As of the end of this week, we hit 100 days till race day! Eek.

Monday run/swim. 60 minute run (stroller and solo)/6.12 miles/79 degrees. The first thirty done solo included 3×5 min intervals, and with the heat I was happy to average between 7:30-7:40 on the intervals. Afterwards I took the twins for “go running snacks”. It was then that I really thought about the irony of my stroller – purchased 3 years ago, I chose the Ironman version thinking Id never been crazy enough to complete one. Words eaten. 60 minute swim/2500 meters. This swim turned out to be quite interesting. I drove to my usual pool to find it was closed, and I figured I had missed the swim for the day, until one of the awesome members of the tri club offered to watch the twins for me so I could swim at the Y that evening. The pool was miserably warm andI could only swim 300m at a time before I felt like I was overheating, but I wasn’t complaining because at least I was swimming.


Tuesday – ride. 60 minute ride with 5×5 min Z4/18.5 MPH/18.8 miles/81 degrees The more intervals that are added the more challenging they become to complete on my usual route. Because of stops and turns I barely got all 5 in.

Wednesday – swim/quick change. 60 minute swim/2500 yards. 45 minute trainer ride/9.2 miles/seriously slow MPH. 15 minute treadmill run/1.7 miles/8:50 average Getting my heart rate into zone 2 is ridiculously difficult for me on a trainer, so honestly I don’t bother since I don’t do many rides on it (thankfully). I think I’m finally starting to reap some benefit of the plan with running, as my last couple treadmill runs have averaged closer to what I tended to run before starting it. The twins followed me upstairs, so I set them up with some strength training 🙂13667838_10103051965224098_4758768738317973596_o

Thursday long run. 91 minute run/9 miles/10:08 average/81 degrees. The goal is still to keep my heart rate in low 2 (or even 1) so I aimed to keep it below 150, which I did until the end when I picked it up so I could get to an even 9 miles.

Friday swim. 60 minute swim/2500 yards

Saturday long ride. 3 hour ride/54.5 miles/18.7 MPH/72 degrees The group took a different route this time – mine. I was tired of the usual route and suggested another. It was a nice ride, unfortunately there was A LOT more traffic on part of it than the last time I had ridden it, and so that was (understandably) not loved by all. Still, I enjoyed the change of scenery. Oh, and I tried yet another seat, and this one was the worst of all. *sigh*

Sunday rest day. I did do 30 minutes of easy yoga as I woke up feeling tight, and by some miracle, the twins were still asleep. I slept till 7, did my yoga and got in the bath before they even woke up. They slept till 8. They’ve NEVER slept till 8.

Total Training Time:  10 hours 45 minutes including yoga

Training Thoughts: I am NOT looking forward to 10 weeks of 4+ hour rides coming up. One week at a time….also, no more route suggestions for me. Also, I’m really tired of trying saddles. Can one just work for me here soon please?