Tami dared me, and apparently I always listen to Tami

This week marks the first official “Tall Bill” Olympic Triathlon!

Monday – run/swim. 60 minute run with 3×6 min Z4/6.14 miles/9:47 average/73 degrees. It was cooler out for this run, but STICKY and foggy. My lungs weren’t thrilled and my interval times showed it. After the intervals I took Chance out for a slow mile and finished it up solo. 60 minute swim/2500 meters Part of this swim was a shot at the James Island Sprint Distance (600 yards or 550 meters) which I did in my fastest time so far! 12:49

Tuesday ride. 60 minute ride with 5×5 min Z4/18.2 MPH/18.3 miles/81 degrees. The plan called for 6 sets of interval but with all the stops and turns on my usual route I didn’t quite get enough.

Wednesday swim/run. 60 minute swim/2500 yards It is staying darker longer in the morning now so I’d say a good 20 minutes of my swim was dark, but as long as I can see the bottom of the pool I’m happy. 55 minute stroller run with 5 min Z4/5.5 miles/10:03 average/ 73 degrees . I decided to run in the morning since it was a bit cooler (and not foggy) and of course you know how much the twins love “go running snacks”.


Thursday ride/run quick change. 45 minute ride/14.06 miles/18.4 MPH/73 degrees. 15 minute run/1.61 miles/9:20 average/73 degrees

Friday long run. 60 minute run/6.29 miles/9:33 average/70 degrees Finally! A run with an average in the 9:30’s! This Z2 stuff sometimes makes me feel like I’m losing my speed. I can’t wait for a nice cool run to really see where I am.

Saturday rest day

Sunday The “Tall Bill” Olympic Triathlon! So our plan calls for an Olympic Distance race (actually next week but next week is the next James Island race, so some things got switched around) and there isn’t a good local one so one of the group created our own. I planned to treat it as a workout and not a race, and succeeded with the swim and bike at least, but by the time I got to the run it was so hot I didn’t want to spend any more time running than necessary so I was in Z4 for the whole thing. Also, you know its hot when Z4 is between 8:45-9:15/mile. Anyway, so we did 1500 yards in a local neighborhood pool and then rode our bikes to our usual ride spot for the ride and run. The pool didn’t have lanes or lines on the bottom so we did some makeshift – and I ran into them often.

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Total Time : 10 hours even

Training Thoughts: Man, once my watch countdown started hitting the double digits (currently 90 days away!) my brain started going into a bit of a panic mode. I just realized this is actually happening soon I guess – 6 months out it seemed so far away it wasn’t anything to worry about. Now I’m having more panic-y thoughts than calm ones, but I’m told this is normal.