suppose that is to be expected, and perhaps a sign that I should stop doing too much. 🙂

The Weird and Amusing

  • So I’ve started getting some Braxton Hicks contractions. They say they can exacerbated by dehydration. The ironic thing is that I tend to get them when my bladder is full. So basically I have to drink water to keep from getting them, but all the water I’m drinking is also causing me to have them because my blasted bladder fills up so darned fast. A friend of mine said she had this issue too so at least I’m not alone.
  • I’m increasingly more clumsy. This coupled with the fact that its getting a bit harder to bend over makes for many both amusing and annoying moments during the day. At least I haven’t forgotten to pay any more bills.
  • The funny looks I sometimes get when I say I’m 21 weeks….and the huge eyes I can when then say its twins.  Its usually either “wow congratulations!” or “wow I’m sorry”. I’m sorry? What are you sorry for, exactly?
  • Is it bedtime yet? 7:00 isn’t too early right?
  • What? I’m tired.



A Master of Disguise (20 weeks)

If I want to hide, I have a cool new disguise

I'm too sexy for my 'stache
I’m too sexy for my ‘stache

No one will know its me.

This whole updating once a week just to fill everyone in on the current pregnancy symptoms is for the birds and I promise not to make it a habit. Unfortunately I’ve not only been busy, but my husband stole the computer over the weekend and I’ve been more fatigued than usual lately. I could probably throw in a few more excuses if need be and then I’ll go hide behind the disguise above.

So with that in mind, onto the update:

The Good

  • Feeling movement more frequently, but its still mostly vague – I really expected to feel more at this point, and of course sometimes this worries me but I still hear them moving on the doppler so hopefully this means it’ll just be a little longer.
  • Holy cow have I grown lately.
  • Starting to plan baby showers – after wondering for so long if I’d ever get one, it’s so surreal to be planning one.
  • Official anatomy scan tomorrow, though I have to say I’m just as nervous as excited – I just want them to be growing normally and healthy.
  • Starting the registry this weekend
  • All of the stuff – I was really afraid that with being one of the last to get pregnant that we’d have to buy everything. Of course we happily would have but surprisingly we’ve still gotten all kinds of baby stuff for free/cheap – stuff that I plan to pass on to another person when we are done with it.
  • We’re 99% decided on names 🙂

The Bad

  • A few aches and pains but nothing major. Stiff back muscles and some ab soreness recently, but I suppose that is to be expected
  • More tired than usual but nothing too hard to handle
  • A bit shamefully, I’ve caught myself worrying about things like weight and stretch marks a few times as I’ve gotten steadily bigger, but was pulled quickly back to reality. These babies are way more precious than any of that and we waited too long and worked too hard for me to worry about it.
  • Hearing news of several baby losses this week. I feel like people in general are not equipped to deal with others’ losses well, myself included. I always feel like I just have no idea what to say, and it seems kinda futile because anything I said wouldn’t really help the situation much anyway. It just… beyond belief.

The Weird and Amusing

  • Babies are length of bananas – which I’m sorry but that’s just a strange picture in my brain. Bananas in my belly. And not like mashed bananas either, but whole ones.
  • Still eating constantly. Just had dinner an hour ago and now I’m eating cereal. What? I was hungry. Again.
  • Pee tally record still holds at nine in nine hours. I fully expect to reach higher numbers as the weeks go on. Any bets?

At 20 weeks we are at the halfway point of a singleton pregnancy and past the halfway point for us. I am not sure where all the time went because it feels like just yesterday we were going through the IVF. I think both Bryan and I are just as nervous and scared as we are excited. No matter what the feeling of the hour though, we will never stop being thankful.

New comparison pic (those are my favorites to do) at Bubbles and Squishy


A Little Late (19 weeks)

The Good

  • Babies are the size of mangoes. I like  mangoes.
  • Movement is still inconsistent, though a bit more frequently, but you can DEFINITELY hear it on the doppler.
  • Starting to actually think about things like baby showers and nursery themes  (debating between owls and ocean – would fit with Bubbles and Squishy!)
  • Despite the extra 16-17 pds of weight, I don’t feel any slower…..yet.
  • Still sleeping pretty well!

The Bad

  • As the anatomy scan gets closer, I get more nervous. Since we didn’t have any first trimester screening done, naturally I’m afraid something is going to be wrong. I’m also nervous about pre term labor and pre-eclampsia, even though neither are usually a worry at this point. I guess if I don’t have something to worry about I’m just not sure what to do with myself.
  • A bout of random barfing a couple of nights ago – I’m still not sure what caused it, but it was coming out my nose. GROSS. Also, the lack of appetite following that made me lose a pound. Fail.

The Weird and Amusing

  • OMG I just keep getting bigger! (and yes, I realize that is what’s supposed to happen)
  • Buttering up my stomach every morning in hopes of warding off stretch marks, but if that doesn’t work it at least helps the itching.
  • Keeping track of my pee tally at work. Most so far (in a 9 hour day): 9 – so roughly once an hour. Thankfully not every day constitutes that much peeing…..yet.
  • I’ve not had any true cravings so far.
  • Driving to and from Ohio meant breaking the trip into two days and spending a night in a hotel. The days of making it in 11 hours are gone forever!

New pic at Bubbles and Squishy!

Been Swimming Lately? (15 weeks)

The Good

  • Getting all kinds of maternity clothes cheap thanks to a local Mom Swap Facebook page. The ones I ordered from Old Navy came in too and thankfully they all fit! Score!
  • I *thought* I might have felt something poking me in there a couple nights ago
  • And even if I didn’t, we can now hear movements with the doppler when listening for the heartbeats – that’s something I didn’t even think about and its pretty cool.
  • People commenting on my growing belly. I love it. And sure, you can touch it if you want to. 🙂

The Bad

  • While my ears have stopped ringing, my left one continues to be clogged on and off. It feels like I’ve been swimming, like, every day. Thanks to Dr. Google, while it appears to not be on the list of most frequently heard of symptoms, it’s also apparently not that uncommon. It seems to have cleared up some today. I’ll take it over vomit any day though, so it really isn’t all that bad. Quite frankly, I’m so excited to be pregnant that a clogged ear is nothing.

The Weird and Amusing

  • I think my underwear is getting smaller.
  • We get our electric bill via email and a hard copy in the mail. About a week ago, I got the email about the bill for this month. It was $324. I freaked out at my husband wondering what the heck we could be doing to make our electric bill so high, A few days later I got the hard copy and opened it so I could see if this was a longer billing cycle, or really to find anything that might explain the ridiculously high bill. Well apparently, I forgot to pay last months bill. So our bill was really two months worth. Oops. My bad.

All in all its been a pretty uneventful week. Time is flying though – just a few more weeks until we can find out the sexes. Most days, I still don’t believe it.

New pic at Bubbles and Squishy 🙂

Holy Boobs Batman (14 weeks)

The Good

  • I broke down and finally bought/ordered some maternity clothes. I rocked some under the  belly pants 🙂
  • Still hearing those heartbeats. And they sound almost closer now as the babies get bigger – if that makes any sense.
  • Bryan talking to the babies.
  • There is no longer any possible doubt about pregnant vs. maybe she ate too many cookies. I’m catching up on telling some work parents who missed last week and they’ve all nodded knowingly.
  • I don’t feel like being a couch potato quite as much as I did earlier on.
  • People telling me I look super cute pregnant.
  • An AWESOME couple gave us a double stroller!

The Bad

  • My ears are ringing and I think I have fluid behind my left one. I worried for a bit because I was reading that it can be a sign of high blood pressure. So to ease my worries I had it checked – it was fine, thankfully, but my ears are still ringing. I’m trying to flush out congestion with saline spray, but may be making a trip to the doc if it doesn’t go away soon. I hope its congestion related and not pregnancy related, or else this could be interesting.
  • Bouts of worry about something being wrong with the babies. We opted out of the first trimester genetic screening and so sometimes I worry.

The Weird and Amusing

  • Just last week I thought to myself that soon my stomach would be outgrowing my boobs. Wrong. Bryan took my pic yesterday and suddenly my stomach had a lot of catching up to do. I still look at them and think “uh…where did these come from?”
  • Gaining 4 pds in a week. I’m aiming for 24 pounds in 24 weeks since I’ve read that its linked with a lower risk of early labor and low birth weight, but still it was a bit crazy to see the scale where it was. I’m up 9 pds total.
  • My boss looking at me today, and saying “wow, you’re getting huge.” LOL You think this is huge? Just wait.
  • Already mentally planning how I’m going to get people/kids/parents to help me reach things when I’m too big to get up comfortably. Someone suggested a reacher – that may actually be happening. I’m imagining myself rolling down the hall in my rolling chair or shouting down the hall “can you please bring the kid to me?” 🙂

See Bubbles and Squishy for this weeks updated pic 🙂

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