Monday: run/swim. My run was split into two – one 30 min run solo and one 30 min run with the twins, as I just didn’t feel up to pushing the stroller the whole hour. I think I was still tired from the race the day before. 60 minute run/6.26 miles/9:40 average/54 degrees/HR 146. My swim was shorter too, for the same reason. 48 min swim/1600 meters

Tuesday: ride. 60 min ride/18.2 MPH/18.2 miles/Temp 64/HR 144 I waited about 45 min longer than last week to hop on the bike and there was so much more traffic, that it apparently motivated me to go a little faster. I’m getting better about using a consistently higher cadence also, which is good news.

Wednesday. swim/run. 49 min swim/1800 meters. I’ve started more loosely following the Be Iron Fit swim plans (I wasn’t following them at all before) and so have started with a warm up, a set of drills, the workout, another set of drills and the cool down. 60 minute stroller run/6.03 miles/9:58 average/Temp 62/HR 152. Wednesday is typically track day, but I had enough time after the swim to throw the twins in the stroller, and they wanted to go, so we went. I did miss running with the group but it was to have the workouts for the day done early and be able to hang out with the family that evening.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 10.00.39 AM

Thursday bike/run quick change. 45 min ride/13.76 miles/18.2 MPH/72 degrees/HR 144 followed by 15 min run/1.69 miles/9:01 average/72 degrees/HR 152

Friday: long run. 75 min run/8.21 miles/9:09 average/61 degrees/HR 149Friday has typically been my rest day but after having a weekend day to rest last week I realized I kinda liked it. Also, since that tropical storm was supposed to run through Sunday’s weather looked less than stellar and Friday was a nice cool morning.

Saturday: long ride. 3 hour ride/54.35 miles/18.2MPH/72 degrees/HR 143 This was technically supposed to be 2 hour 45 min ride but we thought we were going to come up short and did some extra…..we were wrong. Its kinda ridiculous how long that extra 15 minutes feels mentally when you were prepared for something shorter. But, it didn’t help that my PSAOS was being kind of a jerk and I could feel my whole right side tightening up the whole last hour. Also, my crotch was less than pleased. I may be investing in a new seat. It’s always something. On the plus side, no knee issues! Get home, eat all the food!

Sunday: rest day  eat all the food part 2

Total Time: 9 hours 52 minutes ( close enough )

Training Thoughts: A comfy crotch is a happy crotch. Also, CAN I EAT ALL THE FOOD NOW?!?!

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 10.03.51 AM