The second race of the sprint series traditionally falls on Father’s Day. Figuring Bryan would want to sleep in that morning, I hadn’t originally planned on racing. I thought I might get up with the twins and cheer, but when the weather showed a break in the heat and low temps predicted in the 60’s, I asked Bryan if he would be ok with me racing if I moved my long ride to a day that allowed him to sleep in on Saturday instead, and promised to come home shortly after I finished.

He told me to race and take my time. He is the best.

I was able to arrange my training schedule again to allow me a rest day before the race. I’m not sure this will be able to happen again this year, so I was in a “race” mentality.

The Swim

Distance: 600 yards

Fastest Time: 14:07

Swim waves are broken up into 10 year age groups and typically ours is pretty large. I didn’t count but I think there were less than a dozen of us this time, but that didn’t keep me from nearly running into at least 3 people. I sighted a lot more this race than last since I was afraid of going too wide, and I think this slowed my pace down. I still technically PR’ed the swim, but my pace per 100 yards was slower than last week.

Time: 14:02

Transition 1:

Fastest Time: 1:26

I was less anxious about transitions this time which I think helped. I did cut off a little time, but I’d still like to figure out how to do that thing where you start with your shoes clipped in the pedals already. I am afraid of falling.

Time: 1:15

The Bike

Distance: 12 miles

Fastest Time: 35:15

I crossed the transition line and had trouble clipping in. Some days I clip right in, others I flail around like a floppy uncoordinated fish and today was, unfortunately, one of those days. I also don’t start my watch until I’m ON the bike and pedaling so my actual bike time tends to be off. On the plus side, Thursday’s tips on turning proved to be very helpful and even though there was a nice headwind I still managed to average a faster speed than any other race. Unfortunately, since I spent so much time getting on and clipping in (25 seconds!), I didn’t officially PR the bike like I thought I had.


Time: 35:07 (riding time)/35:32 (official)

Transition 2

Fastest Time: 48 seconds

I typically run one lap of the run with my tri top on and throw it at the Pit Crew for the second because I get too hot. This time, I thought I’d try taking it off during transition, and this proved to be an epic fail. My arm got stuck, and I spent an extra probably 20 or so seconds trying to get out of it. Next time I’ll stick with what worked before. I said to myself ” well this isn’t working” and some guy next to me said something like “it never does”. HAHA

Time: 1:13 (worst transition 2 ever)

The Run

Distance: 3.1 miles

Fastest Time: 24:00

The run felt hot (even without a shirt). I forgot to change my watch windows so I could watch my pace so I had to run it partly blind, only getting an update every mile. I’m not sure it would have mattered but I guess there is no way to know. I kept my phone with me and blasted some music again the last mile, probably annoying some others but hey it helps. I was able to keep an eye on overall time though and after mile 2 realized if I hurried (ha) I could slide in with a 1:15:xx finish time. I didn’t care if it was 1:15:59! Also, I got a freaking awesome race picture.

2016 Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series Race 2
Images from the second race on Fathers Day for the 2016 Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series at James Island County Park by Charleston County Parks and Recreation

Time: 23:54


Fastest Time: 1:16:12

This Race: 1:15:55

Honestly, with all the transition snafu’s I’m surprised I pulled off a PR but I did, so yay! As least I know where I can easily knock off at least another 40 wasted seconds. Ha.

Overall: 12/72 females

Age Group: 2nd place

Swim: 42/72 

Bike: 7/72

Run: 13/72