As of today, we are officially HALFWAY through the Ironman training plan, and I can’t decide wether to be excited, or panic.

Monday swim/run. A holiday meant a day off from work (yay!), and that the workout would be a brick since I wouldn’t be driving to North Charleston. 58 minute swim/2525 yards. The goal was to swim for an hour straight and see how far we (Tammie and I) could go. The pool felt like a hot tub, and it took a LONG time to get warmed up. When I finally did, my shoulder started to hurt. I finished 2500 yards and called it a couple minutes early – unfortunately my time was 3 seconds per lap slower than the last time. 57 minute run with 1x 7.5 min Z4/5.79 miles/9:53 average/77 degrees. The run was ok. The interval didn’t feel too difficult at the time but my pace was slower than usual. As the day went on I felt worn out.

Tuesday ride 60 minute 42 minute ride/18.6 MPH/12.8 miles/77 degrees. I woke up feeling like I needed the day off and should have taken it. I did the warm up and felt tired. I attempted one of the intervals and quit after 2 minutes, warmed up and tried again and quit after 2 minutes. I figured I’d do the ride easy but it just felt hard (that’s what she said) so I quit and turned around and went home. Luckily  I had also taken this day off because Bryan had it off so we spent the day together – mostly laying on the couch watching TV. #lame

Wednesday swim/run 60 minute swim/2500 yards. 60 minute run with 2 x 6 min Z4/6.45 miles/79 degrees. The rest was much needed because both workouts felt MUCH easier. My intervals were back in the 7:30’s and the rest didn’t feel like I was running through sludge. I even took Chance out for a mile.

Thursday long run. 90 minute stroller run/8.5 miles/10:34 average/72 degrees. Thursday is normally my quick change day but with Bryan out of town it meant I’d be running my long run on a treadmill at 530am, so I opted to take the twins with me instead. They ROCKED and sat for the whole thing! 13606446_10103039724734138_6142938577158548321_n

Friday ride/run quick change. 45 minute trainer ride/9.64 miles/12.8 MPH. I honestly have the hardest time getting my heart rate in zone 2 on the trainer and so for this one I decided I didn’t care. I put the TV on and just pedaled. 15 minute treadmill run/1.7 miles/8:49 average/HR 148

Saturday long ride. 4 hour ride (phew)/74.66 miles/18.5 MPH/72 degrees at start Officially my longest ride EVER, I STILL haven’t quite figured out the seat issue, though seat number….5 has been the best so far. Ugh. On the plus side, I think I am getting my nutrition down as I was able to get through it without feeling lightheaded or nauseous and only minimally hungry. I took 2 bottles of full mixed strength gatorade, 2 bottles of water, 3 packets of applesauce and one packet of fig bars, for a total of about 600 calories over the 4 hours. My legs were tired by the end, but I’m unsure if that was the heat, lack of salt, or just the fact that I was riding for 4 hours.

Sunday – rest day

Total Time: 11 hours 2 minutes/ 122 miles traveled

Training Thoughts: I am tired. I am awesome. I am an idiot.