My Facebook memories popped up today (well, a week ago, since this has been sitting unfinished since then) with the 6 month letter I wrote to the twins. THREE YEARS AGO. In it, I asked them not to grow up too fast.

Well, they did anyway.

The year of three has been wonderful, frustrating, hilarious, annoying, heartwarming and exhausting. There is a LOT of whining. But they  have also said some hilarious stuff. For example, a few weeks ago the daycare reported Miles had been pushing in class. They figured it was “monkey see monkey do”, but I still had a “talk” with him and told him that we do not push our friends.

Fast forward to last week. I say them “guess what we are going to do today?!” and Miles replies “we are not going to push our friends.”

I mean, at least he’s listening.

We’ve definitely reached the mommyIneedthisrightnownoyesterday!!!!! phase and when I give whatever it is to them, they want a different color, shape, flavor or year off of my life. They aren’t supposed to really have a concept that the world does not revolve around them, and they don’t. I also tend to get asked for things as I’m doing it, and in rapid succession. If I had a dollar for every time someone said “mommy” every day, I could probably quit my job.


They say I love you. They give hugs and kisses and snuggles. They put together thoughts and sentences that I had no idea they knew. They are really like kids now.

At 3 and a half they are finally – almost fully – potty trained. We do still have accidents (mostly when they are too busy to stop playing) and still sleep in pull ups. A few months ago we transitioned from toddler beds to twin beds after I found a great deal on a mom swap page on a set of matching beds. As sad as I am sometimes to see them growing so fast, it is really nice that they are more independent. They can go in the fridge and get the milk out and get a stool to get their own cups. They can take off their own clothes and shoes and put them away (when I can get them to). They can almost dress themselves. And, they bring me pretend cake and pizza. As an added bonus they are old enough to start to understand birthdays and holidays.

Abby is still a pretty independent little girl. She insists on many things on her own like buckling her car seat, putting on her socks and taking off her clothes. (All of this I am more than ok with!) She still really favors coloring and drawing, and is just as happy to play by herself than she is with Miles or anyone else. Her favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, apple juice, chicken and cereal. She loves to have her nails painted and sleeps with anywhere from 3-10 books  (not kidding).

Miles continues to be my sensitive boy. He prefers to still have help with things and likes company more than he likes being alone. He likes to have his hand held when we are going anywhere, even down the stairs.  His favorite toys are still his cars and trucks. His favorite foods are peanut butter waffles, peanut butter and jelly, “green juice” (smoothie), and hot dogs.

Together, they both love to ride their “motorcycles”(tricycles) in circles around the house, cook pretend food, fight (of course), play at the playground and watch Paw Patrol. Oh, and tell me no. Because of course.

So, now I just have to figure out how to not completely overload this post with 6 months worth of pictures…..

  • We took our first trip to Chuck E’ Cheese
  • And another trip to the beach


  • We learn the excitement of snuggling in mommy and daddy’s bed
  • They can be nice…when they aren’t fighting.


  • The fair was a little more fun this year
  • New beds!


  • There was also sprinkler discovery
  • And of course, Halloween
  • No day is complete, though, without some silly faces


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