So I’m a little embarrassed that my blog has turned into nothing but a weekly training recap, but to be honest, it isn’t easy to find the time to keep up with that let alone something else. One day a different type of post will make it in here again, but until that day, here’s another  (late) weekly training recap.

Week 11 begins the “Build” Phase, which is pretty much like it sounds. Some short intervals are added in 3-4 of the run and bike workouts each week, an additional hour of swimming is added, and the training time ranges from 10 hours 15 minutes to about 12 and a half hours. I, however, am not adding an additional swim day. I feel like I’ve actually found a doable family/training/life/sleep balance with the 2 swim, 3 bike and 3 run (plus one 15 min quick one) schedule. What I am going to do instead is swap a bike or a run for an extra swim every other week. So one week I will follow the schedule as written, and the next I’ll do 3 swim, 2 bike, 3 run or 3 swim 3 bike 2 run. So my training time will range from 9 hours 15 min to about 11 and a half hours.

Monday: run/swim. 60 min stroller run with 5x 1 min intervals/6.05 miles/9:55 average/73 degrees. It is nice to be able to change up the runs with some short intervals, unfortunately it comes just in time for summer. They are also not easy with a stroller, but you do what you gotta do. 60 min swim/2500 yards. Weather was calling for storms in the late morning so I ran with the twins, dropped them off at daycare and jumped in the neighborhood pool before they showed up. It did rain, but it never stormed. Naturally.

Tuesday: ride. 60 min ride/18.08 miles/18mph/HR 145/72 degrees My seat still hurts my crotch.

Wednesday: swim/run. 60 min swim/2500 meters. laps and drills at o dark thirty. The usual. 60 min evening run with 5 x 1 min intervals/6.19 miles/9:42 average/88 degrees HOT. HOT HOT HOT HOT.

It was hot.

Thursday: run/ride. Normally, my quick change day, Miles saw me dressed in my workout gear and said he wanted to “go running snacks”. Initially, I told him it wasn’t a running day and he went on with his day. After I thought about it though, I decided I could change up a bit if they really wanted to go. So, I asked him again if he wanted to “go running snacks”. He literally said “YAY! Woo hoo!”

Can’t say no to that.


30 min run/3.11 mi/9:39 average/64 degrees. 35 min ride/10.16 miles/17.4 MPH/HR 139

Afterwards I took my bike to Affordabike to have a demo seat put on. Here is hoping for some crotch comfort.

Friday: long run. 75 min run/8.16 mi/9:27 average/HR 150/68 degrees. Technically the long runs are supposed to be in Zone 1- Zone 2, and I was pretty good about following that until I realized I was going to be over in time, so the last couple of miles were basically in Zone 3. Fail.

Saturday: long ride. 2 hours 30 min/45.86 miles/18.8MPH/HR 137 The seat was a success and a fail. While it took pressure off up front, it added it on the sides, creating a problem in a different area. I think the seat is too wide. Ugh. Why must this be so dang complicated?


Sunday:  rest day

Training Time: 9 hours 48 minutes

Training Thoughts: I’ve spent way too much time thinking about my crotch.