This week marks the max amount of hours I think I have ever spent training – ever. The sad part? This is still phase one or the “base phase”, so its only going to keep going up from here.

Monday: ride/swim. 58:20 minute ride/17MPH/16.62 miles/61 degrees/HR 138. The goal of this ride was to increase my cadence, ideally to 100+. I ended up around 80. I did a few laps around my neighborhood and ventured out a bit when I got bored. I focused on cadence some, but not the whole ride. 56:53 swimming/1600 meters. A decent amount of this was spent resting, but my friend and I did a set of ” 5, 4, 3, 2, 1″, which basically means 500m alternating swim and pull, 400 meters alternating swim and kick, 300 meters with the goal to “build” (I didn’t), 200 meters of drills, and 100 meters all out. The all out wore me out so I did a 100m cool down and then quit for the day.

Tuesday – run. 75 minute stroller run/7.53 miles/9:58 average/63 degrees/ HR 153. How the twins tolerated a 75 minute run is beyond me, but they did and for that they are pretty awesome.


Wednesday– swim/run. 54:31 swim/2000 meters. Combination of laps and drills, some with and some without. Nothing too exciting here. 60 minute run/6.15 miles/9:46 pace/90 degrees (!!)/ HR 154. Ugh is all I have to say about this one. It was HOT. Uncomfortable and HOT. I just wanted it to be over so I could eat…..and eat we did – we all met at Charleston Sports Pub afterwards for Tami’s birthday.


Thursday quick change ride/run and yoga. 45:22 ride/12.62 miles/16.7 MPH/63 degrees/HR 145. 15 minute run/ 1.74 miles/8:38 pace/63 degrees/HR 149. I actually managed a 90 bike cadence average on this ride, but interestingly my heart rate average, although still in zone 2, was a little higher than it usually is. The run felt fantastic, and again just goes to show you the difference temperature can make. Just this week I’ve had a run in zone 2 average an 8:38 all the way to a 9:46 (non stroller run). Later that afternoon, after fighting with hamstring and hip discomfort all week, I did the 30 minute yoga for runners video. The twins thought this was an awesome opportunity to crawl through the tunnel.


Friday: REST

Saturday: long run swim. As the week went on I was feeling more and more discomfort in my hip, which is what tends to act up when my PSOAS is tight. I’ve also had some discomfort in my knees when riding, and had been unsure what issue is causing what. My chiro, who is also a cyclist, agreed with my suspicions that maybe my bike fit is off, and that everything seemed unusually tight. I had planned to cut the run down anyway since we were spending the day walking at the zoo, but thought maybe a swim would be better. 45 minute swim/ 2000 yards. I decided to swim for 45 minutes straight at a comfortable pace and see how far I got. At this pace, a 2.4 mile swim (minus wetsuit and current) would take me about an hour and 36 minutes, or a 2:29/100m pace. Slow.

Sunday long ride: 150 minute ride/41.2miles/16.5 MPH/58 degrees/HR unknown. This ride ended up as a bit of a SNAFU from the beginning. I forgot my inhaler so we stopped by my house to get it. I picked up my HR monitor (I forgot that also) but it never connected to my watch, so I just went without it. I also forgot to re-start my watch twice. But its done, so yay for that.

After the ride Erik,  Tami’s husband, was kind enough to check out my bike fit for me. It seems the bike itself is fit correctly, but he adjusted my cleats on my shoes (I had both new pedals and cleats within the last couple months), so hopefully that is enough.  He also mentioned the increase in mileage could play a factor, as I increased from an hour a week to 3-4 hours a week pretty abruptly. Finally I was able to meet with the coach from last weeks’ swim clinic, who went over my video and made drill suggestions. Here’s hoping I can knock some time off my swim between now and October.

Total Time: 9 hours 51 minutes

Training Thoughts:  I have a lot to learn.