This week is significant for a couple reasons. First, it marks the end of the “Base Phase”, and second, it means I am officially one third of the way through! Dang!

Also, it seems to mark the official start of summer. No more cooler mornings, and already temps in the 90s with “feels like” temps over 100.

Monday – swim/run: 50 min swim/1950 meters Form, technique, form, technique. 60 min run/6.46 miles/9:19 avg/72 degrees/HR 150. It was an EARLY morning for this holiday since my normal Monday pool was closed. On the plus side, my workout was done before 8am and the rest of the day was spent with friends and family.


Tuesday – ride. 75 min ride/21.48 miles/17.2 MPH/72 degrees/HR 140. Tuesday is known as the day of the weird ride. I was tired and honestly just not feeling it. I kinda quit paying attention to my heart rate and just decided the day was going to be about getting the ride done. I finally quit hating it about 50 minutes in, at which point I rode by a guy riding on a mountain bike while smoking. Ok buddy. Then about 15 minutes later, trotting along the side of the road, is a ram. And I’m not talking about the truck – I’m talking  the animal with giant horns.

Wednesday – swim/run. 49 min swim/1900 meters. Same as usual here. 60 min run/6.12 miles/9:49 average/82 degrees/HR 154. In honor of Global Running Day, Tammie and I joined Fleet Feet Mt Pleasant for their group run. I did this mostly because the Girls with Sole crew was going to be there, and even though I didn’t get to volunteer much, I wanted to at least be present. Running over the Cooper River Bridge and back ended up making the whole heart zone thing challenging, and so we ignored it for some of it.


Thursday – ride/run quick change. 45 min ride/13.64 mi/17.8MPH/70 degrees/HR 142  30 min run/3.14 miles/9:35 avg/73 degrees/HR 153. The change between my ride and run wasn’t the quickest, because I saw the ram AGAIN and had to send a picture to prove I wasn’t lying.


I took the day off of work that day and rode down to Tami’s to have my seat adjusted. I emailed the Tri Group’s sponsoring bike store to say I might need a new seat and they suggested tipping the seat down a degree or two first. I’m glad we had a lever because the difference was visually imperceptible.

Friday – long run. 90 min run/8.7 miles/10:20 average/72 degrees/HR 144.  My plan had been to take it easy but I would have been forced to if I hadn’t planned it. What I thought was my asthma acting up made me feel like I was running through some kind of sludge, and yet another workout this week became about getting the time in. Technically the long runs are supposed to be Zone 1 – Zone 2 anyway, so the fact that this was very low Zone 2 wasn’t an issue, I just felt exhausted.

Saturday rest day. If it hadn’t been a planned one I would have been forced to take one. As the day went on I felt tired, run down and wanted to do nothing but sit or lay down. Anyone who knows me knows this is extremely unusual. I actually laid back in bed for an hour after Bryan got up. Luckily, I started to feel better that evening, but still had this weird post nasal drip/cough combo that made sleep interesting.

Sunday long ride. 3 hour ride/54.4 miles/18 MPH/73 degrees/HR 138. The plan was, again, to take it easy, get the time in, and quit early if I felt like I needed to. So I really hung out in the back and drafted for a good part of the ride, hardly even entering zone 2 until about halfway through. I felt good enough to finish the whole thing, but still have this weird cold  involving only post nasal drip, a hoarse sounding voice and a cough that I’m hoping is from my sinuses. Just need to keep them happy so I don’t end up with bronchitis again. Ugh. The seat adjustment did work better, but the jury is still out on whether its good enough. I may just have to bite the bullet and try another seat. I’m ok if I spend some time both “sitting up” and in aero, but am unsure if this is the smartest way to go.

Total Time: 10 hours 45 minutes

Training Thoughts: At least three different times this week I’ve thought “yes, I’ve got this!”. At least three different times this week I’ve thought “can I actually do this?”