Monday – swim, bike, (short) run. 45 minute ride/7.79 miles/10.4mph/HR: 117.  Part of this plan entails one ride a week where you are supposed to focus on a faster bike cadence. Particularly, 100+ per minute. A good cadence rate is about 80-100 and mine is typically on the low side (75-80). I was nervous trying this workout outside so I hopped on the trainer for 45 minutes, and my cadence was nowhere near the goal. I think I hit 95 ONCE – and my average was more like 83. 56:52 swim (rests included)/1800m. Combo of laps and drills, nothing too exciting here. Still trying to not over rotate when I breathe and its harder than it seems. That evening I got the equivalent of about a mile run with the Girls with Sole kids.

Tuesday – run with stroller. 60 minutes/6 miles/10:05 pace/72 degrees/HR: 152. I had planned to drop the twins off early and run from their daycare, but when I came downstairs in my workout garb, Miles said “mommy I want to run!”. So, we did 🙂 It was warm and humid.


Wednesday – swim, run. 54:44 swim/1900 meters. This workout was mostly laps with planned 10 second rest breaks between. Most I recovered well enough in 10 seconds but I few I needed a little longer. 60 minute run/6.52 miles/9:12 pace/79 degrees/HR: 146. Still showing up for the speed work runs but without the speed work. An hour on the track seemed worse than the treadmill so three of us did a few laps, ran up the road and back and ended with a few laps.

Thursday -bike, run quick change transition. 45 minute ride/12.24 miles/16.4MPH/52 degrees/HR 141. 15 minute run/1.73 miles/8:41 pace/52 degrees/HR 149. The point of these is to transition quickly from one sport to the next, I believe in under 3 minutes. I don’t time the transitions but try to take my bike in and change shoes etc as quickly as I can before starting the run.  The bonus is it was nice and COOL- the disadvantage was because it was so early in the morning I was forced to ride circles around my neighborhood and one nearby in order to see well and avoid traffic.

Friday – REST DAY

Saturday – long run. 60 minute run/6.53 miles/9:12 pace/54 degrees/HR 148. Tammie and I met at the trail to run before a short swim clinic and it took awhile to find a comfortable pace this time. For some reason my lungs had trouble warming up, I had to pee twice and stretch twice. Can’t win them all, I guess 🙂 Afterwards, the twins and I went to Bee City and then shared an ice cream.


Sunday – long ride. 2 hour ride/33 miles/16.5 MPH/ 59 degrees/HR 140. Rode from my house towards Moncks Corner for an hour and then turned around and rode back. Crappy headwind on the way home slowed things down a bit, but was otherwise uneventful. I’m beginning to wonder if I need to look into buying a new bike seat and/or getting it fitted again. I am starting to feel some intermittant “niggles”, as my friend  would call them, during rides and am wondering if the recent hills, trying to increase my cadence, or an improper fit are to blame. Not much has changed with the bike, though I did get new pedals and cleats this year which could be a small enough change to throw things off a bit….? Also, the seat makes my crotch hurt. If I have to be on this bike for 5+ hours, I would really like it if my crotch didn’t hurt 40 minutes in.

Total Time: 8 hours 55 minutes

Training Thoughts: 6 weeks into this and I’m really beginning to think I’ve lost my mind. That is all. 5+ hours on a bike??? Who does that?!