Monday: run/swim. 60 minute run with 1×5 min Z4/6.16 miles/73 degrees. I knew the twins would want to join me for my run in the morning, and I had a 5 minute interval scheduled. The thought of pushing them for 5 minutes of an interval didn’t seem fun so I took off early and did the first 20 min solo and pushed them for the rest. It looks like I averaged 7:40 ish for the interval portion, though it did take a solid 2-2.5 min to get my heart rate up where it needed to be. 62 minute swim/2500 meters. Since my swim buddy was unable to meet me this morning I decided I’d try a long continuous swim. I swam 2500 meters straight (my longest so far) at 2:28/100m. Slow, but it felt comfortable enough that I could have kept going, and that pace will get me to the end way before the cutoff so that’s all I care about.

It’s on on the watch so it counts

Tuesday run  yoga/ride. I woke up in the morning and my left PSOAS was mysteriously sore – enough to cause discomfort just while walking. This was completely out of the blue, so I pulled out my yoga mat and followed a sequence specifically for the hip flexors (PSOAS) and felt well enough afterwards to do a workout. Figuring that running might irritate it more, I  opted to hop on the bike figuring I’d go 30 min and see how I felt. I had no issues during the ride itself, but it was still irritated after. I opted to skip the interval portion this time. 40 minutes yoga/60 minute ride/18.18  miles/18.1 MPH/HR 145/81 degrees

Wednesday – swim/run. 60 minute swim/2100 meters. It was a cruddy swim, I took a lot of breaks, and decided 2100 was enough for the day. 45 min run with 1x 5 min Z4/4.83 miles/9:19 pace/78 degrees. I opted for the treadmill on this one since I was getting out of work early so I could hang out with the family that evening. My third floor only cooled to 78 degrees since the treadmill was running so it was warmer than I would have liked but better than the 95 degrees it was outside.

Thursday – long ride. 130 min ride/34 miles (ish).  I cheated a bit and split this into two (and also changed the day). My morning ride was solo and the evening was with a group for a bike clinic lead by our sponsor bike store. The owner gave us some great advice on turning and this turned out to be very helpful for Sunday.


Friday – swim. 60 minute swim/2500 yards. This swim felt hard too. I tried doing some intervals at a set pace, and managed to do ok, I just felt tired. The hours on the bike the day before, namely the ones while it was 96 degrees probably didn’t help.

Saturday – rest day

Sunday – James Island Sprint Triathlon. Recap to come. Spoiler: I got to add another mug to my collection, and a new time to put on my PR board. 🙂