The Good

  • I consider every week at least a small milestone. We are one week away from our next small goal (30 weeks) and 3 away from the next big goal (32 weeks – at 32 weeks we can deliver at our local hospital which has a level 2 nursery)
  • We got a TON of stuff from our baby showers (I still have to do a write up on the second one)
  • Bryan actually won some money from a recent business Vegas trip (tough break right?) and so I have money to set aside for the fancy pants jogging stroller I want if we don’t end up getting one secondhand. Its a bit ridiculous how happy this makes me.
  • We did maternity pics today. They should be available in 2-3 weeks. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!
  • Starting the nursery this weekend

The “Bad”

  • Ok, who hit the “holy cow I’m tired” switch and why wasn’t I warned? Well, ok, according to my updates I was warned. But I guess since I mainly bypassed the first trimester fatigue I didn’t expect much this time around either. Wrong. Its not so much can’t stay awake kinda tired as I just feel really worn out kinda tired. I find it worth celebrating getting through the work day and loading 5 dishes into the dishwasher. What? That’s an accomplishment, right?

The Weird and Amusing

  • Pregnancy brain story of the week: I mobile deposited a check earlier this week and started getting upset when it wasn’t hitting the bank account. I called the bank to be informed that I accidentally deposited it into the wrong account. *facepalm*
  • My bra’s are getting uncomfortable. Unfortunately I still have to wear one in public. Drat.
  • Sitting in my office chair sometimes causes a sore pubic bone. When that happens, after I get up I waddle sexily for a few steps. Well, there’s something I didn’t anticipate.
  • I’ve watched more episodes of “Love It or List It” than should be allowed. I badly try to predict which one they’ll pick.

New pic up at Bubbles and Squishy